Sun star galaxy earrings are the chicest and most sparkling earring design of all time. Trendsetters all over the world are crazy for this beautiful design. Surely, you have come across quite a few photos of sun star galaxy earrings on Instagram. Any jewelry lovers can´t take their eyes off the shine and romantic vibe that these earrings bring about. Why being normal when you can look literally “out of this world”? 

There are a bunch of starry designs. Some are chic and urban, some are feminine and romantic. Depends on your personal style, you can choose whatever that suits you the most. But, for a contrary effect, you can mix and match your outfit with accessories that belong to another range of style. This will create an unbalance that is extremely interesting to look at.

Jewelry has always been a girl´s best friend. It complements the lady, supports her appearance and boosts her confidence. There is no reason to not love jewelry. And it is 10 times better when the jewelry has some meaning to it. Sun, star and galaxy. It is not hard to tell that they bare a significant meaning. So what is the message that these pieces of jewelry are trying to deliver? Let´s find out with ORCARJEWELRY.

Meaning of sun star galaxy earrings

  • The passionate sun

Sun is the symbol of unlimited energy that everybody needs. The sun is the ultimate force of power, strength and potency. It fuels the life of every being on earth. In many cultures, the sun represents masculinity. But said masculinity doesn´t necessarily be a trait that belongs only to men. It can also be a deep strength and personality that lies within women. Just like the femininity that lies in any man. Does the sun resemble you and your personality?

  • The peaceful moon

Moon transmits the purest form of beauty through many designs in many fashion items. Peace, art, beauty, femininity and even immortality are what the moon symbolizes. The moon is an anchor that guides people through the darkness, just like how it lights up the darkest night. The moon also represents the freedom of the mind and soul. Thus, moon earrings are for ladies with a sensitive heart that embraces romance to the fullest.

Moon usually comes with the sun in the design of jewelry since the sun represents the masculinity and the moon symbolizes femininity. The two figures complete each other and express the personality or the goal of the wearer. Which is a perfect balance that everyone is striving to achieve in life.

  • The magical star

Stars are the symbols of wisdom and spiritual power. Human sends wishes and prayers to the star with the hope to receive an answer or the longed- for tranquility. Stars are bright and their job is to enlighten the mind and soul. They are mysterious, magical guidance in the dark for lost souls. How about you? are our star girls wandering around alone in her own world?

  • The needy galaxy

The galaxy represents the ambition, hopes and desires for things to come in the future. They are all important elements that keep the fire burning inside of us. So if you see a lady wear earrings that have the design of the galaxy, maybe she is sending out a message about herself. 

Beautiful sun star galaxy earrings for the star girls of ORCARJEWELRY

Now that you have gotten to know the meaning of these symbols, let´s check out some of the best sun star galaxy earrings for women in ORCARJEWELRY. You will even shine brighter than any star. 

Sun star galaxy earrings

This pair is super gorgeous. By looking at the shape, you already know that this is a sun design. The combination of color is amazing. The stones are iridescent and the metal is gold. The stones are actually AB crystals, which are clear crystals plated with an iridescent coat to reflect the light nicely when you move. The metal part is alloy plated with gold that is hypoallergenic, 100% safe, nickel- free and tarnish- resisted. The size of the pair is impressive and therefore it makes perfect statement earrings for any lady. However, the size doesn´t reflect the weight at all because the entire pair weighs 10 grams only. Plus, they are clip- on so they will be convenient to wear. This is perfect for your star girl spirit.

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Sun star galaxy earrings

This pair is a combination of moons and stars. Even though they look quite big, in real life they are just the perfect size, not too small but not too big either. The metal is made of sterling silver that is durable and shiny. The entire surface of the earrings is decorated with cubic zirconia gems that are as pretty as diamonds. The hooks make them easy to put on and take off. Plus, the moons and stars will have dangling effect as they swing around when you move. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? You can wear these to different events like parties, weddings, picnics, etc. They are a perfect gift for romantic girls as well.

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Sun star galaxy earrings

If you are a young lady that is your first step on the way to starry world than this pair is perfect for you. The designer used blue enamel paint to add life to these earrings. The paint leaves a glossy finish that doesn´t fade away with time. Each side has its own design and that makes the pair unique. Stars, moon and planets work together and form this uneven pair. Ladies with square face will fall madly in love with this pair. It is fun, charming and impressive. So why don´t you add them to your collection now?

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So, have you found a pair of sun star galaxy earrings for yourselves? Visit our website for many more designs that worth buying. Spoil your star girl´s spirit now with ORCARJEWELRY. 

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