The multitalented screw back earrings and how they pamper sensitive ears

Screw back earrings are a gift to the jewelry world. These earrings have the most comfortable and diverse closure ever. If you are a lady who always has troubles with earrings closures like hooks, posts, leverbacks, etc, then the screw back will do you some good. Screw back is created especially for ladies with sensitive ears, because we can all enjoy jewelry without hurting ourselves. Not just ladies with sensitive skin or ears, anyone can benefit from a pair of screw back earrings. Strive for a comfortable wear and you can rock the day with the best attitude ever. Let’s get to know this ultimate earrings closure.

What are screw back earrings

  • Screw back is versatile

Earrings with a screw back allow each person to adjust the grip and the comfort of the wear. In order to do so, the lady only has to twist the screw so that the closures become tighter or more loose. The screw back in the world of jewelry is almost exactly the same as the screw that anyone has seen in the daily life. But the screws on earrings have a round and smooth end. When it touches or clings on the ears, it won’t scratch the skin nor it will irritate it. 

These earrings are just as diverse in design. Screw back earrings are designed in many styles that are unique, beautiful and eye- catching. You can easily find a pair that suits your taste and style. From basic to extravagant, there is nothing that these pieces of jewelry can’t provide.

  • Screw back is a lifesaver for ladies with keloids 

This closure is perfect for people who have sensitive skin or those who are in a situation where they can’t have a piercing. Many ladies have trouble with piercing since her body develops keloid scars. The struggle is real when even a scratch or a small cut becomes something extremely visible. Some have willingly tested to see the effect of ear piercing on a body that develops keloids. And the pierced holes, as expected, formed lumps that varied in size and left an unpleasant look to the ears. So, instead of risking your appearance and your health, go with screw back earrings for a safe and comfortable wear.  

Screw back earrings

Screw back and clip- on: What is the difference? 

Screw back earrings are similar to clip- on earrings. These earring closures allow any lady to accessorize her look without having to pierce her earlobes. The difference between clip- on and screw back is that the clip isn’t adjustable, the tightness of the grip depends on how the designers and the artisans craft their products. The advantage of clip- on is that it is fast and easy to put on. Just like when you start a new game, clip on is like a preset option. It doesn’t provide a perfect fit for everyone, but it sure is convenient.

Screw back, however, is adjustable. And to adjust the earrings, the lady will have to feel it for herself. It may sound less convenient than clip on, but this closure has its advantages too. Clip on can get lose over time. If the pair is expensive and worth to be fixed, then it is no big deal. But most of the time, when the lady owns a casual pair, the need to fix the clip is low and the so the lady doesn’t take it to the workshop. That is how earrings go to waste. A screw back pair, on the other hand, always is adjustable and it is less likely to be broken. Thus, no gorgeous pair of earrings will stay in the corner of the box nor will it to littered out in the environment and contaminate our planet. 

What is your need? What are you looking for from a non- pierced pair of earrings? Choose clip on or screw back based on your need.

Screw back earrings in many different styles

Let’s get to know some of the best earrings provided to you by Orcar Jewelry. You will be amazed by the number of designs that we have to offer. Check them out and bring them home with our free delivery service all over the US.

Screw back earrings

Blue and clear as the water. These crystal earrings are a dream come true. The pair is designed to fit in drop shape. The main pieces are dainty and elegant. They are embellished with blue Swarovski crystals that have the shine and clarity of water. The gems are even clearer with the boost of the silver frame. Every detail is well- thought and the overall look is incredibly elegant and luxurious. You can wear these earrings to a date, work or even party. Buy this pair now at this link.

Screw back earrings

These feminine earrings are perfect for any outfit and any season. The frame of the earrings is copper plated in rose gold for a soft and romantic color. It is lead free, nickel free and the designer guarantees that the earrings are hypoallergenic. You won’t find your ears turn green nor will you fill irritated with these earrings. Not just the frame, the main pieces are to die for as well. On top of it are beautiful adornments placed in the shape of a wreath. First, the center of attention is the light pink flower and around it are small cubic zirconia and faux pearls. The cubic zirconias are rated AAA rank. It is an impressive level of clarity and beauty for gemstones. The adornments and the colors of the stone play with the sight of observer. Each detail seems so different and has nothing in common, but they work together so harmoniously. If you are in love with the pair as we do, purchase it now at this address.

Screw back earrings

It is time for boho earrings to shine. This pair consists of feather, beads and leather. The themed color is brown and the design is pure boho. If you love a free vibe, this pair will satisfy your need. The dangling effect shows no restriction to the movement and it is eye- catching as well. Match the pair with white outfit, you will achieve the best effect from it. These earrings are lightweight, they won’t cause you any discomfort. Purchase them now at this link.

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