You can´t have your ears pierced? Choose magnetic earrings

For many reasons not every lady can have her ears pierced. Either it is the rule of her workplace or it is her skin condition that doesn´t allow the lady to pierce her ears. But luckily, magnetic earrings are here to save the day. Thanks to the development of the jewelry world, now it is not hard for jewelry brands to satisfy customers with certain needs. Not just magnetic earrings, there also are clip on or screw earrings. So who should wear these non- pierced earrings? Will they irritate your skin? Let´s find out with Orcar Jewelry.

What are magnetic earrings?

From the name you can already tell the function of magnetic earrings. This is a type of accessories that contains 2 pieces. One is the main piece of decoration and one is the closure that holds the main piece on the ear. The two parts work together the same way that two magnets attach together. All you have to do is hold the main piece on your earlobe and use the closure piece to clip the earring on. These earrings are super easy to put on and remove. This is their advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Magnetic earrings are easy to handle, but at the same time, if you are not careful, you might lose the earrings without knowing. But do they fall off that easily? No. Pay attention to your hairstyle and your surrounding a bit and you are good to go.

On the other hand, the best part about magnetic earrings is that you don´t need to have your ears pierced. These earrings can be worn by any lady, especially those that can´t pierce her ears for personal reason, job- wise or health- wise. Studs, hoops, hooks, etc might annoy you or irritate your skin if you don´t look into them carefully. Same thing goes with these magnets, but they surely are less likely to cause any allergic reaction.

Reason why some can´t pierce their ears

There are a lot of factors that lead up to the statement: Not everyone can wear all types of earrings. Speaking of style, there are specific earrings shapes that enhance the beauty of facial features the best. If a lady wears a shape that doesn´t fit her face shape, her face might look less symmetrical. But for ladies who have scaring problem, the situation is a lot more severe. If you have fallen once or twice when you were small, look at the scars that the incidents had caused. If the scars don´t fade away and they look bumpy on the skin, it is likely that you have a body that develops keloid scars. There are many pictures that show how a pierced earhole ends up looking like on a body that develops keloids. So if you are 100% sure that your body works the same way, avoid piercing your ears at all costs. 

To handle a keloid scar is extremely hard and the process costs a lot of money as well. Therefore, risking a perfectly fine ear is not recommendable. So how do you accessories your outfit and feel comfortable with the product at the same time? Magnetic earrings are the answer.

The best magnetic earrings collection ever

Ladies, if you want to pamper your ears with a quality pair that last for a lifetime, check out this amazing collection that we are about to show you. Magnetic earrings are usually very small so that the closures can handle the weight of the main pieces. So there isn´t many space to work with adornments and designs. But, most of the time, the colors of these earrings are vibrant and eye- catching. That is how these accessories make up for their few decorative pieces. 

magnetic earrings

Basic is timeless. This set of 6 pairs has a minimal design but it won´t go out of style. The main colors are black and silver. The frame of the earrings is made of stainless steel that doesn´t contain nickel and it is hypoallergenic. The material doesn´t get tarnished because of natural reasons like water or time nor because of the sweat. Those pairs that are adorned with stones are exceptionally chic. The stones are cubic zirconia, more well- known as synthetic diamonds. The designer claims that these magnets are very strong, enough to hold the earrings in place so that they won´t get lost. What are you waiting for? If your minimal soul is calling out to this set than it is 100% perfect for you. Purchase this set now at this link.

magnetic earrings

Magnetic hoop earrings? Yes please! This pair is impressive and eye- catching. From the silver body to the blue stones, every detail seduces the stare of the crowd. The silver body is made of an alloy plated with rhodium for a polished surface and a majestic shine. The blue stones are simulated topaz. The gem is the birthstone of December. So if you are a December lady or you are looking for a present to give a December lady, this pair will be the best choice. Despite the thick frame of the earrings, the total weight of the pair is only about 12 grams. That is a comfortable weight for any jewelry piece. If you like the pair, purchase it now here.

magnetic earrings

Little girls or ladies with boho soul can both wear this set. But we must admit that it suits better on boho girls. The patterns are hippie and tribal- looking. This set is a party of colors. With just one buy, you have so many different options to make sure that your earrings truly fit your outfits. You won´t get bored with this set. 7 pairs are more than enough to wear for years. The decorative pieces are made of Glass Dome Kaleidoscope. The colors and the vibe are just pleasant to the eyes. Buy the pair now at this address.

Be fashionable and be comfortable at the same time. Pamper yourselves with these magnetic earrings now. 

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