Surprising facts about opal earrings that you might not know about

Opal earrings

Opal earrings are such strange accessories in the world of jewelry and not all people are ready for them. The gemstone itself has an incredible iridescent color that can´t be seen in any other gemstone. Opals look light, romantic and special. The rainbow color that opal has is clear, vibrant and it is as bright as fire. Such a beautiful material is desirable for every lady. But not everyone knows about this romantic gemstone. So Orcar Jewelry is here to help you find out what these opal earrings have to offer. Warning, you are going to be crazy about these opal earrings.

The world´s most expensive opal can glow in the dark

The name of the world´s most expensive opal is Virgin Rainbow. Its colors are mesmerizing and can´t be seen in any other gemstone. To break down how many colors this opal has, researchers had to illuminate the stone from different angles. And the result is amazing. The Virgin Rainbow includes fragments of colors like black, pink, milky white, green, orange, etc. It is like a performance of colors. The precious stone can even glow in the dark. The darker the environment is, the brighter the colors show. The stone is priced at 1 million dollars and now is preserved at the Southern Australia Museum.  

Opal is the luckiest Birthstone

Opal is the magical birthstone of October. Ladies who were born in October are lucky to have this gorgeous gemstone as her representation. Opal is considered the luckiest birthstone because of its diverse range of colors. While other gems may come in different colors depending on the piece, opal has every color on the same piece. It owns the color palette of the rainbow and thus possesses the energy of all these colors. Each month has its specific birthstone and the color of the gem affects the energy of its wearer differently. If chosen wrong, the spiritual core and power of the lady can be damaged. So ladies of October, get yourselves a pair of opal earrings to improve your energy.

Opal was the second noble gems in ancient Rome

Romans had their own way of enjoying their jewelry and opal was a favorite material to craft it. Ranked only after emerald, opal was a desirable gemstone that had a spiritual meaning according to ancient Romans. But before, opal wasn´t always called this way. The Romans named the gemstone after beautiful and poetic imageries like Light of the World, Empress or even Pandora. Romans believed that the gem protected them from diseases and bad luck. That was the reason why opal was so loved by the people of this ancient city. 

Black opal is the stone of career

Black opal is believed to bring great luck to a business. The stone adds more positive energy to one´s ambition and improves her ability in the labor world. The stone “magical” function is to predict the future. But more realistically saying, the stone helps increase the ability to listen and guess one´s emotion and thoughts. Which is beneficial for the business and negotiation.

Opal is the symbol of Australia (among other things)

Since most opals are found in Australia, it is to no one surprise that the gemstone is the symbol of the country. Opals are considered the gemstone of Australia thanks to the abundant extraction that provides more than 90% of world´s opals. You can find easily jewelry adorned with opals from Australia on any website. 

Opal is a “softie”

Opal is definitely not in the list of the hardest gemstones. On the Mohs scale, opal ranks at 5 or 6. This is quite a low level for gemstones. Comparing to diamond, which ranks at 10, opal is very soft and easy to break. Some say that the gemstone´s durability is only as much as glass. Because of this, the craft of opal jewelry is very detailed and requires a lot of skill. Opals are perfect for earrings since with their designs, opals are protected most securely. Plus, opal earrings have a romantic vibe that is so effortless. So it is guaranteed that they are worth the while. But if the lady is more into rings, it is recommendable that the edges of the ring hug around the stone firmly. Opals shouldn´t pop out of the ring.

Orcar Jewelry has the best opal earrings collection ever

Now that you have known some interesting facts about opal, it is the moment for Orcar Jewelry to show you our amazing opal earrings collection. Check out these wonderful designs.

These authentic fire opal earrings are AMAZING! The rosy color of the stone is lovely and romantic. The size of the stones is 6mm, small but attractive. The stones are hugged by 10K solid yellow gold. The rosy color of the gems and the golden color of the frame create such a playful vibe. Thanks to the minimal design, the materials shine through. The posts are made of flexible rubber, which is very comfortable to wear. Everything about this pair screams quality and expensive! The pair is priced at $51.98 and you can purchase it at this link.

Or you can buy a similar pair at the same price but with white opal and 10K rose gold frame at this link.

This set of 4 has quite amazing opal earrings. The stones used in this set are synthetic amethyst, created opal and cubic zirconia. Don´t underestimate the beauty of synthetic gemstones. They resemble the real ones perfectly and they are also incredibly valuable. The lab – made opals are extremely natural looking since they are created with the components of a real opal gemstone. The color is vibrant and bright. The shine of the stones is boosted thanks to the sterling silver frame. Purchase this set and you will own four pair of quality and affordable earrings. Check out this link for more details.

Young and fun are what this pair of opal earrings is about. The dangling effect is eye – catching and it boosts the attractiveness of any lady. The fire opals are lab – made and they are gorgeous. Around the opals are cubic zirconias. And they are hugged by a beautiful 14K rose gold frame. The pair is feminine and more romantic than anything you have seen in the jewelry world. Buy this pair now at this link before it is out of stock.

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