Rose gold stud earrings for a less wild 2020

2020 has been a wild year and it will be even wilder if you haven’t bought yourself a pair of rose gold stud earrings yet. Why? Because they are absolutely g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s and stylish. Nowadays, searching for a jewelry brand that doesn’t include a rose gold piece in its collection is harder than finding one that does. Rose gold is the color of youth. The material is very young in the list of many precious and well- known metals of the jewelry world. And rose gold stud earrings surely bring about different vibe that can’t be achieve with gold or silver. If you are familiar with silver and gold already, why don’t you give rose gold a try? It is guaranteed that these accessories will make you stand out the most.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a metal that contains only about 40% of gold and the other 60% contains silver and copper. Copper is the reason behind the romantic rosy color of many jewelry pieces. The more copper the jewelry has, the redder it seems. Copper usually makes the earrings get darker over the year, but a simple polishing can brighten them without difficulty. Rose gold is favored in the jewelry world by young ladies since it is very romantic- looking and feminine. You can find necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings in this color for a change. And if you are not convinced by the popularity of the material, know that the material makes a comeback every years. Even some of the most popular iPhone line comes in rose gold as well. 

Why is rose gold the color of youth?

Gold and silver have been around for a very long time and they still continue to rock the jewelry gold. But saying that silver and gold is the color of youth is not quite right. These valuable metals are designed in vintage and classy models specialized for mothers and grandmas as well. But rose gold however, is the ultimate metal for young people. This material is first found in 19th century, very early comparing to other precious metals. Rose gold, or rose gold stud earrings, can be spotted in many wedding ceremonies. Many brands even designs engagement rings in rose gold. So there is another thing in common between all rose gold jewelry. They all have a romantic vibe that makes them blend in any romantic event. Weddings or date nights are two perfect occasions where you can showcase your beauty with rose gold jewelry.

Best rose gold stud earrings 2020

Rose gold stud earrings are great items. Studs look subtle and elegant. They are effortlessly gorgeous and they will make you look stunning. Studs perform perfectly on all face shapes. They add a pop to your facial features and give you that noticeable glow without being extra. Rose gold stud earrings can be worn daily since they are small and comfortable. Also, this color works on every skin tone. If your skin is pale, it adds a rosy and lively touch to it. So let’s check out these amazing rose gold stud earrings that will make your 2020 a lot better. You won’t be able to resist their beauty.

These studs are not plain nor minimal, they are elaborate and have so many details going on. The entire body of the earrings is plated in quality 18K rose gold that is shiny and rust- resisted. The stones are the real center of attention. In the middle pops up a round cut cubic zirconia with clear color. Around the centerpiece are smaller zirconias that help boost the shine of the main stone. These cubic zirconias are lab- made. They look as gorgeous as diamond but they cost less and don’t contaminate the environment through extraction. This pair is a real deal for queens of fashion. And if you are a man who is looking for a gift for your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, these studs will definitely satisfy her. Buy these luxurious earrings at this link.

Anyone can wear this pair, even little girls. The design is simple and elegant. The size is small. This pair has just enough flair to adorn your outfit and make you look more polished daily. Thanks to their mini size, the earrings don’t cause trouble when you move around or turn your head. This detail gives the pair a plus since it is very recommendable that your daily earrings be subtle and convenient. Little girls can wear this pair too. Even though most kids enjoy wearing colorful accessories, some actually have a fancier taste and prefer elegant pieces. The small size makes the pair suitable for children because the earrings don’t swing around nor can they get caught in the hair or other objects. Plus, these studs are made of sterling silver (a good quality material that usually doesn’t cause allergy) plated in rose gold. Safe, elegant and shiny. There is nothing more you can ask from a rose gold stud earrings for daily wear. Purchase them now before they go out of stock. Please click this link.

Rose gold stud earrings

If one pair can’t satisfy your love for rose gold stud earrings, how about a set? This set contains 12 pairs of studs in rose gold color. Each pair looks different from the others so the set is diverse and unique. There are three pairs adorned with cubic zirconia and all have extra shine. The other pairs don’t have stone embellishment but they are just as gorgeous. Metal shaped into figures like hearts, moons, bars, stars, etc always look flattering. The set has both minimal and impressive designs, switch up your wardrobe everyday with a different pair. Each is made of stainless steel, you won’t have irritation or experience rust with these earrings. Buy the set now at this link.

Aren’t these earrings beautiful? Orcar Jewelry guarantees that you will look amazing in our products. Please visit our website for many more lovely earrings of different styles. 

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