Princess cut diamond earrings: When royal items go casual

Princess cut diamond earrings have the most simple design ever but they have earned their place in the heart of jewelry lovers. These earrings don´t have many details to offer, the material and the craftsmanship are what shines through the most. But they don´t need many decorative pieces to convince ladies into loving them. Princess cut is a magical technique that gives the jewelry piece the ability to reflect light more gorgeously than many other techniques. The design truly resembles royal items, but the price says otherwise. Princess cut diamond earrings are affordable and they are within the reach of anyone. But how does this “royal” item goes so casual? Let´s find out.

What are princess cut diamond earrings?

Princess cut diamond earrings are jewelry adorned with a diamond as the centerpiece. The diamond is cut into a square or rectangle shape when looking from above. From the side, the diamond is similar to a flipped pyramid. According to the jewelry experts, the princess cut itself only loses to round cut. The cutting technique and the shape allow the diamond to shine brighter, depends on the angle where the light can hit the stone. Round cut diamonds shine the brightest and most vibrantly. And the princess cut diamonds are nearly as gorgeous, they are less elaborate than round cut diamonds, but other cutting techniques surely can´t bring out the shine as beautifully as them.

This famous cutting technique is favorable by jewelry lovers in their bridal moment. Around the 80s or 90s, this technique was “the thing”. Every jewelry pieces are shaped and crafted after this cut. And in 2015, princess cut diamonds came second in the list of most chosen cut for engagement rings. It is no surprise since the diamond has everything a person can dream of: Quality and beauty.

Engagement rings are the items that can be spotted the most with a princess cut diamond. But after the years, jewelry lovers find more and more accessories with a princess cut diamond. Especially the earrings. The accessories are treated to have the same luxurious vibe as the rings. Their designs are simple and minimal. But they don´t look plain at all. Thanks to the minimal design, the materials can showcase their quality and beauty the best. There are no extra details to distract jewelry lovers from noticing the quality of the items. 

Cubic zirconia is the MVP

Since diamonds are not available for every ladies to buy on daily basis, jewelry designers have to come up with a material that is more affordable but is as gorgeous. Cubic zirconia is a stone, a crystal that is created by lab experiments. The shine of the stone resembles that of diamond, but it doesn´t cost extra dough. Cubic zirconia can be treated and colored to imitate other gemstones like garnet, topaz, aquamarine, emerald, etc. These multifunctional stones don´t contaminate the environment since they don´t require a process of mining. Authentic diamonds are extracted from the mines and this industry can´t avoid harming the environment. By buying princess cut diamond earrings adorned with cubic zirconia, you are producing less contamination while you get yourself a quality pair of earrings. Plus, only experts can tell the difference between cubic zirconia and diamond. So purchase a pair of these earrings and save your money for bigger plans.

The best princess cut diamond earrings you can find at Orcar Jewelry

Every pair that Orcar Jewelry is about to show you are stunning. They are simple, elegant and timeless. Not just the stone, even the metal body and the closure are made of high – quality materials as well. So continue to read and you will encounter your perfect pair.

These silver studs look like stars. The cubic zirconias are cut carefully and skillfully to achieve the authentic diamond´s appearance. The stones are hugged by sterling silver plated in 18K white gold!!! The shade of the earrings will perform the best on skins with cool undertone. The designer, MMTTAO, wasn´t joking around when he created the accessories. He has sorted out the best characteristic of each material, combine them together and form a mesmerizing pair of earrings. The metal body is hypoallergenic, which means it is 100% safe to wear. You won´t have allergic reaction nor mere irritation with this pair. The butterfly closure is a classic also. It secures the earrings on you all day long. And thanks to this and the simple and small design of the earrings, they are suitable for everyday wear. You don´t even have to take them off when you go to sleep. Purchase these magical earrings now at this link.

These simple earrings are what minimal brides dream of. Mariell designed this pair for the brides who have a taste for minimal designs. Or if you are a bride who owns an elaborate wedding dress, this pair will be perfect too. Mariella is a famous wholesaler of bridal accessories. Their designs can be described as simple, elegant and eye- catching. Despite the small size of these earrings, the shine that they bring to the face of the lady is undeniable. The earrings´ closure is clip on, a comfortable one. The bride to be can wear them all day long without hurting your ears. The cubic zirconias are rated AAAAA, which means they are at the top quality and the stones are as clear as water. The metal part of the earrings is made of genuine silver plated in platinum and rhodium. The polished surface will never lose its shine thanks to the platting. Buy these earrings now to complete your wedding outfit. You can read the review at this link.

Silver is not everyone´s cup of tea, so check out this pair of gold studs if it suits your warm undertone better. The cubic zirconias are rated AAA, a high quality level of clarity and shine. They are accompanied by 925 sterling silver posts plated in 14K gold. The material doesn´t cause allergy nor irritation. The design is so simple it makes the earrings suitable for both men and women. You can wear them with your partner like couple earrings. Buy yourselves a pair now at this link.

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