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As you already know, spike earrings are a unisex design that turns any man and woman from basic to cool. Those who identify themselves as punk rock lovers must own a pair of these. A pair of spike earrings gives the outfit an urban and edgy vibe that all fashionistas love. Without accessories, clothes will be just plain and lack of eye- catching element. Therefore, we want to bring you these wonderful earrings that compliment and impress. 

If you are not a punk rock lover but these earrings have caught your attention, don’t hesitate and try them out. Some spike earrings are simple, some are more elaborate. It won’t be hard for you to find some that suit you perfectly. There are so many types and many designs that you can benefit from.

In Orcarjewelry, not only do we have elegant and chic designs for ladies or subtle and formal earrings for gentlemen but we also own various styles that can satisfy any taste and any request. And spike earrings belong to the cooler and more rebellious side of our jewelry. Let’s get to know some of our greatest products and you will find yourselves excited to own one of them.

Types of spike earrings

You might think that spike earrings are not that unique or diverse, and they only belong to the punk rock music world. But that is not true. They have been cooperated in many different types of earrings and each brings different vibe, some even seem feminine and elegant. Spike earrings come in hoops, ear jackets, drops or studs. With such variety of shapes and sizes, anyone can find a pair that compliments their face shape and facial features. 

Moreover, not only men and women can wear spike earrings, young kids can wear them as well. With the easy access to the internet and fashion world, now a day, children define their style since young age. They have great sense of style for clothes and accessories. Furthermore, they know exactly what they want to wear and how they want to dress. The type of spike earrings which we often find suitable for kids is studs. Young children move around a lot and a pair of stud earrings won´t restrict their movement nor will they harm the kids. Dangle earrings are pretty but they can get caught in objects and that makes them only suitable for special events. 

Are spike earrings too informal for workplace?

Spike earrings are fun, punky and indicate a wild spirit, so it is fair to say that they are not formal. You can wear them in many occasions like party, anniversary, wedding or in daily life. But in workplace where policy about uniform exists, spike earrings aren’t recommendable. In professional space, you should pick elegant or simple and subtle earrings. That way you will look amazing while respecting the rule of the company.

High- quality spike earrings in Orcarjewelry

In Orcarjewelry we have many wonderful pieces of spike earrings that will make you fall in love with them. 

 spike earrings

The first pair made by Metzakka is for minimalist. The design is quite simple. These earrings have hoop shape with tiny drops of spikes, they are minimal and elegant, you can even wear them in work place. They will be equally beautiful when they are worn alone or with other earrings. The pair is made of solid 925 sterling silver, so they won’t rust away like cheap material. The surface of the earrings is plated with 14k gold three times to ensure that they look polish. The brand strives to create products that have a timeless design and bring good vibes to clients. So if sustainability and style are what you are looking for, this is the right one to choose.

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 spike earrings

On a punkier note, this set of earrings is awesome. The design is nowhere near elegant. It is edgy, eye- catching and fashionable. The set includes 4 pairs of spike earrings and each has a different color. They are made of stainless steel, which is a perfect material for people with sensitive skin. Silver or gold may cause allergy but with this hypoallergenic material, you can feel safe while wearing these earrings. Since they come in 4 different colors, you have more options on which will compliments the outfit you wear the most. The color gold, silver, black and multi- chrome are basic and easy to mix and match with many outfits.

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 spike earrings

By far this is the most interesting pair of spike earrings. They are elegant and cool at the same time. The big spikes give them a strong and urban vibe but the shiny stones say otherwise. You can definitely wear them at parties since they are fun and eye- catching. No one can ignore this pair of earrings when the zirconia stones are insight. They imitate the blink of diamonds perfectly but the price is so loveable. The material of this pair is alloy plated with white gold. The brand guarantees that they are allergy free, nickel free and lead free. Plus, the brand provides an additional gift box for this product so they can be a perfect gift for your loved one.

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 spike earrings

Another cute pair of spike earrings for lovely ladies with favor for edgy spikes. The design is minimal and feminine thanks to the small size of these huggies. The stones are zirconia so the shine is undeniable. The metal is 925 sterling silver plated in rhodium and it is hypoallergenic as well. You can wear them for a chill vibe or you can mix them with other earrings to perform the technique ear mapping. Your ear zone will shine bright like a galaxy with this technique!

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