Lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings are one of the greatest earrings’ designs ever. Boho style has been rocking the runway since forever and if you want to add another piece to your boho outfits collection, get a pair of boho fan earrings now. 

Glamour is not what boho style strives for, but you can easily spot them on the runway. Boho is about freedom within the spirit and the appearance that many people search for. They express their emotion, their dream and motivation through what they wear. Boho is not just a choice of clothes, it is much more than that. It is a lifestyle that generations after generations dream about. There is no limit, no chain, no restriction to boho. 

Boho style is famous for its flowy dresses, colorful accessories, fringe bags and a lot of beads. Layers of clothing items and accessories make bohemian style fun to look at. And even though it is difficult to introduce all amazing boho items, Orcarjewelry is going to take the first small step by giving you the full guide on how to rock boho fan earrings like a goddess.  

Boho in the fashion world

Now a day, boho has taken a different turn and a lot of trendsetters enjoy it to the fullest. Each year, the biggest music festival in the world, aka Coachella, receives thousands of spectators. Some dress in festive but glamorous clothes, some dress in casual clothes. But the most loved style which is the signature of the music festival is boho. Celebrities all over the world join in the concert with the best boho wardrobe ever. But it is common knowledge that the queen of Coachella is Vanessa Hudgens. 

Lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings

Vanessa can´t complete her outfit without a pair of boho earrings. The metal fringe is shiny and eye- catching. The earrings give life to the look since the dress that she put on, even though it is colorful, doesn´t have blink to it. One great thing about boho jewelry is that you can´t go wrong with it. It is all about details. No ladies look too heavy with jewelry when they have their boho mode on. 

Lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings

The models love boho as well. The patterns are wild, crazy and super creative. The combination of colors makes the final clothing item suitable for any skin tone. Boho style isn´t cheap. It is extremely “expensive”. It paves its own way into the fashion industry and it doesn´t play along with its rules. The style is not formal, nor serious. But no one can refuse such bold and grand fashion statement.

Boho in the fashion world

Boho bohemian fan earrings can be made with fabrics, threads or metals like the pair that Vanessa wears above. The material plays an important role on how the earrings go with the clothes. If you want to give your outfit a boho but also chic vibe that suits the cities, choose boho earrings that are made of metal. On the other hand, boho earrings that are designed with fabrics and threads lean to the original hippie style. The material allows designers to create pieces with many complicated details with a mixture of colors.

The fan design fits with various face types. Girls with round, square or long face can all benefit from this design. Depends on the length of the adornment, the ladies can calculate which will compliment them best. For ladies with round face, avoid boho bohemian fan earrings that are round at shape, choose fans that are long so they will elongate your face shape and add angles to it. For ladies with square face, go for round boho fan earrings that can soften your facial features. For ladies with long face, choose shorter earrings so that the overall looks balanced.  

Best lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings for ladies at Orcarjewelry

Lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings

This pair is perfect for ladies with square face since it can create a perfect balance. The spiral adornment attached to fringe fan has soft and flowy effect that swing around when you walk. The metal part is made of brass plated with gold and it is totally comfortable for the ears. The closure is screw back. You don´t need to have pierced ears to rock this pair. The screw can be adjusted just as you like, thus you have total control over the comfort and the tightness of the screw. Plus, this pair of fan earrings is photoshoot- material. Try them on and you will find out why.

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Lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings

This pair of boho fan earrings belong to girls with long face. The big size of the earrings and the thread fringe part which has the shape of a puffy skirt help make the face seem rounder, add a soft touch to it. The closure of this pair also is screw back. 10 out of 10 recommended for ladies who love comfort while rocking big size jewelry. On the other note, the color combination of these earrings is wonderful. Blue and yellow go so well together that surely, any ladies will fall in love this pair just for the colors. Wear this pair to a beach or on a picnic for a vibrant and unforgettable day.

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Lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings

This chic but also boho fan earrings are what dreams are made of. The pair brings a chic vibe to your outfit while the design remains loyal to the boho style. The earrings are made of sterling silver, which is a high- quality material that doesn´t rust nor lose its shine. The weight of this pair is amazing as well. You will find them very comfortable to wear. Each side only weighs 3.4 grams, which is quite impressive for jewelry made of metal. 

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Don´t hesitate and buy now a pair of lightweight boho bohemian fan earrings for yourselves now. For any other information, please contact our support team. 

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