Wow him with chandelier earrings: How to leave a great first impression

Chandelier earrings are like dangle earrings dressing themselves up for a pageant contest. They are so extra and so impressive that you can´t get them out of your head. And that is what every ladies are looking for from the first date. The first impression is super important. You won´t want to dress in casual clothes like a simple pair of jeans and t – shirt. Surely appearance is not the most important thing that makes a man fall in love with a woman. But how will you get to the step where you explore the personality when the first impression about the appearance whacks? Orcar Jewelry will show you how to dress impressively in chandelier earrings without looking “too much”.

What are chandelier earrings?

Chandelier earrings are a type of dangle earrings, but their design is more specific. These earrings are long and big. They are adorned with crystals, rhinestones or any stone that add on extra shine. Beads are also used to craft these pieces of jewelry. With beads, the earrings have more colors to them instead of being only in gold, silver or rose gold color. With the help of the dangling effect, they are super eye – catching and attractive. No normal power force can resist giving a glance at these accessories. So if you are a lady with a soul for extra fashion items, don´t miss the chance to own a pair of chandelier earrings.

Are chandelier earrings too extra?

These earrings are the definition of extra. They are shiny, bedazzled and show – stopping. But too extra? That depends on how you mix and match it with your outfit. An impressive pair of earrings doesn´t need the support of an extra outfit and vice versa. Balance is the key when you work up the idea for any outfit, from daily outfit to wedding look, and in this case: The First Date look. A pair of chandelier earrings fits a simple black dress perfectly. The look is impactive, it is elegant and it sure is playful. A simple and form – fitting black dress with a touch of bling from the earrings is to die for. The contrast creates a flirty and classy vibe at the same time. Choose your outfit wisely for the date so that you won´t look heavy with details.

Are chandelier earrings heavy?

The weight of these earrings depends on the decorative pieces. The more elaborate the earrings look, the heavier they are. Choose the earrings according to your purpose, if the event to which you have to wear earring for a long time, it is recommendable that the earrings are small and not too heavy. But if the event isn´t that long, go for impressive pieces that will make you shine. If our ladies can walk in high heels, chandelier earrings are no big deal. But on the other hand, there are materials that allow the earrings to be more lightweight. Silver and titanium are well- known for being lightweight materials that jewelry designers love. Go for these materials to take away a little bit of weight from your jewelry.

Best chandelier earrings collection at Orcar Jewelry

Chandelier earrings are amazing for a first date. They can leave great impression and help you make the night unforgettable. Always dress up nicely. A simple date might be the start of a beautiful journey. Capture it with the best attitude and the best outfits. Here are some amazing pairs of chandelier earrings that you can only find in Orcar Jewelry. Be bold, be unique.

Chandelier earrings

Leaf design always works. The layers of leaves create a diamond shape that is simple but not plain at all. Not adorned with many rhinestones or crystals, this pair might seem not too extra. But the touch of two small and shiny stones on top adds just enough bling to the eyes of the observer. The screw closure is comfortable because the lady can adjust its tightness. Through out the day, if you want to feel more comfortable with the pair, lose the screws a bit and let your earlobes breathe. You can purchase the pair at this link.

Chandelier earrings

If you want a feminine and romantic pair of earrings, this is the one for you. Mariell never fails to surprise. The brand specializes in bridal jewelry and their collections are out of this world. But how the ladies use the accessories depends on her. In other worlds, bridal earrings don´t have to be worn only on a wedding. This pair will make your first date a dream come true. It is definitely more vibrant and more elaborate than the last pair. These chandelier earrings are embellished with AAAAA cubic zirconia. The stones are clear, polished and sparkling. They are hold together by a metal frame plated in real 14K rose gold for a lasting shine. The design of the earrings and the placement of the stones are timeless. This pair will never go out of style. So why don´t you purchase it now at this link?

Chandelier earrings

Extra and classy, this pair will enhance your beauty perfectly. The design is so well thought that there is not even a bad thing to complain about. The combination of colors is even more amazing. Black cubic zirconia, clear stones, gold brass. These materials don´t break nor do they get rust. A pair like this will last for a long time. Plus, you can wear this design to any event possible, not just to a first date. Buy it now at this address.

Chandelier earrings

As blue as the ocean, these chandelier earrings are mysterious and they can provoke a storm as well. The blue tone compliments ladies with fair skin the best. And if you are not very fond of glamorous earrings, this pair takes away the glam and replace it with a boho touch. The designer has created a very detailed work because the earrings are handcrafted totally. Buy these unique chandelier earrings now at this link.

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