Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver

Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver is essential for any jewelry lovers. If you haven´t added them to your jewelry box then do it now because you won´t regret it. Tiny hoop earrings short for “earrings that are universally gorgeous and flattering”. They compliment all types of outfits and they perform equally nice on all face shapes. The material is the most important part of these earrings since they are the factors that make the most difference between them. A twist in the design plus the quality of the material will create a dynamic combo. 

So, giving that you should own a pair of tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver, we are going to give you every tip on how to choose huggie hoop earrings and which color of the material will suit you best. Let´s jump on the bandwagon! 

Why tiny hoop earrings?

Tiny hoops can be called huggie hoops as well. They are small in size and hug around the ears beautifully. All face shapes can benefit from tiny hoops. Ladies with round face should avoid round earrings, but thanks to the small size, the hoops work just fine on them. Ladies with square face should choose round earrings, and so hoops complete the mission. And for ladies with oblong face, long earrings are their enemies. Thus, tiny hoops, which are both short in length and small in size, is perfect for them. As we have said, these earrings are universally flattering. If you pick a good pair, it can be passed down from generation to generation.

Furthermore, thanks to the simplicity of the hoops, you can match them with any outfit and they will look equally amazing on you. You want to look elegant? Tiny hoops will make you look ten times more elegant. You want to look chicer? Tiny hoops will boost your outfit to super trendy. In conclusion, small hoops are wonderful assistants that help your outfit carry out the mission gloriously without flaw. 

Why sterling silver?

Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver is a combo of great design and great material. But why sterling silver? The answer is simple. It is one of the best materials in terms of quality and price. Sterling silver is also known as 925 silver. It contains 92.5% pure silver and other materials that strengthen the texture of the jewelry. This alloy is shiny, polished and chic. It creates an expensive look for wearers without costing them a fortune. The best part about sterling silver is that it is more durable than pure silver. Silver and gold are two precious metals that artisans love, but it doesn´t mean that it is easy to work with them. Pure gold and pure silver are soft and break easily, so it is normal that other elements are added to them to strengthen the jewelry piece. Thus, sterling silver is more durable and sustainable.

Sterling silver can come in many colors depends on the coating of the material. Thus, all ladies with diverse skin tones can rock the world with sterling silver jewelry. The key to choose 925 silver that enhances your beauty is that the warmer the skin, the warmer the color of your jewelry should be. And the cooler the skin, the cooler the jewelry should look. Follow our instruction to bring about the best effect possible. You won´t be disappointed.

Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver

Now that you have known everything about the design and the material, it is time to meet our best contestants on the run for “Tiny hoops that deserve to be in your jewelry collection”. Let´s check them out. 

Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver

Isn´t this pair mesmerizing? It is a mixture of hoops and studs. The adornment of the earrings is impressive. The center of attention lies in the circle that is created. Inside the circle is a thorn- like piece. On top of it are many beautiful cubic zirconia- synthetic stones that are dupes of diamonds. The body of the earrings is made of sterling silver plated with 18k white gold for a shine that lasts longer. The overall vibe that this pair brings is fancy, quirky and expensive. You want it? You get it. FYI, ladies with fair skin look stunning in this pair.

Buy these tiny hoops now at: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/esberry-18k-gold-plated-925-sterling-silver-cubic-zirconia-hoop-earrings-circle-thorns-shape-stud-earrings-for-women-and-girls/

Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver

Sparkly, feminine, exquisite, high- end, etc. There are tons of words to describe these gorgeous babies. These tiny hoops with leverback closure are crafted carefully to give you a high- end and high fashion touch. The pearls are simulated freshwater pearls that have a dreamy shine. They seduce any romantic and classic soul in a heartbeat. The closure is made of polished sterling silver plated with gold. Ladies with rich warm skin are going to fall in love with this pair. Such perfection can´t be ignored. There are many events where you can rock these pearl hoop earrings. Like wedding, Christmas parties, dinners, dates or even workplace. If you are in search for a nice gift that will surprise your loved one, this pair will do the trick. 

So buy them now while they are in stock, they look even better in person: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/reffeer-simulated-freshwater-pearl-hoop-earrings-for-women-teen-girls-small-hoop-earrings/

Tiny hoop sparkle earrings sterling silver

How about some colors? These hoops are beautified with a layer of iridescent color that is light, fresh and bring summer vibe. The color comes from opal, a gem that shines differently from different angles, but the rainbow still pops out no matter what. Iridescent and silver make a good team since they compliment each other, and of course, the lady who chooses them as well. These tiny hoops are very secure. The claps are crafted carefully so that the earrings won´t fall off during the day. And the weight is light enough to make even a little girl feel comfortable while wearing the pair. 

So what are you waiting for? Purchase them now: https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/mothers-day-gift-small-sterling-silver-opal-hoop-earrings-hypoallergenic-huggie-earrings-tiny-mini-cartilage-pierced-huggie-hoops-ear-studs-jewelry-gift-for-women/

In ORCARJEWELRY, we assure that you will fall in love with every single product that we send you. So don’t hesitate and enjoy shopping with us now.

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