Don´t pick men hoop earrings if you don´t want to look like a Greek god

men hoop earrings

If you are in search of men´s earrings and you need a pair that is not too simple nor too flashy, men hoop earrings are the one for you. They have the perfect amount of simplicity and details, which makes them perfect for many more events like weddings, family reunions, daily wear or even parties. The designs of men hoop earrings vary a lot, depend on the taste of each person. You can choose from those that are embellished with stones and crystals or you can opt for hoops that have fewer adornments. But whatever style you opt for, men hoop earrings truly are stylish and cool- looking. Keep on reading to find out some cool facts about these small but effective accessories.

Men hoop earrings look perfect on anyone

Men hoop earrings have come a very long way. In the beginning when earrings for men weren´t socially popular, the designs for these accessories were subtle and minimal. Now that the jewelry has passed the controversy, men´s fashion has taken a big step and accessories for men are widely accepted and they are included in various collections. They have more and more details and there is no limit to the designs. Just like women´s earrings, men´s earrings also come in different types like studs, dangles, drops, etc. Studs usually are very simple and minimal while drops and dangles are extra, which suit special events like fashion week, runways, wild parties. 

Artisans from all over the world have crafted thousands of pieces of hoop earrings for men. And they all have one thing in common is that they have everything that other types of earrings don´t have. Studs lack of details while drops and dangles are too detailed. Hoops stand in the middle and is a perfect balance. They attract the right amount of needed attention. 

Men hoop earrings are crafted with the safest materials

Stainless steel is the best material that can be used to create jewelry. This metal is durable and can withstand all kinds of weather. You can wear them in the shower, even the sweat can´t make the material rust away. Therefore, stainless steel is a very popular material in the world of jewelry and it can be seen in tons of designs, both for men and women. 

The color of stainless steel imitates that of silver and not many can tell the difference between them. Silver, however, usually costs more since it is a precious metal and it is harder to work with. Pure silver tends to break easily because of its fragile structure. Thus, silver is more expensive and less durable. So if you want to buy men earrings with a small budget, silver might not be the best option. Instead, go for sterling silver if you want a pair of earrings with silver base. Sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver, the other 7.5% includes elements that help strengthen the structure of the material. 

In other words, there are two wonderful options of material for guys to choose from if they have small budget: Sterling silver or stainless steel. But keep in mind that sometimes these two materials consist of lead and nickel as well. So if you have allergic to these chemicals, look carefully for 925 silver and stainless steel that don´t contain them.

Top men hoop earrings in Orcar Jewelry

These men hoop earrings vary from simple to complicated. You can easily find a pair that compliments you and your style. Your face shape won´t affect how the earrings perform since small hoops are universally flattering. Here are the best men hoop earrings that you can find in Orcar Jewelry.

Let´s start with a basic. This pair of black hoops are simple, minimal and timeless. You can never go wrong with a basic design. These hoops can be worn on many occasions and places, including workplace (if your workplace doesn’t have an extra formal dress code). And if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend, brother or friends, this pair solves all problems. There is no worry that it won´t fit their face shapes or it doesn´t look nice on them. Small hoops look good on everybody. Plus, they are made of stainless steel, a wonderful material that Orcar has explained before. If you want to purchase the pair, click here.

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This pair is definitely more fun and impressive. It has both hip hop and fancy vibe to it. The entire surface of the earrings is covered in high quality cubic zirconia, so you know that the quality of the hoops is high. Zirconia has the same shine as diamonds but it does not cost a fortune. The body of the hoops is made of sterling silver plated in white gold for extra shine and rust- resist function. The luxurious appearance and the color of the earrings are so mesmerizing and thus the hoops look great on any skin tone. Surely all the attention will fall on you at any event. Purchase these super cool hoops now at this link.

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Cool, majestic and fun. These three words describe the pair perfectly. The design is not the most complicated that you have seen but it is highly effective. The zig zag stripes run all over the earrings. The two golden lines add a unique touch to the hoops as well and give them a combination of two most recognizable colors in the jewelry world: silver and gold. They are made of stainless steel, so it is guaranteed that you are less likely to have allergy to the hoops. Everything about these earrings is royalty worthy. Buy your pair now at this address.

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This must be the most unique pair of men hoop earrings out of the four. The chain design is manly and fashionable at the same time. The stainless steel base ensures that the earrings last for a long time without losing its shine. Rock this pair with street style outfit to have the full effect. Purchase them now at this link.

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