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Everyone loves fine jewelry and new earrings heavy gold design 2020 is on the top search for jewelry lovers. The golden color of jewelry is attractive and it makes the earrings look expensive. These are the traits that both elegant and urban ladies favor in finding her pieces of jewelry. But does gold color fits everybody? Which skin tone does gold jewelry compliment best? These are the questions that all ladies eager to find out. So let´s find out the answer with OrcarJewelry and get to know the best collection in town of new earrings heavy gold design 2020.

What are the best gold earrings for cool skin girls?

For ladies with cool skin, choose earrings that have nice color which doesn´t contrast your skin tone. Silver or white gold are precious metals that go best with cool skin tone. They accentuate the bright skin and make it looks healthier. Yellow gold is not the most perfect color for girls with bright skin. It doesn´t help make the girls look more elegant, on the contrary, it creates an uncomfortable effect that doesn´t enhance the ladies’ beauty. So, do you have fair or rosy skin? Choose the white gold.

Luckily, there is more than one type of gold. With the demand for creativity in the fashion world and jewelry world, golds now come in different shades and the high quality is a trait that never changes. In conclusion, search hard for white gold jewelry that belongs to your range of style. This is a wonderful material with great shine that compliments cool skin tone perfectly. But what is white gold? Is it pure gold? White gold is a precious metal that contains pure gold and white metals that create its signature color. The added metals usually are silver, nickel, palladium. 

Here are the best new earrings heavy gold design 2020 that no one can resist, be alerted, they all are made of high- end white gold.

new earrings heavy

These studs are shiny and gorgeous. The entire surface is covered in cubic zirconia crystals. These stones look just like diamonds. The color of white gold and the clear crystals compliment each other beautifully. The body of the earrings is plated with quality 14K white gold. The overall combination is irresistible.  You will be the center of attention with the support of this pair. Ladies with fair skin are going to fall in love with them. Plus, this pair is for non- pierced ears, so if you haven´t had your ears pierced, buy this one and clip them on. You can take them off whenever you want without any problem.

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new earrings heavy

The quality of these studs is phenomenal. The metal part is made of solid surgical steel plated with 18K white gold. It is 100% hypoallergenic and doesn´t contain lead nor nickel. Therefore, these studs are perfect for ladies with sensitive skin. From the material, you can already tell that they will look expensive on you and compliment you perfectly. Like many other pieces of jewelry, the stones used in this pair also are cubic zirconia. The placement of the stones is detailed and high- end looking. Boost the elegance of your outfit now with this pair of studs. And if you are wondering if they are expensive then the answer is no. These earrings are extremely affordable and the price doesn´t reflect the quality at all.

So hurry up and buy these studs now:

new earrings heavy

Do you want something with color that looks elegant? Look no further, you are at the right place. These are dangle earrings that impress while being subtle. The dangles are turquoise stones. They have a vintage touch but at the same time modern. The closure is called screw back- a type of closure that allows you to adjust the comfort of the earrings. You can pick these earrings as a gift for your loved one as well. Sure enough, she is going to love them.

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What are the best gold earrings for warm skin girls?

Ladies with warm skin tone should choose yellow gold earrings because this is the color that enhances your beauty the best. Yellow gold is not always pure gold. Pure gold or pure silver aren´t very favorable in the jewelry world since they are quite soft and easy to break. Therefore, silversmiths or goldsmiths usually add other elements in the texture to make the piece more durable. Yellow gold usually contains pure gold and other elements like copper or zinc. This alloy is harder to break, therefore it lasts for a longer time.

Check out these two pairs of new earrings heavy gold design 2020.

new earrings heavy

Is the summer spirit calling you? Check out these seashell earrings now! It has a fresh summer look but also chic, you can rock them from the beach to the city. The gold color is gorgeous since it is 14k gold plated over 925 sterling silver. So it is safe to say that this pair is quality inside out. They are clip on earrings for non- pierced ears. One more impressive trait is that they only weigh 4.1 grams. The weight ensures a comfortable wear, even if you put them on all day long.

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new earrings heavy

Notice that most of the designs are classic and elegant? They are the most suitable designs for gold earrings. The material is high quality and the design supports the luxury of the material. With a minimal design, the craftsmanship truly pops. Check out this pair of studs. The cubic zirconia is cut in square shape for a simple yet effective look. The earrings are 925 sterling silver plated with 14K gold and don´t contain materials that cause allergy. 

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Are you excited to own a pair that accentuates your skin tone? Buy these earrings now before we run out of them!

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