Top 5 Most Badass Skull Earrings

skull earrings

If you think that there are earrings designs cooler than skull earrings, think again. There is nothing more badass than wearing what is left of your enemy (just kidding). Skulls have been a famous design in the world of jewelry for a very long time and they continue to rock it thanks to the creativity of many designers. The figure is popular among rockers and people with a taste for punk rock fashion. And even though skulls are usually linked to the death and the mortal nature of human beings, skull earrings, on the other hand, can´t look more lively. Continue to read and because Orcar Jewelry is about to show you the top 5 best skull earrings ever exist.

Skull symbol in different cultures

Even though each culture has its own way of reacting to the skull figure, most of them perceives skull as the symbol of death. But there is always something about the skulls that makes them look so “alive”. In Mexico, Day of the Dead is a festive event and the skulls are always in sight. Mexicans commemorate the death of their loved ones in a fun and up – beat event that can´t be seen in any other part of the world. The skulls are decorated in colors and flowers. People paint their faces in the famous “sugar skull” design. The symbol of death wearing vibrant accessories expresses a rich and lively culture where death is only another step to a more vivid world. 

In India, skulls play a huge part in the culture and religion. Skulls are used as adornments for god and goddess´s necklace or bracelet. The image shows how the gods can conquer death and control evil forces. The skulls stand as a symbol, a warning, that chase the devils away. In Hinduism, skulls also represent death. But death and life are both celebrated and deserved to be embraced in this religion. 

Skull symbol in rock music

In the world of rock or metal music, skulls aren´t simply the symbol of death. Skulls also represent the hardships that one has experienced in the past and the gloominess of one´s perspective about the future. Skulls in metal music stand for overcame challenges and the strength within that makes humans above these obstacles in life. Bands like Metallica, Misfits, Grateful Dead, Guns N´ Roses have used the imagery of skulls on their albums covers. And this once again affirms the obsession of metalheads for skulls and their meaning. 

Top 5 best skull earrings at Orcar Jewelry

These 5 pairs of skull earrings are very unique and it is impossible to find one that looks the same as them on the market. The designs are creative and badass. So check out these punky earrings now.

skull earrings

These skull earrings are on fire! Every detail is well – thought and elaborate. The skull´s eyes are made of cubic zirconias that come in black or clear color. The stones are graded AAA, which means they are very clear and the purity is top notch. The metal body of the earrings is made of stainless steel in dark silver color. It is 100% hypoallergenic, lead free and nickel free. The design and the colors give the skull earrings a mysterious vibe that is cool and sexy at the same time. The size of the earrings is perfect for everyone to wear. And the weight is super light so that the wearer will feel comfortable all day long. Wear them with your daily outfit or to concerts where you can rock the night away. Purchase this pair now at this link.

skull earrings

You can never go wrong with a pair of earrings designed by Betsy Johnson. Her works are impressive and extra. No one can pretend that she is not stunned by her design. These skull earrings are out of this world, just like other accessories designed by Betsy. The skulls are covered in crystals the crowns add even more edge to the skulls. Another thing that makes the pair special is that it is 100% handcrafted. The stones are placed by hand and the work was astonishing as it was marvelous. Queens, get your hands on this pair now before it goes out of stock. Buy it at this link.

skull earrings

These skull earrings are vibrant and bright. The pair has a fun and playful contrast between the design and its color. The skulls are embellished with clear crystals. The sparkling stones occupy the eyes and teeth of the skulls and the earrings are simply magical. The earrings are nickel free, lightweight and super comfortable. You can match them with any outfit and you will look bomb in it. Check out the amazing reviews about these skull earrings at this link.

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skull earrings

Let´s go back to basic with these skull earrings. The design is timeless and simple, but the old – school vibe that these accessories have is a stamp that assures the earrings look great on everyone and everyone looks great having these earrings on. The basic design makes the pair perfect for any clothing style or outfit. They are made of stainless steel, a safe material that any jewelry lovers can benefit from. On the other hand, these studs are not too small, their size is bigger than average studs so the earrings are more eye – catching. You can check out the comments about these accessories at this link.

skull earrings

These skull earrings are Halloween material. The pirate skulls attached to skeleton hands are iconic. The design is punky, it is fun and it is effective. The screw closure is perfect for people who don´t have pierced earlobes. And it is 100% adjustable to ensure a comfortable wear. The dangling pieces are eye – catching and fun. Anyone can wear this pair, men and women or even children of young age. There is no rule to skull earrings. Buy this pair now at this link.

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