Vera Bradley turnlock wallet and how RFID blocking works

Vera Bradley turnlock wallet

Vera Bradley turnlock wallet is the most iconic and theft-proof product made by this American handbag and luggage brand. Vera Bradley has created various lines of wallets but the most famous one is the RFID Blocking Collection. Thanks to the evolution of the bank cards, users can pay for what they want through contactless payments. This technology is convenient and fast. However, this method of payment makes users exposed to the danger of losing all the money in the card. Therefore, designers have found the way to protect their customers from this risk while rocking their fashionable products. So, if you feel that your normal wallet isn’t qualified anymore, check out Vera Bradley turnlock wallet.


RFID is a term that stands for radio-frequency identification. This type of identification can be spotted in credit cards, debit cards, passports, etc. These documents are attached to a tag and this tag stores the information of the card holders or the owners of the passports. These tags can be read by card machines with a distance of around 4 centimeters. However, there are card machines that can read the tags from a longer distance and these machines are likely to be run by thefts. They can steal customers’ information and leave their bank accounts at 0. That is why Vera Bradley turnlock wallet with RFID protection is made. The RFID protection system blocks the wave and avoids the cards from being read.

Banks have come up with the idea of making RFID blocking cards. Users can place this card in front of or behind the contactless card and it will protect the data and the money. However, this is not very convenient considering that users may possess different cards for different purposes. And since an RFID blocking card works with 2 cards maximum, this is not a sustainable nor economical choice. On the other hand, a wallet that blocks the wave and protects every card in it is much more effective and convenient. 


This line of wallets made by Vera Bradley can protect users from losing their card’s info into wrong hands. Reports have said that there are card readers that can detect cards from meters away. A wallet with a RFID protection can block the radio wave. Thus thefts don’t have access to the cards whatsoever. These wallets introduce to users a better and safer shopping experience without being worried about their cards. 

Vera Bradley turnlock wallet

Vera Bradley has a thing for turnlock designs. The lock is simple, classic and convenient. It gives users a quick access to the contents inside and it is a strong lock. This black wallet is made of microfibers. The material can be described as flexible, water-proof and sustainable. The deep black tone of the wallet lasts for a long time since microfibers don’t significantly suffer from discoloration. Plus, black is a classic and long-lasting color. This color and the simple design of the wallet assure that it won’t go out of style. A sustainable wallet is a smart investment. 

The interior of the wallet is divided into many sections. Users can place 12 cards separately in this wallet. So it is fair to say that the design is neat and clean. Also, there are 3 sections to place and organize the bills and 2 transparent ID windows. On the back outside of the wallet is a pocket for users to save coins or other documents. And most importantly, the wallets provide a RFID protection for all the cards. Here is the link where you can buy Vera Bradley turnlock wallet. 

Vera Bradley small wallet

If solid colors aren’t your cup of tea, this wallet may be the better choice for you. Vera Bradley is famous for its colorful designs that feature complicated patterns and crazy combinations of colors. This Vera Bradley small wallet has the same functional design as the black one above considering the sections and usage. The aesthetical design, however, is more dynamic and fun to wear. One big difference between this colorful wallet and the black one is that it is made of 100% cotton while the other is made of 100% microfiber. Each material has its own flair. And cotton gives a soft touch yet it is lightweight and durable. This wallet also features the same RFID blocking function. Go to this link if you want to own this colorful design. 


Some users need RFID protection for their contactless cards, but many card holders don’t use these cards. Therefore, they don’t need a wallet that features this function. If you are one of these card holders, then check out these high-quality wallets that don’t include RFID protection. 

Fossil bifold wallet women

This Fossil bifold wallet women is a high-end choice for users who enjoy the quality of real leather. This wallet designed by Fossil is a model that can be seen hundreds of years ago and hundreds of years from now on. The design is simple, elegant and timeless. Also, real leather is very durable and luxurious. A genuine leather wallet can last for more or less 20 years depending on how its user treats it. This is definitely a more sustainable and environmental-friendly option than buying many low-quality wallets over the years. The folding design makes the wallet very convenient to use as well.  Customers can check out more product’s features at this link.   

Michael Kors change wallet.

This wallet is designed by Michael Kors and it meets all the basic needs. It has 5 card sections, 1 ID window, 1 zip pocket and 1 phone holder. The phone holder is an amazing feature since many times, users don’t have pockets to guard the phone and have to hold it and the wallet at the same time. With this wallet, everything is compacted in one place and users won’t suffer from situations like dropping the phone or feeling uncomfortable finding stuff if the wallet while having a phone in their hand. And of course, the phone holder can be a cash holder as well. Users decide how to benefit the most from this Michael Kors change wallet.

You can find more information about this wallet at this link. 

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