How to chose Christmas earrings 101: From styles to materials

Even though Christmas is not near, there is nothing wrong with checking out some cute earrings for this special event. Christmas is the most joyful and warm event of the year. Everyone is waiting for it to come since the holiday allows family members to gather and spend quality time together. And if you are looking for a pair of Christmas earrings to adorn your cute outfits or a present to give your loved ones, this post will help you out. The Christmas earrings must complete their mission in making their wearer look amazing and they themselves have to fit in the holiday theme. So which types of earrings can carry out such a task? Let’s find out with Orcar Jewelry.

Which designs are the most suitable for Christmas earrings

  • Green, red, white and silver

There is a combo of colors that just by a glance, people will say that its theme is Christmas: Green, red and white. Any pair of earrings with these colors passes as Christmas earrings. But if you don’t like these vibrant colors, there are also silver earrings that are suitable for Christmas holiday. Look up earrings that belong to this color palette, those are the perfect accessories.

  • The perfect shape

Drops and dangles are perfect as Christmas earrings, especially when you host a party or a family reunion. During the holiday, celebrating with friends also is ideal. You can make the moment more magical with an extravagant pair of earrings. But in a normal dinner or family party, you can go for designs that are more casual. A casual style can be seen in studs or small hoops. But remember to go for earrings that have more bling to them. Not on every occasion you can strut with extra earrings, don’t let the chance go to waste!

  • Graphic designs give it away

If the centerpieces of the earrings are Christmas trees, it is obvious that the pair is created especially for this holiday. Alongside Christmas tree, figures like Santa Claus, bells, snowflakes are famous as well. Plus, they are super cute and they showcase the spirit of the Christmas eve the best.

Best material for Christmas earrings

Depends on your need, you can choose earrings made of high- quality or normal quality materials. If a durable and long lasting pair is what you are looking for, then choosing materials of good quality is essential. Christmas earrings made of good metals and adornments can last for years. Choose sterling silver, platinum, titanium frames and adornments like cubic zirconia, crystal, bead. The quality of the accessories makes them last for a lifetime. And that way, the lady won’t contribute to the fast fashion world which harms the environment. 

On the other hand, if you want a pair of earrings that is cheaper but looks cute, go for normal quality materials. Christmas earrings, most of the time, can only be worn during this holiday, so many ladies don’t want to spend too much money on a pair of earrings that they hardly wear. Choose earrings made of rhinestone, alloy (try to search for those that are hypoallergenic) or tassel. The advantage of these earrings is that they are extremely affordable and you can replace it with another pair without having to spend too much money on the previous one. The need is what decides which price range should each lady goes for.

The most magical Christmas earrings collection that can only be found in Orcar Jewelry

Now that you have got your priority straight, now is the time to meet our best contestants. These earrings are cute, shiny and festive. For sure they will make you scream “all I want for Christmas is you”.

 Christmas earrings

This pair screams Christmas it is impossible to say otherwise. The Santa Claus figures are made of beads in the most noticeable color palette for this event: red, white and green. The dangling skinny legs give more movement to the earrings. The pair is cute and fun, perfect for family parties. The posts are made of safe material that doesn’t harm the skin. You can feel safe wearing this pair. The pair is suitable for young girls or women. Purchase it at this link.

 Christmas earrings

This pair is definitely more subtle. It can be worn by ladies of all ages, from small girls to grandmas. The snowflake pattern is perfect for both winter and Christmas Eve. With this pair you will look lovely during the entire holiday. And, thanks to the cute design, the pair can be worn by small children as well. The frame of the earrings is made of sterling silver that is 100% hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contain lead, nickel, cadmium and it won’t tarnish. The stones placed in the middle of the snowflakes are high quality crystals. The bling of the stones and the polished surface of the metal body complement each other harmoniously. And, the earrings are perfect for ladies with or without pierced ears. The shape of the pair is cuff. You can squeeze it into place and it will feel amazingly comfortable. To maintain the shine, simply clean the earrings with a cloth. Buy the pair now at this address.

 Christmas earrings

These wreaths of flowers are so festive. And they are incredibly cute as well. The clip on earrings are easy to wear for every lady. The colors are lovely. The flowers are embellished with red or turquoise rhinestones and in the middle placed tiny pearls that resemble pistils. The clips are very comfortable, they are backed with silicon pad that eases the grab of the earrings on the ears. Even though we must say, that won’t be necessary since the total weight of the earrings is only 5 grams. That is very lightweight and it guarantees a comfortable wear. You mustn’t skip this pair, it is too beautiful to be true. You can wear such design with your mother or daughter. To purchase these lovely earrings, click this link and enjoy Orcar’s free shipping.

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