Sterling silver stud earrings have always been a quality but affordable choice for men and women of all ages when they search for jewelry. There are many reasons why the material and the design are so favorable. These earrings go with everything and they are super versatile. Any style can benefit from them. A pair of earrings help tie the outfit together and make it completed. So how to choose a perfect pair of sterling silver stud earrings? Let´s find out.

If you are an elegant lady, sterling silver stud earrings complement your outfit without any problem. If you are a chic girl, these accessories give you an edgier touch and bring the whole outfit together. For men, silver stud earrings are simple and subtle, which is perfect for daily wear. This design is suitable for kids as well. Kids tend to be very active in their daily life, which can be very dangerous if their earrings get caught in other objects. Therefore, studs are perfectly safe. 

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver stud earrings are made of sterling silver or 925 silver. This is a mixture of pure silver with other elements that help strengthen the structure of the metal. Pure silver, even though it is glossy and beautiful, is quite soft and easy to break. This feature makes the process of creating a beautiful piece of jewelry harder. Since the jewelry needs a lot of crafting and bending, a hard- texture material is the most ideal. The component of 925 sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and other possible components like copper, zinc or nickel. 

Sterling silver is a durable and sustainable material that can last for a long time without losing its shine and hardness. It withstands hot/ cold water in the shower, shampoo, soap, sweat and doesn´t wear out. If you are looking for jewelry that you can use for a lifetime or even pass it to the next generation, always search for high- quality products. It is so meaningful to inherit a piece of jewelry that runs in many generations since it is a lot more special. It only costs you a bit more but it is worth every penny. 

Sterling silver is a safe material (if you don´t have allergy with silver). Thanks to the durable trait of silver, it doesn´t rust or tarnish. In cheap jewelry, users usually have irritation because of the rust and tarnish that attack the sensitive ears. If you are afraid of allergy and irritation, choose sterling silver because it won´t cause you any problem. 

What is sterling silver stud earrings?

They are basically high- quality studs. But do you know what studs mean and what is the benefit of choosing studs? Firstly, studs are usually small in size so they are very neat. If you are a person who prefers minimal accessories than studs are perfect. Plus, thanks to the small size, studs are suitable for many formal places like in working space or conference. 

With studs, it is obligated that you have your ears pierced. The studs consist of a bar that goes through the earlobes and a post that secures the earrings. Depends on the quality of the post, your earrings will stay on or easily fall off. Our advice is that you choose the best earrings with the greatest quality possible when it comes to studs. 

For children, studs are the safes jewelry for daily wear. Dangles or hoops are pretty but they are not very suitable for children since they get stuck to clothes or other objects easily. So the best choice is studs. 

Best sterling silver stud earrings in ORCARJEWELRY

In ORCARJEWELRY, we provide many amazing items for our dearest customers, check out this list of our best seller sterling silver stud earrings.

Sterling silver stud earrings

Do you want something that has bling to it? Look no further because you are in the right place. This pair of studs is simple, but not plain at all. It can go with chic, formal or elegant style without looking out of place. If you usually change your style, then this pair is the best. The stones are truly impressive. They are cubic zirconia stones that are as gorgeous as diamonds. As they are made of sterling silver, they are hypoallergenic, aka totally safe for your skin. Another great thing about this pair is that it is lead- free and nickel- free. So if you are allergic to them, don´t hesitate to try out this pair. 

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Sterling silver stud earrings

Let´s move on to a pair of men´s earrings. This design is simple and fun. Thus it is not very recommendable for formal workplace, but it is perfect for fun events. The surface is polished for a high shine. The earrings are made of solid sterling silver plated with platinum. With this pair, any casual outfit will be interesting and any extra outfit will be eye- catching. So why don´t you get them now?

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Sterling silver stud earrings

The cute butterfly design indicates that this pair is for little girls. With such lovely combination of quality and design, this will make your angels feel the most confident and pretty. The stones are cubic zirconia as well. They are a type of synthetic diamond that are sparkle and gorgeous. However, they are extremely affordable. Buy this pair for your daughter or sister on her birthday and it will put a smile on the princess´s face. A good present at a good price, what else can we ask for? Plus, these earrings are clip on. So if your girl doesn´t have pierced holes then that´s okay, these butterfly earrings don´t bother.

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Sterling silver stud earrings are such a perfect gift, not only for other people but also for yourselves. Choose the best earrings with the highest quality at ORCARJEWELRY. You will be surprised with how amazing they are and how small their price tag is. 

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