Vera Bradley iconic tote VS Michael Kors’: Best airplane’s wallet

Vera Bradley iconic tote

Vera Bradley iconic tote and Michael Kors’s wallet always are on the run for the best airplane’s wallet ever. The two brands have released many lines of handbags and wallets, but the most famous ones no doubt are oriented towards travelers and people who go out a lot. A good and travel-friendly wallet must complete these missions: has many card sections, wide enough to store money and personal items, compacts and safe. Vera Bradley totes and Michael Kors’s wallets meet all these needs. But there are certain differences that make one brand stand out more than the other. Let’s find out which is the best airplane’s wallet.


Vera Bradley is an American handbag brand that was found in 1982. First, it was just luxurious handbags that the brand produced but later they added more lines of products like accessories and gifts. What makes Vera Bradley’s products stand out is the explosion of colors that they put on their handbags and other fashion items. The best part about Vera Bradley is that the brand doesn’t simply offer pretty products but it also launched highly functional pieces. Can’t call a handbag by Vera Bradley’s name if it not realistic and approachable in daily life. And the most functional item that the brand has ever created is Vera Bradley iconic tote. Check out its pros and cons and find out the advantages and disadvantages it has compared with Michael Kors’s.  


Introduce an RFID blocking function that protects contactless cards. Michael Kors’s wallets don’t feature this function.

Turn lock closure that is secure but convenient to open

Designed with flexible but soft materials like cotton or microfiber for a smooth feel

Includes all the pockets and sections that a wallet needs

High applicability, the high-end wallet isn’t just for show, ladies can use it in daily life 


Depends on the material of the wallet, one can be pricier than another 

Not 100% waterproof or not waterproof at all


Michael Kors is a famous fashion brand that sells clothing items, accessories, shoes, handbags, etc at an affordable price. The brand offers mid-end products that any lady can afford on a special day. Michael Kors’s wallets are designed to look fashionable and practical. Their handbags make great use of the saffiano leather. This material is durable and it doesn’t discolor through times. The most famous wallet collection ever made by Michael Kors is the Jet Set collection. The products no doubt are travel-friendly and long-lasting. They have specific advantages and disadvantages comparing with Vera Bradley iconic tote. Check them out and you will know if Michael Kors’s Jet Set Collection suits you or not. 


Has various sections to store cards and money

Includes a phone pocket that is wide enough to hold a 6’ phone. This is the feature that most wallets on the market don’t have, including Vera Bradley iconic tote

Made of saffiano leather which is waterproof and durable

The leather can be real or faux, which replies to the needs of each lady. You can choose cruelty-free products or authentic leather products

Very affordable, one of the items that are at the reach of every lady, even though it comes from a worldwide famous brand

Doesn’t suffer from discoloration



If made of real saffiano leather, it is coated totally in a layer of wax, which doesn’t feel like real leather 


Vera Bradley iconic tote

At first glance, it is not hard to tell that the design is pure Vera Bradley. Vera Bradley launched this colorful wallet collection that is very vivid and eye-catching. The turn lock is a good closure for its convenience. The wallet is made of 100% cotton. The fabric guarantees that the wallet is lightweight yet durable. The best feature of this wallet is the RFID blocking function. If you are a modern lady who find cards more convenient than cash, having many credit or debit cards is an expected scenario. Many cards are contactless and users only have to put the card near the card reader so it can accept the payment. That is also how theft can steal the data and the money. So a wallet with RFID protection is a must if you use contactless cards regularly. Purchase one now at this link.

Vera Bradley iconic tote

This black turn lock Vera Bradley wallet shares almost the same features as the one above. The color is the first noticeable difference. A black wallet is a safer choice and it definitely is easier to cooperate with the outfits. This wallet is made of microfiber fabric and it is water-resistant (not waterproof). It belongs to the collection that includes RFID blocking wallets. The inside of the wallet is divided into many sections. Users have access to 3 bill slips, 12 card holders, 2 transparent ID windows and 1 zip pocket. That is more than enough to store the whole world in one wallet. Go to this link if you are interested.

Vera Bradley iconic tote

Michael Kors multifunction phone wallet has an eye-catching blue tone. This is the color that artisans used to coat the wallet on top of the saffiano leather. The leather is authentic and it is suitable for ladies who love real leather. The interior of the wallet is the best part. Not only it includes sections for the bills and cards, but it also dedicates a wide area for a phone. The wallet includes a wrists strap with which ladies don’t have to hold the wallet all the time.  With this wallet, ladies won’t have to carry another purse around with them. Get your hand on this wallet at this link.

Vera Bradley iconic tote

This coin purse Michael Kors shares the same features as the one above. The difference is the color, a black wallet is a good choice when it comes to mix and match an outfit. The wallet comes with a wrist strap and it features a phone pocket as well. So don’t miss on this Michael Kors’s wallet, it will last you for a lifetime. Check out this link to purchase it.

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