sterling silver huggies

Through thick and thin, sterling silver huggies still remain as one of the greatest jewelry masterpieces in the world. There is something about sterling silver huggies that both women and men love. Is it because of the fact that these earrings look good on everyone? The answer is yes! These earrings are designed to look simple but their function is out of this world. Such small accessories can do great jobs for the outfit, but sometimes we tend to overlook their amazing function. So, let´s find out with OrcarJewelry everything about sterling silver huggies and what are the best products for men and women.

What are sterling silver huggies?

Huggies are actually hoops but in smaller sizes and they hug around the earlobes prettily. Huggies are usually made of good- quality materials. The reason why designers make great use of materials in huggies´s design is because, just like studs, huggies have little space to work with. In other words, the size of the canvas is too small to put on a huge variety of details. Therefore, it is essential that said designers use the best types of metals or stones to craft the pieces. That way, even the simplest accessory will look expensive, glamorous and fancy while being super minimal with details. But of course, not every huggies are minimal, there are many designers that just don´t except the fact that they can´t do much with huggies. Thus, they take the most advantage of the available surface and cover it with as many adornments as possible. That’s how we get many earrings that are small in size but detailed in design. Depends on your taste, choose products that make you feel the most comfortable while wearing them. And at the same time, make sure that they compliment your facial features. 

Sterling silver is one of the most common materials to craft jewelry now a day. Silversmiths love sterling silver because of its flexibility that allows them to mold and bend the unfinished products easily. 925 silver is another way to call sterling silver. The metal contains minimally 92.5% silver and other elements like nickel, lead, but mostly copper. These added elements strengthen the texture of pure silver, making it a better choice for making jewelry that lasts for a lifetime. Important accessories like a necklace for an anniversary or an engagement ring should be durable and doesn´t lose its sparks. Our advice is that you choose sterling silver instead of pure silver to craft your accessories.

Sterling silver huggies for women

There are various designs on the market to satisfy the diverse tastes and styles of women. You can easily find a pair that is chic or elegant, urban or boho, romantic and feminine or edgy and masculine. The power is in your hand. What Orcar wants to inspire our dearest customers is that always go with your guts and choose accessories that make you feel confident while putting a smile on your face. Next, think about the design, consider picking products that suit you physically. If you prefer something simple, choose earrings that aren´t embellished with crystals and sparkling stones. If you want something complicated, choose huggies that are adorned with a dangling piece of decoration. That way, you can add some spice to your outfit.

sterling silver huggies

The cool and weird concept of this pair is the first thing that catches the attention of every lady. The center of attention lies in the blue eyes. From what the brand is trying to transmit, the eyes are a way of protecting the wearer from jealousy and negative vibe from the outside. The earrings are decorated with zirconia and blue quartz. This pair is perfect for ladies with light skin tone. You will be the fanciest to rock the street. Plus, this set contains two pair. You can switch up from time to time.

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sterling silver huggies

Simple but has enough touch to be unique is what this pair is all about. Pavoi always does a wonderful job with their products. The huggies are not adorned with crystals nor beads, but they are made of three bars of golden color on each side. The delicate shape charms its ways into the heart of any fashion lover. This pair of sterling silver earrings is plated with 14K gold. This tone fits best with ladies who have rich warm skin. In Orcar, we guarantee that any lady can find a product that belongs to her, and this pair is born to be with any lady with warm skin tone. 

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Sterling silver huggies for men

Men also have different tastes and they prefer different types of earrings for each occasion and place. But obviously, earrings design for men is usually simpler and they have fewer details. You can find huggies for men that have a smooth metallic surface or those that are embellished with tiny crystals. Find a pair that boost the coolness of your clothing items. 

sterling silver huggies

Let´s start with a simple pair. The diameter of this pair is about 12mm, not too big nor too small. Just enough to hug the ears nicely. Thanks to the small size and the quality 925 silver material, these earrings are very lightweight. They are perfect for daily wear since they are comfortable and durable. There is nothing more to ask from a basic pair of huggie earrings for men.

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sterling silver huggies

Thick, shiny and manly. Those are the three words that can be used to describe this pair. Just from looking, you can already tell that this pair is informal. It is the type that people wear to go out and have fun or to match with a fashionable outfit. The tiny stones are zirconia. The metal is sterling silver plated with white gold for extra shine and extra durability. They look cool, don´t they?

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