Playful star earrings for your little girls

Star earrings are the perfect gift for young girls, especially on their birthday. The design is joyful and it brings happiness to the wearers and people around them. Stars have always been magical and inspiring to little girls. So it is to no one surprise that a pair of star earrings can make their day. But why should we choose a pair of earrings instead of other things? Nowadays, kids are more aware of fashion trends and clothing items. So giving them an accessory will be extremely exciting and it is suitable for a birthday event. Another great thing about these earrings? You can find classy designs to wear as a mother – daughter jewelry. How fun will that be? But first, let´s take some important details in mind when choosing earrings for kids with Orcar Jewelry.

Always pay attention to the materials when you buy star earrings for kids

Little girls´ skin is more sensitive and thinner than adults´ skin. It tends to get irritated or damaged more easily. So choosing the right material is very important. Sterling silver or stainless steel are great choices. They don´t get rust and they are durable. Some contain nickel or lead, some don´t. If your daughter has any problem with these elements, you can always find sterling silver or stainless steel which component doesn´t include these elements. 

Pure silver and pure gold also are safe for their skin if the girls don´t have allergy to these precious metals. But pure gold and silver are not very recommendable for young kids because they are softer without the support of other elements that help strengthen their structure. Therefore, earrings made of pure silver or pure gold are more likely to break. And it will be such a waste paying extra money for a quality pair only for it to break in no time. 

The shape of the star earrings should be well – considered 

Young girls ´ energy works differently from adults. Their daily activities include a lot of running and jumping. And the shape of the earrings can affect their movement. A long and dangling pair of earrings is cute and has a wow factor. But it is not a comfortable shape for daily wear. Instead, studs or small hoops are much better since they are neat and simple. The adornments on these earrings are smaller than average and they are less likely to get caught between other objects or the girls’ hair. Small drops also are a decent choice, they are impressive and they are not too small nor too big. But to avoid any accident possible, it is recommendable that you choose studs or small hoops for your girls.

Best star earrings for young girls at Orcar Jewelry

Now that we have shown you some important information about earrings for young girls, it is time for Orcar to show you our best star earrings. These earrings are made of quality and safe materials. And the designs are stunning. So let´s check them out!

Star earrings

Simple always is the best. The design can´t be more minimal but the fun of the stars is effective as always. The pair is made of 925 sterling silver. The material is rust – resist, durable, hypoallergenic and vibrant. It withstands water, sweat or any other causes that usually damage the earrings. The shine makes the star earrings even more magical. Thanks to the small size of the earrings, it is 100% safe for young children to wear the pair daily.  No young ladies can refuse such a lovely pair of earrings. Purchase it now at this link.

Star earrings

These small hoop earrings have an interesting mismatch design. One side is adorned with the moon and the other is adorned with a star. And both are bedazzled with a small but not so subtle clear rhinestones. The drop shape is definitely more extra and more impressive, which will bring more joy to the young lady on her birthday. The metal frame is nickel free, lead free and hypoallergenic. So it is 100% safe to wear these star earrings. They are perfect for special events. When the girl has to dress up nicely, this pair will bring everything together and boost her confidence. You can buy the pair at this link.

Star earrings

The fun vibe is strong in these star earrings. They are designed with three stars in a row that create a climbing effect. The size of the earrings isn´t as big as the picture shows, it is actually small and neat. So this is another pair of daily wear star earrings. The earrings are comfortable to wear and they are gorgeous at the same time. The material used to make them is of high quality. The posts are made of 925 sterling silver (nickel free and hypoallergenic) while the main decorative pieces are plated with 14K gold. And the greatest detail about this pair is that it looks classy and suitable for women as well. This makes the pair perfect for a mother – daughter jewelry. You can buy the pair at this link.

Star earrings

This dazzling pair is definitely birthday present worthy. It is adorned with two stars on each side and the stars are embellished with shiny and cute stones. The shine of the stones is boosted thanks to the white gold plated frame. The clip on closure is actually very safe and comfortable to wear. So if the earrings get caught in something, it will be extremely easy for the little girl to get out of it and not harm her ears. So, you are looking for a safe but impressive earrings for your lovely little daughter? This pair will do the trick. And mothers can wear this pair with her daughter as well. So what are you waiting for? Purchase these star earrings now at this link.

Get your hands on these star earrings now before they go out of stock. They make a perfect birthday present and your girl will be in love for sure.

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