Kenneth Cole hoop earrings are a design loved by women all over the US. The designer makes great use of the material so that it is the feature that pops out the most. At the same time, the shape and details are minimal and elegant. Thanks to all these details, it fits everyone and compliments every outfit. Ladies of all ages can rock the street with Kenneth Cole hoop earrings. So owning a pair is a must. And if you find that it is not convincing enough, continue to read because we are going to change your mind. Let´s find out what a pair of hoop earrings can do for you and your style. And of course, why you should choose Kenneth Cole´s products.

About Kenneth Cole New York

Kenneth Cole New York was founded in 1982 when the designer himself launched his first shoes collection for women. It was a total success and thus, in 1984, he opened the first store in NYC and launched the first ever male´s shoes collection. Not just the business, Kenneth also focused on many social activities related to the disease HIV/AIDS. He took advantage of his advertisements to raise awareness about the disease in order to make the world a better place and ever since, he participated in more and more public activities. In 1987, Kenneth Cole presented his first handbag collection to the public and once again earned the attention and the love of the ladies. In the same year, Kenneth was known as the first person to run a full- page ad in which the protagonist was a condom. This was another campaign of his which raised awareness about safe sex and prevention of the infamous disease. In 1992, he initiated the “Shoe Drive” project with the attention of supporting homeless people. Thanks to this project, more than 2 million shoes were donated and they kept warm for many unfortunate lives. Kenneth took part in the women´s right movement in the same year. He published the first ad where he showed his support towards women and their choice of having children o not. In 1993, Kenneth once again showed to be ahead of his time. He launched his first ad in which supported the right of the LGBT+ community. In 1996, he expanded his business to Europe and he chose Amsterdam as the destination for his first store in Europe. In this year he also launched his watches collection. In 1997 and 1999, he launched the male and female´s sportswear collection and both made it to the runway. 

Over many years he continues to earn more and more success from his work and now he has stores all over the world, in America, Europa, Asia. He leaves his marks everywhere he can. He doesn´t stop with his projects related to AIDS and HIV. And of course, gay right is always a theme that Kenneth is expressive about. He put around many billboard in order to show support for gay marriage, equal rights and so much more.

Now that you have gotten to know a bit about Kenneth Cole, it is fair to say that he not only put thoughts and efforts into his works, but also into social activities. He has contributed a lot to many organizations that make the world a better place. So why don´t you support such business while buying products of high quality that you actually like? Kenneth Cole hoop earrings are waiting for you!

Kenneth Cole hoop earrings 

Hoops are big and impressive design, but some can be simple and elegant. A pair of hoops can make any outfit turn chic and modern. So if you want to look younger and more fun, choose these pairs of hoops that Orcar is about to show you. 

Kenneth Cole hoop earrings

This pair is basic and easy to wear. The silver color makes it suitable for any fair skin lady. The gray hue compliments the fair skin tone nicely and it makes you look more elegant and chicer. The closure on the top is called click top that is easy to put on. With this pair, you need to have your ears pierced. You can wear them on special events like party, wedding, dinner, etc. But it is not suitable for daily wear since the size is quite big and it is a little bit heavy. At the end of the day, take them off to let your ears rest. Look fashionable, but always take care of the health of your body. 

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Kenneth Cole hoop earrings

This pair of hoops by Kenneth Cole is more warm skin ladies. The yellow tone compliments warm honey skin and make you look fancy and expensive. These hoops are truly impressive. The thickness of the hoops draws all attention to the wearer. Just like the pair above, to wear these earrings, your ears should already be pierced. The claps are secured tightly for a comfortable but safe wear. Many customers have left reviews about this pair and obviously, they are amazing. The size of the pair is not too big, and thus, it doesn´t provoke discomfort. For a high- end product, the price of this pair is very low. Any lady can afford to buy it. Such elegant product designed by Kenneth Cole himself, plus at an affordable price, deserves to be added to your earrings collection.

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Kenneth Cole hoop earrings

Just in case you are wondering, this is the most expensive pair of Kenneth Cole New York earrings provided to you by OrcarJewelry. This pair of drop earrings is feminine and minimal. Drops go well with any face shape and any hair length, even though ladies with round face should consider that this pair use round adornments, so this might add a bit more of roundness to her face. Nonetheless, these drop earrings are truly amazing, women and little girls can wear them every day.  

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