Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings And Why Clip Earrings Are On Trend Again

Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings

Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings are one of the most famous designs in the clip earrings line that come from the brand. For over 30 years, Marjorie Baer has been designing modern, sculptural jewelry, which she finds inspiration from the natural and cultural world. Every design has a unique look, elegant but still very bold. Most of the designs are in deep gold tones, bright polished silver or rich oxidized metals. Marjorie Baer Accessories offers a large collection of the top and most comfortable clip-on earrings for women. Let’s take a look at Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings if you are looking for some accessories to elevate your beauty.


Clip earrings were invented in the early 20th century as a solution for the pierced earrings since back in the day, it’s considered vulgar to have ear pierced, especially in the upper-class. Now, people would choose clip-on earrings over the pierced ones for various reasons. Many women occasionally want to dress a bit bolder to show their personalities with large, dramatic earrings. But the problem with this is that they will have to deal with the weight of the earrings, which can be uncomfortable for them. Plus, wearing big, heavy earrings will pull on the ear holes and cause them to become larger or tear. Therefore, a pair of clip-on has become the go-to accessories that guaranteed won’t damage the piercing and allows women to easily slip their tiny studs back into the hole when they want. Younger children are also the main target for the clip earrings since many parents do not want their kids to be responsible for the care and cleaning of pierced ears.

Thanks to the growth in demand for vintage fashion, Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings, or clip-on earrings in general, are back on-trend and become more popular than they have ever been. Everything old is new again. The younger generations are now obsessed with the charm and the timeless beauty that those vintage accessories hold. So it is no surprise that clip-on earrings have the advantage over the pierced one.


This beautiful and unique pair of earrings will put your whole look together. Designed of a silver square wrapped with overlapping brass wire, these earrings won’t bring the heavy feeling into your look as you thought they would. On the contrary, they will bring you the elegant and delicate to your beauty, but still make you look strong and fierce at the same time. The contrast between the square shape and the thin hammered silver will add an interesting and stylish look to your whole outfit. As simple as it is, this piece of jewelry is the definition of something that people call “Less is more”. 

Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings

Some people have experienced headaches and even irritation of their ear lobes, which can cause rashes and itches. For this reason, clip-on earrings have thrown a lot of people off and make them do not want to use this kind of earrings anymore. That is not the case with this product. Designed with a comfortable clip backing, not only you won’t feel a thing while wearing Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings, but they also won’t cause any irritation for your skin. This exclusive design is made sustainably and ethically in the Marjorie Baer studio by a group of innovative and skilled craftsmen who put their heart and soul in the work to make sure that you get the best quality product. If you are interested in this product, you can find them in this link


Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings

If you are a person who loves details referring to animals, then Anne Klein Earrings is the perfect pair for you. With this exquisite design of a peacock, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Intricate high polish creates glamorous reflections and lasting shine. The crystal blue color brings light and calmly feeling that will for sure brighten even your most gloomy day. This jewelry surely will add luxurious to your look and other people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. The screw back clip not only helps the earrings stay on steadily but it also gives you the control of how tight you want it to be, therefore provides you the comfort that not every product can. Click on this link to own this design


Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings

A hint of color can make any person’s day. And these colorful clip-on earrings will guarantee that. With the measure of 27mm in length and the flower charm design, these will be the highlight of your outfit and the things that draw people’s attention to your feature. Designed with the screw back clip, this pair of earrings brings you the comfort and the stability, so you do not have to worry that they will come off at some time of the day, as a result, giving you a carefree and productive day that you always want and deserve to have. Every screw back is carefully hand-assembled by the talented and experienced artisans, thus every product that is handed to the customers is always the one with the best quality. To make a statement with Girls Screw Back Earrings, check out the link


Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings

If you are into something that is more simple but still bring you the glam you want, a pair of silver earrings is the one to keep in mind. Just throw on this pair of earrings and you will gain instant confidence. The rhinestone design combines with geometric cube give Robert Lee Morris Earrings the elegance and classiness that can be hard to find elsewhere on the market. The oval hoop brings the vintage and chic glam to anyone who owns them. And since the design is so simple yet still have the trendy factor within, this pair will effortlessly pull any outfit together and give you that sophisticated look. The things that make this pair of clip-on earrings special is that they are extremely lightweight, for that, you can always reach to them anytime without any hesitation. Find them in this link and add them to your collection

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