Dreamcatcher beaded earrings

Dreamcatcher beaded earrings are a must. You have to own at least one pair of these enchanted earrings. The design has been around for forever and everyone is in love with it. With this article, you are going to find out everything that you need to know about dreamcatcher beaded earrings. The message and function behind the design, the materials, the brands and many other useful details.

Designers usually maintain the original design of dreamcatchers and add their own touch to it. Dreamcatcher beaded earrings are perfect for boho chics. Most earrings with dreamcatcher design are made of thread or silver. But thread is the most common material. Designers take advantage of colorful threads to create vibrant designs that inspire and impress. So, are you a boho girl? These earrings are made for you.

Dreamcatchers are used not only as a decoration but they also have a spiritual power. The Native Americans created this charm many years ago as a mean of protection. Children or adults who own a dreamcatcher can chase away bad dreams and nightmares. Native Americans carry this with them throughout their lifetime and the dreamcatchers keep on protecting them. Thus, it is perfect to have a pair of dreamcatcher earrings, keep yourselves look stylish while pampering your spirit. 

So, are you ready to dive into this world of jewelry? Let´s find out more about dreamcatcher beaded earrings.

The wonderful effect of dreamcatcher beaded earrings

Dreamcatchers are usually hanged above the bed where the sun can reach in the morning. Legend has said that all kind of dreams fills up the air during the night and searches for both children and adult. Therefore, Native Americans created these dreamcatchers. If the dream is pleasant, it goes through the web and slides down the feathers to tranquilize the sleeper. Bad dreams, however, get caught by the web and thus aren´t allowed to go down the feather and disturb the sleeper. They are destroyed in the day by the light of the sun. 

The beads in dreamcatcher earrings have many meanings, each with their own belief favors the function of the beads differently. Some say that the beads are spiders which work hard to make the web. Some say that they are good dreams that don´t pass through the web. They stay on the dreamcatcher as immortal charms of luck that are always there with the owner. 

Dreamcatcher beaded earrings are perfect for boho girls

The boho style requires a lot of layers and a lot of jewelry. The style is extremely vibrant and complicated. Earrings used to accessorize the outfit are extravagant and colorful. These dreamcatcher earrings are big and impressive, which is what the boho style strives for. You can never go too extra or too heavy with details when it comes to boho. So pick up the most gorgeous and eye- catching pair to complete your outfit. 

What the boho style inspires is the peacefulness within the soul and the longed freedom in life. Dreamcatchers, as protectors of peaceful sleeps, go well with the flow. So if the tranquility is what you are looking for, there is no reason not to choose dreamcatcher beaded earrings.

The 2 most gorgeous pairs of dreamcatcher beaded earrings at ORCARJEWELRY

Dreamcatcher beaded earrings

These dreamcatcher earrings are designed by Aloha Earrings. The most impressive detail of this pair is the trendy fuchsia color. It mixes well with the silver metal color of the post. The post is made of brass plated with silver for a perfect shine and lasting effect. To use this pair, you simply clip them on or take them off without having any trouble with piercing. The clips are so comfortable that you can´t even feel them clinging on to your ears. Another plus, this pair is very lightweight even though it has so many details that make them seem heavy. They are perfect for many events like birthday party, wedding, picnic or even fashion photoshoot. Match them with neutral, nude or black clothes for the best effect. 

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Dreamcatcher beaded earrings

This pair of earrings designed by VVclipon is what “dreams are made of”. The color is simple and elegant. It is a mixture of pearl, gold and off- white threads. These elements form a balanced texture that is just nice to look at. There are so many details going on with these earrings but the overall look is light and feminine. The closure of this pair is called screw back, which is a type of clip on. The screw back makes sure that the tightness and comfort of the earrings are suitable. You can adjust them easily as you want. The pair is made of steel plated with gold. Thanks to the color, it looks expensive and polished. Match them with elegant clothes or boho items depends on your taste. This pair goes nicely with various fashion choices. Choose them as a gift for your girlfriend, mother or any lovely person to whom you want to express your love.

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With this article, we hope that you have found your favorite pair of dreamcatcher earrings. There are so many more boho earrings and designs that can satisfy any taste. So why don´t you visit our website for more amazing products?

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