Marvelous pandora earrings: Items that every lady has dreamed of

Pandora earrings

Pandora earrings are wonderful products that every single lady has heard of and has wanted to own a pair. The brand is very young with only 38 years of history. But it seems so well- known among jewelry community that most people think of it as a long- standing brand. Their products like rings, necklaces or the famous bracelets are all around the world. Pandora’s products are desirable for women or even children of all ages. So what is the reason behind this crave for Pandora’s items? Continue to read and you will find out how Pandora dominates the mid- end jewelry world. 

History of Pandora 

Pandora was found in 1982 by a married couple: Per Enevoldsen and Winnie Enevoldsen. Their business back then was easy and simple. The couple imported jewelry from Thailand and sell them under their brand’s name. Later in the 1989, they began to hire jewelry designers to create original pieces that can’t be found easily on the market. The first factory was constructed in Thailand and it is still working until these days. Thanks to the low cost of the production and many other factors, Pandora provided many affordable pieces and made the jewelry lovers fall in love with the brand. In 2000, Pandora started selling the famous bracelets that made their name reach the international level. Everyone wanted to own a pair for themselves and this crave still lasts to this day. In 2020, Pandora’s products still charm their way into the heart of every lady. The brand ranks third place in the list of most sold jewelry products, only after the high- end brands Cartier and Tiffany & Co.  Pandora’s bracelets are more popular than ever and the quality is to die for.

Pandora earrings

However, in 2011, the company experienced a loss of 80% comparing with its normal selling rate. The reason behind the temporary fall was because of the attempt of reaching the high – end range. Their products have always been in mid- end range and they have satisfied many customers. The shift in their focus made the core customers lose their interest and from 2011 to 2013, the sale was a disaster. In 2014, the company came back to the mid- end products and won the heart of its customers again with a total earning of nearly 2 billion US dollars. 

Now, the brand has its stores placed in over 70 countries. The name is more well- known than ever and their products continue to charm their way into the heart of jewelry lovers.

Pandora earrings and other products

The quality of Pandora’s products is undeniable. The company creates the best products that last more than just a few years. Their earrings, bracelets, necklaces can last for a lifetime or even be passed to the next generation. A bracelet with lovely charms costs quite a budget and thus the quality must live up to its name. Pandora earrings have simple but NOT minimal designs. The earrings have just enough flair to look unique and impressive without being too flashy. Every pair is beautiful and easy to wear. You can mix and match Pandora´s products with your daily outfits or even looks for events.

Pandora earrings are made of high- quality materials like sterling silver, 14k gold or rose gold. The sparkling pieces are adorned with cubic zirconia aka synthetic diamond. The shine is mesmerizing and it seduces every soul. Each detail is crafted carefully and beautifully. That is why Pandora products last for such a long time. The price reflects the quality and it is worth investing in a good product instead of buying a bunch of jewelry that lasts only for a few years (or months). 

You may find some of Pandora´s designs similar to others from different brands. But there is no denying that Pandora´s products always have a touch of luxury and class that other cheap earrings don´t have, or barely achieve. Enough said, Pandora earrings truly are amazing and worth the while.

Pandora earrings at Orcar Jewelry 

Now that you have known the beauty and quality of Pandora earrings, it is time for us to show you this amazing pair of earrings. It is impossible to resist such beauty. Be the center of attention at any event. From workplace to party, you can rock them all with this pair of small hoop earrings designed by Pandora. 

Pandora earrings

This pair of small hoops designed by Pandora is everything. It is small, simple and elegant. The surface of the earrings is covered in cubic zircons, as known as synthetic diamonds. The side of the earrings is sculpted with the name of the brand. One glance and everyone knows the quality and the cost of the earrings. The design is universally flattering and every lady looks good in them. Small hoops are a diverse design because it works on all face shapes. The round shape easily compliments square face. The short length is suitable for long face. And the small size looks gorgeous on round face. 

The frame of the earrings is made of sterling silver, a material that contains about 92.5% of genuine silver and 7.5% of “backup” elements. The pure silver is soft and easy to break, so the 7.5% of other elements like nickel, zinc, lead, etc helps strengthen the structure of the alloy and make it last longer. You can feel free to workout without worrying that the earrings will rust away with sweat. They are durable and they don´t get tarnished. The material boosts the shine of the synthetic diamonds and the overall look of the earrings becomes even more charming.

Ladies with fair or cool skin tone love this pair. The silver color enhances the beauty of cool skin the best. The effect that you will achieve with this pair can´t be found in gold nor rose gold earrings. So what are you waiting for? Shop the Pandora earrings now at this address.

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