vintage peacock earrings

Even though there are tons of new earrings designed to satisfy the new trends that come up every day, vintage peacock earrings remain one of the classic designs that never go out of style. Just like the real peacock itself, vintage peacock earrings are extremely colorful and eye- catching. Except for crystal earrings, there is no other design that can match the drama that a pair of peacock earrings bring. Needless to say, vintage peacock earrings are super extra and super effective. There is no boring outfit with this pair on. Even the simplest and plainest look turns runway- worthy with these accessories. 

One fascinating thing about vintage peacock earrings is that they are perfect for every styles. From boho to urban, from chic to girly, these earrings manage it all. Obviously, some pairs are more colorful than the others, thus they perform differently depends on the color palette of the clothing items. At OrcarJewelry, we are confident that you will find a pair that will charm its way into your heart. Let´s get to know our vintage peacock earrings

Not all peacock earrings are the same

As we have said, some peacock earrings are more colorful than the others. Some earrings are adorned with feathers, some are embellished with crystals, the others are simply made with metal shaped into peacock. Each type of earrings performs differently not only because of the designs but also because of the material. Material plays an important role in the world of jewelry. The diversity is shown thanks to the materials used to craft the accessories. Designers express their intention with the earrings through the material as well. That transmits the vibe that they are going for to create their collection.

Peacocks are the kings of the birds. They are majestic, cool and naturally high fashion. With a pair of peacock earrings, you will look as fabulous and majestic as a queen. Show your power, luxury and glamour. It is so easy with the help of these earrings.

Those that are made of feathers tend to be more realistic, they are suitable for boho style and give a flowy touch to the outfit. Out of all the designs, this is the one that has the most vintage feels to it. On the other hand, those that are adorned with crystals are vibrant and impressive, they bring positive and energetic vibe to the lady. This way of decorating the pieces is perfect for both boho and chic style, so it is versatile and can be matched with different clothing styles. At the same time, peacock earrings made of solid metal are big, impressive and urban. You can rock the street and spark up a trend with this pair of earrings. So what is your style? Look carefully into it and check out these earrings that we are about to show you.

Vintage peacock earrings presented to you by OrcarJewelry

vintage peacock earrings

Let´s start with a realistic- looking pair of peacock earrings. Isn´t it perfect for boho chic? The design of this pair is inspired by the details on the body part that everyone likes about peacock: the tail. The feathers have teardrop shape which is small at the top but large at the bottom. This is such a wonderful shape for oblong face. These earrings will add some width to your face and make your facial features seem more harmonious. Plus, the closure of this pair is screw back, a type of closure that allows users to adjust how the earrings will cling onto their ears. The color of the screws are rusty but they are anti allergic. The combination of the dangle adornments and the screw provokes a vintage and classic vibe. If you love the bohemian style, go with this pair. It can´t be more perfect than this.

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vintage peacock earrings

It would be such a shame if you don´t get your hands on this pair of crystal peacock earrings now. They are less vintage and much more modern than the previous earrings. Looking at the color, you can see that they are mixed skillfully for a balanced overall. Blue, pink, purple, orange, turquoise, etc. It is like the designer has put all the work and effort to create a colorful pair of jewelry in which the colors of the crystals don´t even go against each other. Contrarily, they compliment each other nicely. The stones look expensive because they are Austrian crystals with sparkling effect. The earrings have the shape of a whole peacock. The tail, as always, is the center of attention that draws all eyes and glances on it. All the parts which are made of metal are plated with 24K real gold for an even more expensive look, and they are coating with E-coating to avoid losing the shine of the metal. You can wear them with both boho and urban outfit. Surely it will create a fun and one of a kind effect for the outfit.

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vintage peacock earrings

This pair is made of solid metal, it is reduced to have fewer details, but it still is too impressive to be true. The decorations imitate the tail of peacock placed in diamond shape. Put them on and you will understand why these earrings are so worth it. No one can miss out on this pair. It catches all attention on you, even if you are wearing something basic and plain. This pair turns you into a trendsetter in a blink of an eye. From your workplace to party, these peacock earrings can handle it all. Plus, the screw backs are perfect for your personal need. You want to dance the night away? Adjust them so that they are tighter. You want to feel comfortable in your workplace? Loose them up a bit and you are good to go. There is not even a bad thing to say about this pair.

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