Boma 925 earrings

Fine jewelry is the best friend of glamorous girls and if you are one of them, you have to check out Boma 925 earrings. The brand has sold thousands of pieces of jewelry and they are continuing to impress and satisfy more and more customers across United States of America. The brand’s goal is to make fine and quality accessories available for as many people as possible. Not just profit, the designer and the artisans strive to create accessories that form a part of something bigger. A fashion- based business that crafts sustainable and eco- friendly jewelry, for the benefit of customers and the earth. Not only that, but the company also contribute to the development and justice of the society.

So why don’t you choose Boma Jewelry? The brand owns many beautiful pieces of earrings that are all made of sterling silver. Needless to say, this is a high- quality material with an expensive appearance that every lady is looking for. Not only it is rust- resisted but it also safe for the skin. About the style of the brand, every single design is chic and timeless. We are going to show you all the reasons why you should choose Boma and their signature Boma 925 earrings.

Boma 925 earrings

About the company

Boma Jewelry is a family business founded by Boon and Chieko in 1981 in Washington DC. The company quickly grew bigger and attracted many big retailers like Target and Nordstrom, who decided to invest in Boma and open a factory in Thailand- the home country of Boon. Now, Suzanne Vetillart, who is the daughter of Boma’s founders, is running the brand. The female CEO had inherited the family’s business and makes it grow stronger.

The company’s policy is to treat both its customers and workers in the best way possible. For customers, the company provides products of wonderful quality that are high fashion, sustainable and affordable. For workers, they improve the working condition constantly to make sure that workers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals or materials that can harm them during the process of making the jewelry. The company also takes part in the wave of support towards people who suffer from injustice every day. 

In 2020, thanks to their Environmental Management Systems and accessories that accumulate over the past 40 years, Boma has collected many beautiful pieces for their environment friendly project. They repair and recirculate secondhand jewelry and materials to show how they treat their old products in the time when environment is suffering from great loss. They highlight their process of recycling by selling deadstock materials. At the same time, they take part in charitable events to help support girl’s education.

About Boma’s products  

Boma´s products are simple, elegant and delicate. This is the vibe that Boma goes for. All of there products are handcrafted by artisans and silversmiths from Thailand. The brand makes great use of sterling silver or 925 silver to make their Boma 925 earrings. This material is durable. The reason why pure silver is not favorable in the jewelry world is that it is quite soft and hard to work with. Furthermore, jewelry made of pure silver break easily because of the softness of the material. Therefore alloy, copper, etc. are added to pure silver and create a stronger and more durable material that can withstand the passing time. 

The brand has many different kinds of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets. All are perfectly crafted and thus, glamorous girls who love fine jewelry are crazy for Boma´s craftmanship. Thanks to the material, the products have an expensive look. The surface is polished and the shine is impressive. Accessories that are made of cheap and low- quality metals are not able to archive such effect. 

The price that customers have to pay for Boma 925 earrings is very low for such great quality. Boma takes care of customers even after the buying process and therefore, it is clear that customers are making a good deal for these products. The earrings only cost more or less about 30$. This is the average price for any jewelry items.

Boma 925 earrings are making ladies head over heels

These earrings are fabulous and quirky at the same time. The design is simple but effective and can really impress. 

Boma 925 earrings

The first pair of Boma 925 earrings has a spiral shape that is extremely impressive. This design is suitable for ladies with long or round face. The curves of the earrings add softness to your facial features. Just like any other products made by Boma, this pair is made of 925 sterling silver that is lead- free, nickel- free and hypoallergenic that is ideal for sensitive skin. You can match them with your daily basic clothes and you can wear them to formal events as well. The earrings are super lightweight, you won´t be able to tell if you are having them on or not. If you are looking for a comfortable and cute look, this pair is born to be in your jewelry collection.

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Boma 925 earrings

Customers who own this pair either rank them as excellent or very good. It is easy to understand since everything about these earrings is amazing. The design is simple and minimal. It gives the ladies a chic look effortlessly. They can be worn daily and the surface won´t lose its shine because of sweat or beauty products like shampoo or soap. These earrings are lightweight as well, that´s why they are suitable for daily wear. Choose them as a gift for your loved ones and surely they will fall in love with them at no time. They come with a small jewelry bags that look luxurious so you won´t have to look for one yourselves.

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Buy Boma 925 earrings for a sustainable use. These earrings can endure the passing time and be the jewelry item that you can leave for your descendants. 

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