Crystal leaf chandelier earrings

Needless to say there are so many details passing through your mind about your wedding and you want to make sure that everything is perfect. But remember, the most important person on this day is you. So, if you have your perfect dress, perfect. If you have your wedding hall decorated, brilliant. But if you haven´t find yourself a pair of earrings for the big day, then hurry up and pick one now! Be the most gorgeous woman in the room with the support of jewelry for wedding!

Crystal leaf chandelier earrings for wedding is a perfect design for the future brides. Even though each bride has her own taste and style that she roots for, but a pair of earrings is always needed. Earrings are perfect as complementary for both simple and extra wedding dress. But if you are unsure of how to choose earrings that fit your dress and accentuate your beautiful skin tone, then don´t worry. We will give you many useful tips on how to pick earrings that are perfect for you on your wedding day.

How to choose earrings for wedding

Crystal leaf chandelier earrings for wedding is only one in thousands of designs that can be used for wedding. The color of the dress and its details decide the simplicity of the earrings. On the other hand, the skin tone of the bride decides the color of these pieces. 

  • The dress

The key in finding accessories that match your dress is thinking about the balance. In other words, the simpler the dress is, the more details the earrings should have. Or, the more complicated the dress is, the less extra should the earrings be. A big dress that is adorned with lace, crystal with a ball gown princess shape will make the bride pop, but is considered quite extra. So a pair of dangles or big hoops isn´t a nice choice. By putting on extravagant jewelry on top of an extravagant dress, you are making yourself swallowed by heavy details. Be the center of attention, don´t let the dress and the accessories take your spot.

On the other hand, it is recommendable that you choose extra earrings if you have a simple and subtle dress. A dress with few details looks elegant and compliments the bride nicely. But sometimes it can be too minimal or too plain. On such a special day, make sure that you are putting on maximum effort to make yourself look unique, bright and absolutely different from other days. Go for extra crystal leaf chandelier earrings for wedding or dangles with lots of crystals!

  • The skin tone

Jewelry performs differently on different skin tone. For ladies with warm skin color, yellow gold jewelry is the best choice. Silver or white gold don´t go well with warm skin and they make it look ashy. The precious golden color makes your skin vibrant and rich like honey. You will be the most gorgeous person in the room. Yellow gold jewelry isn´t always expensive since the material is not pure gold. Yellow gold contains pure gold (obviously) and other metals like copper. This mixture forms strong pieces of jewelry and it facilitates the process of crafting them. The price of yellow gold jewelry varies a lot depends on the amount of gold it contains. Or you simply won the lottery with great places that offer high- quality jewelry at affordable price. That is the case with ORCARJEWELRY. 

For ladies with cool skin tone, avoid yellow gold jewelry at all cost. The golden color contrasts your skin too much and it is not a comfortable look. Go for silver or white gold jewelry to enhance the beauty of your fair and rosy skin. Elegant, chic, expensive. You will have it all by choosing the correct color of accessory that suits you right. 

Have you taken down notes? Do you know how to choose earrings that suit you now? If the answer is yes then check out these amazing earrings that we are about to show you!

Crystal leaf chandelier earrings for wedding

Crystal leaf chandelier earrings

This extra pair of chandelier earrings is for cool skin brides. These earrings will give your simple dress a boost white not taking all the spotlight. They will carry out their mission perfectly. The closure is screw back so you can adjust your earrings and how they will stay on all day long. Dance to your heart´s content,  they won´t fall out if you put them on nicely.

Purchase the pair now at: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/leaf-and-star-charms-long-dangle-earrings-chandelier-tassel-rhinestone-clip-on-no-piercedneed-pierced/

Aren´t these clip on earrings gorgeous? The leaves cover the entire earrings and the stones are shiny whenever the light touches them. The metal is ecofriendly and totally hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin. The stones are Austrian crystals and 888 rhinestones for an extra look that inspires and impresses. But do take in mind that this pair is a bit heavy, 9 grams for each side. So, it is perfect for the main event where you should look the best, switch to a more lightweight pair when you dance with your man.

Shine bright with these chandelier earrings: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/mecresh-marquise-crystal-bridal-chandelier-dangle-drop-earrings-ladies-gifts-in-silver-gold-tone/

Crystal leaf chandelier earrings

Here is a pair of leaf chandelier earrings for warm skin girls. The shape is interesting since it shows two leaves tied together and can´t be separated. The design delivers a beautiful message, doesn´t it? The screw back clips are perfect for different ear´s size. Not every earlobe has the same thickness. That´s why these earrings are so loved for their convenience. The golden color is chic and elegant. It enhances the beauty of rich honey skin. And if your dress has some gold embellishment to it then this pair of earrings can´t be more perfect. 

Buy now brides to be, they are going to run out of stock soon: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/twist-leaf-clip-on-earrings-teardrop-long-wave-shape-rose-gold-silver-plated-for-girls-women/

Choose the earrings that will put a smile on your face while they beautify you and the dress now. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest, big day is coming!

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