Rose gold diamond stud earrings

Rose gold diamond stud earrings are famous among feminine ladies in the jewelry world. The color of the material brings an unmistakably soft and romantic vibe. But rose gold hasn´t always been around. Appeared for the first time in the 19th century, rose gold is quite young compares to other precious metal. The color and its designs are quite new in the making of jewelry. Therefore, a pair of rose gold earrings is relatively unique among its brothers and sisters (silver and yellow gold). Now, rose gold is used to make bracelets, earrings, necklaces or even engagement rings. And any fashionable lady has to own at least a pair in her collection.

But why are rose gold diamond stud earrings desirable? What makes them so special? Let´s get to know everything about rose gold jewelry and meet some gorgeous contestants. You will want to bring home a pair or two. Let´s get started.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a good- quality material that has been storming the internet and fashion world over the past few years. Rose gold contains yellow gold, copper and silver. Depends on the ratio of these elements, the quality of the piece is higher or lower and the pink hue of the jewelry is stronger or lighter. But the basic ratio of rose gold is 37% gold, 43% copper and 20% silver. Rose gold is quite durable and it is tarnish- resisted. However, the color has the tendency to become darker or redder over the years, that is the reaction of the copper part to the environment. In conclusion, rose gold is not pure gold, but it is more durable and it resists rust as well. 

Rose gold was created by a Russian in the 19th century but it wasn´t a commonly used material back then. Until 1920, the metal started to become famous in the US and you could easily spot them on the street. Rose gold has gone up and down over the years and recently it is making a comeback, dominating the magazines and the jewelry industry.

Who should wear rose gold diamond stud earrings?

Firstly, every lady has the right to wear whatever she wants and what makes her feel confident. But sure enough, there are always styles and designs that perform differently on each person. Rose gold is the material for women or young women. Children or elders don´t benefit greatly from this material. Most of the designs that use rose gold are quite chic and subtle. Therefore, it is recommendable that women or young women picking these pieces of jewelry.

On the other hand, silver or gold is perfect for all ages. Elders should choose these kinds of materials to make their jewelry. The beauty of the metal with a touch of color from gemstones make a perfect combination. Some amazing gems that compliment older women the best are sapphire, ruby, emerald or pearl. For little princesses, silver, sterling silver or stainless steel earrings are the best choices. Earrings with silver- color metals plus adornment painted with enamel are cute and fashionable. Choose colorful earrings for your daughter, sister or any small family member. They are going to fall in love with them.

Rose gold diamond stud earrings provided to you by OrcarJewelry

At Orcar, we have so many magnificent earrings that will make your heart go wild. Let´s check out some of our best rose gold stud earrings.

Rose gold diamond stud earrings

Let´s start with a classic and timeless design. This pair of studs is plated with 18K rose gold that is nickel free and hypoallergenic. No irritation will be caused and your ears are safe from allergy with this pair. The attention drawers are two big cubic zirconia stones. They are sparkling and the artisan cut them just like real diamonds. They imitate real diamonds perfectly that they look like the real deal. However, the price of these studs is super low. Any lady can spoil herself without spending too much money. Elegant, fancy, simple. All these traits make the pair versatile and easy to wear on any occasion and at any place. 

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Rose gold diamond stud earrings

If you want to switch things up a bit, how about this pair of earrings with rectangle shape? The romantic rose gold color is unmistakable, but the rectangle design adds a touch of sharpness to the pair. It is plated with 18k rose gold but the post and the clasp are made of sterling silver. The surface of the rectangles is embellished with zirconia stones as well. They are supported with tiny metal balls that boost the shine of the accessories to the max. This pair is small in size and simple in design but it is extremely fun to look at. The simplicity allows the earrings to match with any outfit, but the geometrical shape adds just enough uniqueness to the lady. You can wear them from party to workplace. They can handle it all.

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Rose gold diamond stud earrings

If you don´t have your ears pierced but you still want to enjoy the beauty of rose gold stud earrings, check out these clip on earrings. They imitate the shape of studs but they are actually clip on. They are suitable for everybody, with or without ear holes. The clips hug the ears tightly and the metal bars are small so that the attention lies on the embellishment. The face of the earrings is designed to look like a majestic crown. On top of it are big and sparkling zirconia stones that are 8mm big to boost the impressiveness of the pair. It is durable, feminine and elegant. You can put them on even for your wedding.

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Get your hands on these rose gold earrings now before they go out of stock. Owning one of these pairs is a must! 

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