Sorrelli earrings: Sparkling jewelry made by amazing women for amazing women

Sorrelli earrings are strange considering their production’s process. They are the most sparkling jewelry that any lady can find on the internet and they are all 100% handmade. Sorrelli owns many wonderful pieces of jewelry, not just earrings but also bracelets, necklaces and rings. These accessories are eye – catching and unique as they always are. But the special touch in these gorgeous earrings that not many brands dare to go after is: All Sorrelli’s products are handmade. Handmade jewelry is so fine and so complicated. To produce the same product every time is absolutely crazy. But that might not be a bad thing. Thanks to this special production, every lady will own an 100% unique pair of Sorrelli earrings. And there is nothing more fun and exciting than being one of a kind.

The story behind Sorrelli earrings

The journey began 37 years ago when founder Lisa Oswald was going from one party to another but she didn’t have any fancy nor luxurious jewelry piece to adorn her outfit. So she had to create her own. Her creations were bold and contagious. It started as a personal hobby and later the jewelry caught the attention of her friends and family. And that was how the CEO started her business. Everything was build by the family and managed by the family. They grow together and develop the company together till these days.

Even until today, the company is still leaded by a Sorrelli. The present CEO is Lily, Lisa’s daughter. And she continues to inherit the family’s heritage. She keeps the uniqueness of the designs and the handicraft of the creating process. 93% of Sorrelli’s staffs are female. The founders want to create a safe and loving working environment for women based on the sisterhood – the reason behind the establishment of Sorrelli from the beginning.   

Sorrelli have been keeping their promise of taking care and repairing their products. All customers can wear these pieces and pass them to your loved ones, and Sorrelli guarantee that they will help to keep the accessories gorgeous and unique as they were since day one. With this amazing form of customer service, Sorrelli don’t contribute their work to the fast – fashion world that damages our Planet every single day. With Sorrelli earrings, you are aiming for a sustainable fashion that lasts for a lifetime. 

Are Sorrelli earrings worth the while?

Just like other products of Sorrelli, Sorrelli earrings are crafted with quality materials like Swarovski crystals, gold or rhodium plated metals and semi- precious stones. They give the final piece a luxurious appearance but at an affordable price. The designs are unique and can´t be found in any market. Each piece has its own flair and it makes the lady stand out in the crowd among other basic designs. Sorrelli earrings make great use of crystals and semi – precious stones. The stones ´placement is out of this world. It´s so complicated yet so mesmerizing to observe. At first glance,  you can already tell that Sorrellie earrings are not like any other that you have seen before. The minimalism isn´t in sight, Sorrelli earrings are extravagant, vibrant and elaborate. The designers aren´t joking around with their art. 

Plus, Sorrelli have their way to support their lovely customers. If the lady loses an earring, Sorrelli offer to remake the lost accessory with half the price of the original pair. If the earrings are broken and need to be fixed, Sorrelli´s team is there to support. If the lady wants to alter the closure of the pair or have it cleaned, she only have to pay a small extra so the team can help make her dream come true. These features make Sorrelli a reliable place to get your jewelry.

The best Sorrelli earrings at Orcar Jewelry

At Orcar Jewelry, you can find thousands of gorgeous earrings from different brands and designers. Orcar sorted out the best products at an extremely comfortable price. We guarantee that our lovely customers have access to the best earrings ever. So let´s check out these amazing Sorrelli earrings.

These mini – size studs are perfect for vintage ladies. The design is elaborate despite the small surface available to work with. The frame of the earrings is made of brass plated in rustic gold for a vintage look. The earrings are embellished with Swarovski crystals and synthetic stones. It is impossible to find a similar design that has the same vibe as this pair. The posts are made of surgical steel so they are hypoallergenic. The earrings are lightweight and can be worn all day long. You can purchase the pair at this link.

This pair of studs is majestic and vintage as well. The red crystals are the centerpieces and the red color seduces every jewelry lovers ´soul. They are hugged nicely by a rustic gold frame. The color combination is simple but effective and it compliments warm skin tone perfectly. This pair can be worn at any event like birthday parties, Christmas parties, family reunions or formal events. Studs look flattering on every face shapes, so don´t hesitate and purchase this pair now at this link.

The placement of the stones in these Sorrelli earrings is out of this world. It seems so random but so well – thought at the same time. Stones in big and small size hustle with each other to fit in their place and they form a perfect overall look. The combination of crystals in different colors creates a playful effect to the eyes of observers. Blue, black, orange and clear stones are placed together for a pair of earrings, specially made for ladies with fair or cool skin tone. To own this pair, go to this link and buy it now before it goes out of stock.

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So, have you found your favorite pair of Sorrelli earrings? None of them look the same to another. Be unique and let these earrings enhance your beauty even more.

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