Pavoi jewelry

If you have never heard of Pavoi jewelry then it´s time for us to introduce you the brand. It offers you so many wonderful products that can satisfy different tastes. Not only are they beautiful but they also have high- quality. This combination is perfect for any fashion lovers who strive to be stylish while respecting the art of making jewelry. Here in Orcarjewelry, we tend to advise our customers to search for earrings that are chic and sustainable. You can easily do that if you take a glance at Pavoi jewelry.

In April 2019, Pavoi made it to Forbes since the company had earned the love of customers and now it is worth over 5 million dollars. In just 5 years since 2015, the business has been a huge success and that reflects what the company is selling. 

So why should you choose Pavoi jewelry? What are the best earrings designed by Pavoi? We are going to show you all you need to know about this accessory brand and some of its most amazing products.

Get to know Pavoi jewelry

Tal Masica and Zeke Araki, a couple of childhood friends, founded Pavoi in 2015. And just like any other business, they struggled a lot at the beginning. They received a wonderful support from the family and for that they made a huge effort to ensure that the company would be successful. Their interest in jewelry came from their fathers since Masica´s father sold fine engagement rings and Araki´s had a fine jewelry store in Washington. It is safe to say that they have had a great base to start with. At the beginning they were selling their products on Amazon, now they continue to use this platform while they take care of their own website as well. You can look for Pavoi jewelry on their professional page. 

About Pavoi´s products, the brand designs great earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They are all hypoallergenic, which means they only use safe material that doesn´t provoke irritation or allergy. 14K gold is the material that the brand uses the most. Their earrings can be made of pure 14k gold or they plate the earrings with it. Other materials such as sterling silver or rhodium are seen in many of their products as well. The accessories are irritation- proof, so customers with sensitive skin can enjoy their works without hesitation. 

All of Pavoi´s products are handed to customers with a gift box or a sapphire pouch. The experience of buying with Pavoi is luxurious and unique.

Best earrings from Pavoi jewelry

Now that you have known the brand, it´s time to meet some of their most gorgeous earrings. In Orcarjewelry, we pick out the highest quality products for our customers.

Pavoi jewelry

This pair of earrings includes two cubic zirconia stones and two shell pearls. The zirconia stone is a man-made gem that imitates the shine of diamonds, but not the price. The pearls are classy and polish. This design will give the lady an elegant look. Dangle is the type of these earrings, they swing around when the lady walks and draw the attention of the crowd. You can wear them on any occasion, from daily life to special events like wedding or birthday party. The posts are made of sterling silver plated with rhodium so the product is durable and comfortable to wear. So if you want an elegant and minimal pair of earrings that is safe for the skin, choose this now.

Shop the earrings by clicking this link: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/pavoi-14k-gold-plated-sterling-silver-post-shell-pearl-drop-earrings-pearl-earrings-for-women/

Pavoi jewelry

If elegant is not your style, why don´t you check out these chic earrings? The main part of the earrings is plated with 14k white gold and the posts are made of 925 sterling silver. Just like any other product of Pavoi, these babies have high quality and are fashionable. You can match them with your daily outfit or cool outfit for a fashion photoshoot. The size of this pair is relevantly small, they will hug your ears perfectly and create a minimal look. The reviews are amazing. Customers are in love with them. They said that this pair was lightweight and they look much more expensive than their actual price. What else can we ask for? Affordable plus high quality is the best combination that any smart buyer can think of.

Buy them now at: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/pavoi-14k-gold-plated-sterling-silver-split-hoop-huggie-earrings-in-rose-gold-white-gold-and-yellow-gold/

Pavoi jewelry

Isn´t this candidate gorgeous? This is a pair of ears climber cuffs. They hug around the ears and give you a feminine look. The earrings are embellished with many zirconia stones. The shine is mesmerizing. With this number of stones, the light can´t escape and it has to hit these earrings and form beautiful blink. They are crafted with 925 sterling silver as well. If you are looking for a gift to spoil your girlfriend or to celebrate a special event with your family members, these ears climbers are perfect. 

Pick them up before they go out of stock: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/pavoi-14k-gold-plated-cubic-zirconia-ear-crawler-cuff-earrings-hypoallergenic-stud-ear-climber-jackets/

Pavoi jewelry

Simple, casual and elegant. These hoops earrings are to die for. They go well with many different styles. If you are a boho girl, you will fall in love with them. If you are an urban chic, you can´t deny them either. Classic meets beauty. This pair is suitable for so many occasions and various fashion choices. It is basic and easy to mix and match with your outfits. The golden color gives a high- end feel to the pair since it is plated with 14k gold. The earrings are comfortable and lightweight. The size of the infinity loops is just right. Who says fashion is pain? You won´t experience that feeling with this product.

Shop now at: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/14k-gold-plated-infinity-sterling-silver-post-hoop-earrings-for-women/

Pavoi is a wonderful brand and its products are as impressive as they have promised. No wonder why they made it to Forbes and their business took off so quickly. So why don´t you try their earrings now? Surely you have taken interest in some of their great designs. 

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