Never heard of Kate Spade earrings? You are missing out in the jewelry world

Kate Spade earrings are the most gorgeous items ever and if you haven´t seen one of them yet, be prepared. The brand is super young and fresh comparing to other international brands like Cartier or Tiffany & Co, and their products reflect the fun and modern vibe that every lady loves. The style that Kate Spade strives for is sophisticated and feminine. “Feminine” usually is perceived as weak, thus leads to the misconception of feminism these days. To be a female that is feminine doesn´t mean the lady is weak or traditional. The lady simply is capable of being strong and soft at the time. That is the definition of inspiring. Let´s get to know the brand and its products, you are going to fall in love eventually.

The story behind Kate Spade: “Buy now or cry later”

Kate Brosnahan Spade started the business because she was in the same situation that every lady has been in at least once in her lifetime: “Buy now or cry later”. Kate was crazy about a stylish handbag but she didn’t buy it. Until a few years later when she couldn’t find the handbag on the market anymore, the designer decided to make her own version. Thanks to her background as an editor of accessories at Mademoiselle, she was able to carry out the task. The made 6 bags and named the collection Sam. The bags she made was colorful and had a sleek shape. Everyone loved her designs, including fashion editors. That was where it all began, 1993. 

Unfortunately, in 2018, the Kate passed away and left behind her legacy. In the same year came Nicola Glass, present creative director of Kate Spade, and she inherited Kate Spade and continue to develop the brand. She was a professional accessories designer for Michael Kors and Gucci. 

Now, the brand owns many sophisticated and feminine designs. It doesn’t just produce the most gorgeous handbags ever, the brand also includes clothes, shoes and of course, accessories. Every item has a chill and chic vibe. They have a basic touch that seems timeless. Kate Spade’s products don’t go out of style. So a pair of Kate Spade earrings surely will last you for a lifetime. 

Kate Spade earrings are wowzers

The brand always uses the best materials to craft their jewelry and the style of each pair can vary a lot. Every single pair has a touch of bling to them. The brand believes that every lady needs the support of sparkles that can make a statement. These earrings spark a conversation. They are shiny and quality. If the decorative pieces have a blinding shine and a gorgeous color to them, they sure are made of resin. This material doesn’t fade away with time. Thus the earrings last forever. Other favorite materials of the brand are cubic zirconia, titanium, glass pearl, silver, etc. From their names, you can tell that the quality of these accessories is undeniable.

Where to get Kate Spade earrings

In Orcar Jewelry, we offer many wonderful products created by Kate Spade. These earrings are stunning, eye- catching and durable. If you aren’t fond of contributing to the fast fashion world, Kate Spade earrings will help you out. 

Kate Spade earrings

Such design can’t be found anywhere. Flowers and strawberries are two famous figures in the world of summer jewelry. But together, they are extremely rare. The pair has a fresh and vibrant appearance. The strawberries and the flowers are polished and smooth since they are painted with resin. The frame of the earrings is plated in gold and the posts are made of titanium. These strawberries hang dangling below the earlobes and swing around with each movement. You will be the center of attention when having them on. The way the colors match together is playful to the eyes. Red, white, green, gold. It is like an explosion of tropical colors. If you want to own this pair of eternal summer, buy it now at this link.

Kate Spade earrings

A touch of mystery might do you some good. This pair is simple and very elegant. Each earring is adorned with two blue stones. They are in fact colored cubic zirconias, as known as synthetic diamonds. The shine of this pair is impressive and its color imitates that of sapphire. The gem is known to be the birthstone of September. The month is on the way, so if you are looking for a present to give to your loved one, or a self- gift cause you deserve nice things, this pair makes the perfect choice. This pair perform the best on ladies with cool skin tones. Buy these Kate Spade earrings at this link.

Kate Spade earrings

Elegant and light. This pair is a dream come true for feminine ladies. The design based on a three- petals flowers. But these flowers are a lot more special than the others. They are made of simulated pearls that have a luxurious and glamorous color. These petals surround a dazzling stone that is supported with foil back. The foil back enhances the shine of these lovely gems and make them more desirable than ever. The leverback is comfortable and it allows the lady to put the earrings on easily without a mirror. The gold tone of the closure also is a beautiful detail. The pearl petals and the golden frame work together perfectly and form this masterpiece of earrings. Buy the pair now at this link, ladies.

Kate Spade earrings

This is one of Kate Spade earrings best seller. They are colorful, dainty and comfortable to wear. The stones have a gorgeous iridescent hue that compliments the beauty of every skin tone. They are hugged by a frame that is plated in 14K gold. And around the stones are three mini gems that add up to the shine of the pair. The studs are suitable for daily wear since they are convenient and small. Check out the amazing feedback on these rainbow studs at this link.

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