Non pierced earrings are lifesavers for ladies who can’t enjoy her jewelry to the fullest because of her sensitive skin. Some have rash, others even have allergic reaction to the piece of jewelry. You might feel like the fashion is going against you, but that is not the case. All you have to do is find out what works best for you. And that includes a quality material and a closure that’s not “needy”. In other words, you need to find a material that doesn’t cause you irritation and a closure that doesn’t require you to pierce your ears, aka non pierced earrings.

Non pierced earrings don’t have a limit and there are millions of cool designs for you to choose from. Just in case you are thinking that these babies don’t have the same diversity in styles like pierced earrings. So styles and designs have never been the problem. But other than that, what else should you know about non pierced earrings? Let’s find out with ORCAR.

Why you should choose non pierced earrings?

Non pierced earrings, aka clip on earrings, can be worn by anybody. They aren’t picky like some earring’s closures. Lever back, post back, click back, etc are the types of closures that need earholes to cling on. With clip on earrings, every ladies can adorn her outfit and enhance her beauty without worrying about piercing her ears. Piercing is not for everyone. Those who develop keloid scars from small to big cuts should avoid piercing at all costs because, as always, health comes first. Choose clip on earrings that don´t provoke irritation and harm your ears. Beauty doesn´t necessarily be a pain. So don´t over complicate yourselves and choose this alternative way of accessorizing. 

Over the time, designers favor more and more clip on earrings since they are easy to wear and they work perfectly on both models and customers. Thus, the number of options is unlimited. The designs of non pierced earrings increase every day. Earrings for pierced ears are not more diverse since it is not hard to find the exact pair of clip on. So go for the type of earrings that makes you feel comfortable while your body allows you to wear them.

Best material to craft non pierced earrings

Since these accessories direct towards people with non pierced ears or people with extremely sensitive skin, it is recommendable that you select good- quality material as well. Silver and gold are two precious metals and so the price can be higher than other materials. They look expensive, luxurious and fancy. That is such a great vibe to go for. But if you choose pure silver or pure gold jewelry, that can be a bit troublesome. The two metals are known for being pretty but soft. The jewelry can be broken easily because of the not- so- durable texture. On the other hand, some people are allergic to pure silver and pure gold. So if you haven´t had any piece of jewelry made of these two materials, it is recommendable that you play the safe way and choose materials that are hypoallergenic. For example, many sterling silver pieces are anti- allergic. Furthermore, they are more durable and can be kept for a longer time than pure silver and gold. So if you are looking for a piece that can be passed to your future descendants, consider sterling silver a good option. 

The many styles of non pierced earrings

  • For the beach

Clip on earrings for the beach should be made of durable and sustainable material since the salt can waste it away. If you simply want to take a walk on the coast, it is easy to choose the earrings. There are not many rules to apply. Our advice is that you go for dangle and colorful accessories, paint the summer with your own vibrant colors. But if you are thinking about going underwater, pick earrings that are as small as possible. That way you will feel the most comfortable and enjoy the waves to the fullest. 

Non pierced earrings

This pair is perfect for a walk or a fun time at the pop up bar on the coast. The beach vibe is strong in this pair. The straw, the shells, the pearl. Everything reminds of the beach. The clips of this pair are screw back, an adjustable type of closure that allows wearer to fix the earrings as she wants. 100% cute and irresistible for daytime wear.

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Non pierced earrings

Small, simple, quality are the three words that describe this pair the best. The sea shell is a classic design for summer and they will continue to be trendy for many years to come. The earrings are made of sterling silver plated with rhodium for a shine that lasts forever. This pair is perfect for your summer holiday with the wind, the wave and the welcomed sweat. Not just this year, you can wear them on many other summer occasions. The comfort is guaranteed and the quality is affirmed. 

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  • For the formal events

Crystal is the key. Crystals are wonderful factors that give the earrings a fancy and formal vibe. So, to choose earrings for formal events is to choose crystals. Check out these amazing crystals earrings that you will be crazy for, darlings.

Non pierced earrings

A touch of color adds a ton of fun. This pair is formal and elegant. The two purple crystals are the center of attention. They bring a romantic and feminine vibe to the pair. On top of each purple crystals are three clear-color crystals to add even more bling to the pair. And the screw backs are plated with white gold for an extra shine and lasting use. Imagine having this pair on in a date. Your partner won´t be able to take their eyes off you, gorgeous lady. 

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For even more earrings for non pierced ears, check out our website to look at more than a thousand designs.

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