90s earrings plastic colored

90s earrings plastic colored is a cool and funky design that no one can miss. The splash of vibrant color brings positive vibe to any atmosphere. The style has been around for a big while and since fashion is a repeated circle (with modern details added to it), 90s earrings plastic colored are making a comeback. Celebrities pave the way for them to rock the red carpet again. Now, they are a total trend. 

In the 90s, colorful earrings came with extra many details like heart shape, smiley face, flowers and all. Those designs are not exactly fashionable and suitable for 2020, so designers have decided that these iconic earrings were perfect but now they need a change. In 2020, 90s earrings plastic colored are molded into geometrical shapes that are simple but not minimal at all. You can always count on a pair of neon color earrings to brighten up the mood, and also the outfit. ORCAR will bring you many impressive 90s earrings plastic colored.

The traits of 90s earrings plastic colored

First, let’s get to know the many shapes of 90s earrings plastic colored. These earrings (like many other earrings designs) come in different shape and they work distinctly on each face shape. Round and square are the two most basic shapes. The characteristic of round earrings is that they are soft to the look and thus they add even more curves, more femininity to the face. Square earrings are angled and they give more toughness and edginess to the face. So the trick in choosing these earrings is always go for those that have the traits that your facial features don’t have. If your face is round and lacks angles, don’t choose round earrings to make it even more soft. Pick square earrings that make your facial features pop out more. The same rule applies for square face. 

The material “plastic” may make you feel uneasy because it is cheap and too casual. But isn’t it what it is all about? Cheap is the word to describe the price tag of these designs and casual is the vibe that they bring. Fun, beautiful and casual. These earrings are for young spirits that are looking for a sense of freedom in fashion instead of caging themselves in “feminine and elegant” style that all mothers love (even though we must say that the elegant style is gorgeous and timeless). Enjoy and color your youth with vibrant and colorful earrings, don’t miss out on all the fun.

Best colorful earrings collection of all time

We are going to give you a full collection of 90s earrings plastic colored to satisfy your eternally young spirit. Make sure to match them with sporty or e- girl outfit so that it will have the best effect. Let’s get started!

90s earrings plastic colored

These clip on hoop earrings are super gorgeous. The orange color gives fun and young vibe to the earrings. The round shape of the earrings is suitable for square face girl. Soften your facial features with this pair. Plus, thanks to the plastic material, the pair is too lightweight to be true. One thing about earrings is that the simple design usually guarantees the comfort of the accessories. With this pair, both the material and the design play a big part in giving you the most comfortable experience while wearing this pair. Each side only weighs 2 grams which sums up the total weight of the pair at 4 grams. You will even forget that you are having them on. 

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90s earrings plastic colored

Look! Another pair of orange earrings. But this time, ladies with round face will want to get them. The design imitates the shape of an “unfinished” pentagon. The angles of the earrings give more edges to the face and make it ten times more impressive. The adornments are made of lucite glass, which usually is transparent, but they resemble opaque sea glass. The posts are made of surgical steel, it is wonderful for sensitive skin and the material lasts for a good time. And just like the pair above, this one is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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90s earrings plastic colored

If the color orange doesn’t enchant you, how about white earrings? This pair has square geometrical shape as well, thus it is born to be with round face girls. The size of the pair is quite small, just as small as a coin. In other words, they hug around the ears nicely and they look neater. White is a universally flattering color, it looks great on any skin tone. Match them with black, white or rainbow- color outfits, you will find that they rock every single one.

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90s earrings plastic colored

Isn’t this pair amazing? The symbol is easy to recognize. It is the famous peace and love sign. Lady Gaga even has a tattoo of this symbol of her wrist. The dangle design plus the peace symbol make this pair ideal for boho style. So, if you are a boho chic, don’t hesitate and get this pair. One thing abut the color of the pair is that it has the same color palette as a rainbow. Rainbow is widely known as the symbol of LGBT+ community. Peace symbol + rainbow color? That can’t be a coincidence. Show your love now through these earrings.

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90s earrings plastic colored

If you are looking for a gift to surprise your little daughter or sister on her birthday, choose this set of 12 pairs of colorful earrings. Each pair has its own uniqueness and frankly, unique is a nice character. The spiky balls are made of silicone, totally safe for children to put on. The design and colors are so from the 90s. Studs are perfect for kids because they are small and neat, and they don’t swing around nor get caught in objects. So these earrings are not just cute but also safe for daily wear.

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