Halloween girl screw back earrings that you can wear on normal days

girl screw back earrings

Halloween is approaching and this is one of the best events of the year where people can come up with crazy costumes and be whoever they want to be for one day. The outfits usually involve many accessories, including the earrings. The best earrings choices for this holiday are girl screw back earrings. There are so many designs to choose from and these non-piercing earrings have an advantage that beats all other types. But what is the secret behind this earring closure? Check out these tips about screw back earrings and find out some of the most iconic and flattering Halloween costumes that you can wear this year.


For passionate Halloween lovers, going for an easy outfit is a no-no. The themes are diverse and ladies can choose to be sexy, scary, fun or wild, etc. But among all the styles, sexy, fun and cool form the holy trinity. They are the easiest to approach themes and the number of looks that ladies can come up with is uncountable. So what are the trustiest-favorite looks for each theme?


The sexy outfits are the easiest ones to create. There are tons of attractive icons for ladies to do a cosplay after. Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, etc. These female icons are famous sexy symbols in the cinematic world despite the fact that some of them are cartoon characters. The best part about these characters is that they are sexy but powerful. So choose your outfits wisely to showcase both these sides. 

To enhance the beauty of sexy costumes, dangle earrings are the best choice. These earrings are extra and usually adorned with a lot of decorations. They enhance the beauty of sexy Halloween costumes well. However, most dangle earrings are heavy. To generate the most comfortable experience, choose dangle girl screw back earrings.


Cool outfits come from Greek gods, witches, pirates, superheroes, etc. The essential of these looks is the color black, it darkens the outfit with mystery and menace. Go for black items and build up many layers to give the look more details. Dangle earrings also are the go-to choices for cool outfits. A dainty pair of studs or huggies won’t do the trick. The bigger, the better.


Fun outfits are very hard to pull off, especially for ladies who want to spark joy while looking bomb. Choosing the wrong “fun” is going to cause an awkward situation. So here are the suggestions that will avoid you the odd: Harley Quinn, disco girl, flapper, etc. These outfits are fun and sexy at the same time. 

Ladies should choose girl screw back earrings to adorn the outfits. The size of earrings for fun outfits can vary a lot depends on their designs. But without any doubt, vibrant colors must show up on these earrings. Bright, dynamic tones like orange, neon green, fuchsia pink will pull the look together.  


Girl screw back earrings’ advantage is that they don’t pull down the ears and cling on the pierced earholes. The earholes may exist for many years but a slight irritation can make them swell or infected. This irritation is avoidable thanks to girl screw back earrings. The design of the closure is oriented to give wearers the most comfortable experience. It is adjustable and clings on the earlobes instead of the earholes. Thus, an allergic reaction or irritation is less likely to happen. Another thing, these earrings are perfect for people who don’t have their ears pierced. And piercing the ears just to wear earrings on Halloween seems a bit extra. So with a pair of screw back earrings, you are good to go.


girl screw back earrings

This pair of leaf earrings resembles the human’s bones, which is perfect for a witch costume. The design is simple but very wicked. The core of the earrings is covered in transparent rhinestones and from them poke out feathery “leaves”. The closure of the pair is screw back and it is more comfortable to wear on Halloween parties. These earrings can be matched with more than just witch outfit. Any look of a dark and mysterious theme is a great base for these accessories to shine on. Gothic ladies can wear these earrings on daily basis as well. Take a look at this link if you want to complete your witch look for Halloween. 


girl screw back earrings

Even though this is not a screw back pair, it is still worth mentioning. These Pave Disco Ball Beads earrings have a basic design that can go with any fun outfit. If you decide to go on Halloween with a disco queen outfit, this pair may do the trick. A pair of fuchsia earrings is the final touch for an upbeat look. The placement of the pink beads resembles a lantern and it gives the pair a swinging effect. It is made of ecofriendly alloy and acrylic beads so the color is long-lasting. The total weight of the pair is 11.3g, so you will be able to feel it, but it is not too heavy to cause discomfort. For further information about the product, check out this link. 


girl screw back earrings

This pair of Anne Klein pearl earrings is a safe choice for Halloween and a great choice for daily life. It completes a decent mission supporting a fun or sexy look. The earrings are very lightweight despite their big size so ladies won’t feel the pull while having them on. The gorgeous color of the earrings is from resin and acrylic colors. A good and vibrant pair for your day of costume. Check out the pair at this link.


Badass skull jewelry is the perfect choice for gothic, rock star or pirate looks. Skull earrings are longtime favorites on Halloween thanks to its direct connection to the holiday. A pair of skull earrings add an edgy, badass and menacing touch to the overall look. If you are looking for a pair, look at what Orcar Jewelry has to offer at this link.https://orcarjewelry.com/top-5-most-badass-skull-earrings/

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