Why tassel earrings are must – have items for boho girls

Boho is the style that offers the most vibrant looks ever. Its clothing items and accessories are out of this world. The designs are very complex and very playful. Rules might apply to other types of earrings but for boho, everything is about “freedom”. The freedom comes in many forms, not only within the body but also within the soul. The patterns of boho are diverse and they celebrate different cultures. So if you are a girl with a boho soul but you haven´t owned a pair of tassel earrings, it is time to implement them to your accessories collection. Check out these amazing pieces of tassel earrings brought to you by Orar Jewelry.

What are tassel earrings?

Tassel earrings are made of threads of many colors. These earrings are usually big in size and therefore, there is a wide creative space to work with. The style is an explosion of colors. The basic shape of tassel earrings is dangle. Every little detail of this style screams extra. If this is what you are looking or all along, then tassel earrings are perfect for you.

These earrings are definitely colorful. Boho style is well- known for being colorful but not every boho items necessarily have to look that way. Tassel earrings say otherwise. Every single design is vibrant, unique and impressive. You can´t hold back with a pair of tassel earrings.

Emotional value of tassel earrings

Thanks to the diversity of designs and color palette, these earrings are suitable for photoshoot as well. They add a touch of high fashion to your facial feature even though  they are boho earrings. There are many special occasions in life where we want to capture the moment and preserve it with photos. There are reasons why the 14th and 21st birthday are so special and are celebrated monumentally. A scientific study has shown that human ´cells change every day and it takes approximately 7 years for every cell to be replaced with new ones entirely. Now scientifically saying, each human being changes completely after every 7 years. From a more emotional point of view, the personality and the way a person perceives the world changes as well. That is why we should celebrate the 14th and 21st birthday with a bang. These special days mark the beginning of a new era of a totally new person. So materialize them with photoshoots. 

The most amazing tassel earrings collection

Now that you have got to know tassel earrings, let´s see which design suits you best. The diversity of styles will surprise you. The pairs that we are going to show you are boho, pretty and also lightweight. Tassel earrings tend to be big and heavy with details. So it is recommendable that you choose those earrings that are crafted with light and quality materials. That way you will achieve the most authentic boho look while feeling comfortable with your accessories on. 

tassel earrings

The first one always is the most impressive, and this pair sure can leave a huge impression on anyone. The earrings are designed after the figure of parrots. The birds are famous for their feather which has the most beautiful tropical colors ever. These parrots are 100% handmade. From the frame to the rhinestones and the tassels, everything looks perfectly placed and shaped. The stones create a gorgeous shine that is absolutely irresistible. With a glance you can tell the themed color of the pair is pink and turquoise. This is a magnificent combo of colors. Ladies with fair skin tone can benefit from these shades. And the materials which the artist has used to craft the earrings are of high quality and they are environmentally friendly. Choose this unique pair of parrots earrings, buy it now here at this link.


tassel earrings

Statement earrings in boho style? Yes please!!! These drops are gorgeous and they have a vintage touch. The earrings are decorated with tassels and beads. They are made of plastic and thus their color is long lasting. The beads are linked together with golden alloy. The splash of gold color on white beads and tassels is subtle but very effective. The tassels are soft as well. Furthermore, none of these materials cause irritation. The total weight of the pair is 22 grams. Which is very comfortable considering the many details that these earrings have. Purchase them now at this link.


tassel earrings

Black is what we live for. This set has 9 pairs of tassel earrings and each has its own flair. The shape of the earrings is perfect for oblong face or square face. Black goes with everything. From boho outfits to urban ones. And with such a diverse set, you can mix and match with different outfits and bring different vibes. The frame of the earrings is made of stainless steel. You won´t have to worry about your earrings getting tarnished or about your skin getting irritated. Don’t miss out on such a chic set of tassel earrings. Buy it now at this link.


tassel earrings

This is the result when you mix boho and urban style together. The earrings are chic, stylish but they don´t lose their original boho taste. The tassels are pastel pink and they look super trendy. The earrings are adorned with golden decorative pieces. And on top of that are sparkling stones that add a fancy touch to the earrings. This pair is perfect for every occasion, from wedding to daily wear, from the city to the beach. The total weight of the earrings is 12 grams. You won´t feel uncomfortable while having them on. Buy these pink earrings now at this address. 


tassel earrings

The beach vibe is strong in these earrings. They are made by stems of a palm and tassels in black or cream color. These earrings are suitable for a holiday on the beach. They have a boho touch and they will perform even better with the support of the sun and sand. These handmade earrings can be worn at many events, not only on the beach: party, meeting, anniversary, date, etc. Purchase them now here.


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