Silver drop earrings

Silver drop earrings are versatile and can be worn in any event like weddings, dinners, parties, dates, etc. You want something extra to wear to the wedding of your ex? There are tons of extravagant drop earrings that will draw all eyes on you. You want something simple and elegant? We offer drop earrings that are subtle but fancy. There is no limit when it comes to silver drop earrings.

There are thousands of creative designs of silver drop earrings for you to choose from. But that can be quite a problem since too many options can be confusing. With this article, ORCARJEWELRY will help you narrow it down so you can choose a pair that compliments you the best. Which shape and size enhance your beauty the most, what is the traits of the material, what age range can make greatest use of these designs? Let´s find the answer! 

The difference between drops and dangles

Drop earrings are one of the classic designs that are timeless. They appeared long time ago alongside with hoops, studs and dangles and by now they are still rocking the jewelry world. But there may be some confusion between dangle and drop earrings. Both hang below the earlobes, so what is the difference between them? Let´s distinguish these two famous types of earrings!

Dangle earrings are the type of earrings that hang long below the earlobes that swing around when the wearer walks or moves. The designs of dangle earrings vary a lot. Some can be simple and some can be detailed. But most of designers make great use of these earrings to create avant- garde pieces. Dangle earrings offer a wider space, aka canvas, to work with. And thus, many details can be applied to the design of the jewelry. You can easily find dangle earrings that are super complicated and quirky. But at the same time, of course, exists a variety of simple design to satisfy ladies with simpler taste.

Drop earrings differ from dangle earrings in the trait that they don´t swing around when the lady moves. That´s because drop earrings hang just below the earlobes and the hook, or the closure in general, hugs firmly around the ears. Drops are known for being less complicated than dangles. But drops aren´t plain nor basic. So if you want a nice balance between simple and extra, go for drop earrings.

What you should take in mind while choosing silver drop earrings

  • Skin tone

Silver doesn´t necessarily be grayish, it can be plated with other material to give it a different color. The key to choose earrings that suit your skin tone is: If you have rich honey skin, choose silver earrings that are plated with gold. If you have fair rosy skin, choose silver earrings that are plated with platinum or rhodium, or pick sterling silver. By choosing colors that match your skin tone, you can avoid looking ashy or unflattering with your jewelry on, which is not nice since its mission is to enhance your beauty.  

  • Hair and face shape

Dangle earrings are suitable for short round face or square face. People use them to add some shape to it. Ladies with long face shape must avoid dangle earrings since they make their face look longer and even sadder. But drop earrings are different. They are as versatile as always and they showcase the beauty of every hairstyle and every face shape. Drop earrings look universally flattering on everyone. 

  • Age and personal style

Age and personal style aren´t always best friends. Sometimes, personal style challenges the age to be bolder and more spontaneous. That´s when magic happens. Always trust your instinct and make brave fashion choices. If your personal style is elegant, luxurious, glamorous or chic, silver drop earrings are a perfect choice. The monotone of silver is simple yet effective and it will bring the effect that you are looking for. On the other hand, if fun, quirky, inspiring is the style that drives you crazy, or simply you are just looking for a gift for your daughter, make sure that colorful drop earrings are on your list.

Silver drop earrings at Orcar Jewelry

At Orcar, we provide many amazing products for our customers to choose from. Check out some of our best seller in the category of silver drop earrings.

Silver drop earrings

These butterfly earrings are gorgeous. They are made of 925 sterling silver that is lead- free, nickel- free and hypoallergenic. The butterflies are classic figures in jewelry´s design. They represent the new phase in life where everything takes a different turn, but in a good way. Butterfly earrings celebrate the spring of life, the youth and the hidden potential. Such an amazing pair of earrings that contains beautiful message while looking fabulous and made of quality material deserve to be noticed. It is suitable for women and young girls. Any lady can rock these butterfly earrings. Many customers have purchased this pair and they love it. According to the real reviews, this pair looks delicate but not flimsy, it is a perfect gift for mothers, daughters or your loved ones in general. Click the link below to check out the product and honest reviews on it. 

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Silver drop earrings

This pair is even more luxurious and elegant. The center of attention falls on the giant cubic zirconia crystals that look just like diamonds. And you know what they say: “Diamonds are a girl´s best friend”. But, you don´t have to saturate your budget to get this pair. It is adorned with synthetic diamonds but the price is loveable. Any lady can afford this pair. The lever back claps tightly and thus, the earrings won´t fall off easily. Looking expensive while it isn´t. What else can we ask for?

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These earrings are so gorgeous and deserve to be a part of your jewelry collection. Purchase them now before they go out of stock. And for many other products, please visit our website for more details. 

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