Mariell clip on earrings

Mariell is a well- known brand which provides magical bridal jewelry that has satisfied many brides and bridesmaids. The designs are diverse and they fulfill the need of every bride to be. Simple or extra, minimal or impressive, Mariell can handle it all when it comes to jewelry for one of the most important days of your life. But what makes this young brand founded in 1987 special? It´s because of the gorgeous designs that only cost a small dough. Such a nice investment can´t be missed.

Mariell clip on earrings are what makes their name famous. These earrings help the bride with her process of accessorizing the dress and make her the most beautiful woman in the room. But why should you choose their earrings to wear on your special day as well? Let´s get to know the story of Mariell and Mariell clip on earrings! You will be fascinated for sure.

About Mariell and how ORCAR cooperate with the brand

Mariell was founded by Nan Richter DeRasmi in 1987. This brand is internationally known as a great wholesaler when it comes to jewelry for wedding, prom, pageant contest, etc. Mariell provides earrings, necklaces, headpieces, veils and everything that has to do with the accessories for ladies on special events. Over the time, Mariell has gained the trust of the customers and they became even more famous thanks to their appearance in the magazines Bridal Guide, Bride and some other features on TV. Some of their products like veils, headpieces are crafted by hands, that assures the quality and the uniqueness of each piece that is sent to the customers. From the design to the service, everything is guaranteed to satisfy the bride and check a thing on her list instead of making her even more worried about the special day.

Mariel cooperates with many other retailers, like ORCAR, to provide the customers with their lovely products. At ORCAR, you won´t have to purchase the earrings through the wholesale system, that´s ORCAR´s job. All you have to do is pick a pair of earrings that fits your dress and enhances your beauty. ORCAR offers free shipping across the US, so you won´t have to spend more money. So, why don´t you choose Mariell by ORCAR to complete your wedding look?

Top 3 Mariell clip on earrings that are in for the race “Best wedding jewelry”

There are two essential requirements that decide the wedding accessories: The dress and the face shape of the lady. Needless to say, each pair of earrings works differently on each person, and it depends a lot on the dress and the face shape. Check out these gorgeous Mariell clip on earrings, we will give your various pairs that surely one of them are born to be on your team. Let´s get started! 

Mariell clip on earrings

Let´s start with something simple. The design of these studs is classic and timeless. And it is suitable for a complicated wedding dress. The trick to choosing earrings that complete the dress is that you should always create a nice balance. A complicated dress plus a detailed pair of earrings might not be a good choice. Picking earrings heavy with details will restrict your movement and tire you faster and lightweight pieces. The two shiny stones are 3 carat cubic zirconia, synthetic stones that are as beautiful as diamonds. The metal body of the earrings is plated with platinum for a silverish hue and a lasting shine. The clear color of the stones and the silver- color metal create a nice combination of color that any fair skin bride loves. Guests will have a hard time not complimenting the bride too much. Enjoy your wedding day with this pair.

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Mariell clip on earrings

This pair is quite interesting to look at, isn´t it? That’s because of the rose gold color and the touch pearls. Every detail of this pair is worth to be mentioned. First, the pearls in teardrop shape catch the attention of not only the bride but also any person who let the earrings seduce them. Second, on top of them are transparent crystals to add even more bling to the pair. Lastly, the rose gold metal ties every detail together and creates a fancy and youthful combination, just what any lady needs. This pair is at the middle point of simple and extra, so you can pick it without thinking too much about the dress. But, make sure that the dress has some rose gold embellishment, though it is not necessary, it is recommendable that there is a connection between the dress and the earrings. Ladies with square or long face will benefit the most from these clip on earrings. 

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Mariell clip on earrings

Giving that this pair is complicated and extra, a simple wedding dress will look the best with the support of it. Let´s start with the shape. The teardrop shape is widely known as lifesaver for ladies with oblong face since this shape add more attention to the sides and make the facial feature seem more harmonious. Brides with long face must avoid dangle earrings, this shape will lengthen their face and make it seem sad and lack of energy, which is not the needed vibe for a wedding. Secondly, the stones are mesmerizing. The placement is perfect, the coordination between the big and small stones is amazing and the shine is irresistible. And just like the pair above, Mariell uses rose gold as the base metal that gives a unique sensation to the earrings. Rose gold is a favorable material among brides of the 21th century since the metal considered “modern” among its fellows silver and yellow gold. Mix them with off white dress or a dress that has the same hue as the gorgeous rose gold.

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Have you found the pair for your wedding day? If the answer is no then don´t hesitate to check out even more amazing Mariell clip on earrings at this link We wish you the best on your wedding day. Enjoy it to the fullest, darlings. 

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