Playboy earrings may sound flashy but isn´t it great being born in the time when most people don’t judge you for your style? And if they do, who cares? Men used to be perceived and labeled as criminal, rebel, gay, idle, etc just because a pair of earrings were being in sight. But now, time has changed! Self-expression is the greatest thing ever and we are totally here for it. Men’s earrings have formed a great part in the fashion industry and it would be such a shame if we left out that much of a tremendous possibility. 

You can see male celebrities from Hollywood wear earrings to give their outfit an upgrade, make themselves look like what dreams are made of, or simply just because they like wearing them. From actors like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Colin Farrell to singers like Zayn Malik, Justin Bierber and Kanye West, they have seduced the entire world with great sense of style and a pair of earrings can always be spotted when they arrive at the red carpet. So what is the reason behind this craze? Let’s find out!

Here are some of the best tips for you sexy machos out there who want to rock your playboy earrings like a boss.  

What types of playboy earrings should you get?

There are so many different models of male earrings, it ranges from simple studs to the craziest dangling pieces. All you have to do is pick up what belongs to your personal style. There are studs, hoops, clip on, magnetic earrings, etc and each one of them can provide different effect and efficiency. 

Studs earrings are the most popular among men since they are quite simple and easy to mix and match with any outfit. These pairs seem casual but they gives the outfit a fashionable note and needless to say they are the ones that cost the least controversy. If the environment of your work requires you to dress nicely but not formally, get yourself some studs now, you might as well be the most attractive one in the room.

Hoops earrings usually have a circular design, they are attached to a metal wire that goes through your ear lobe. Now these are some great playboy earrings. Depends on the size of the hoops, it can give various effects. The bigger the hoops, the more attention that they draw. If you goal is to give your ears a hint of spark, choose the smaller hoops. They are going to hug your ear comfortably and give you a sexy and manly look. This type of earring can be seen worn by Zayn Malik very often and one must say that it does him good. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, the big hoops are here to save the day. The design can vary a lot but the impressive size of the hoops is going to draw some admiring stare, cause those are majestic accessories. 

Clip on earrings are for people who do not like the ideas of having a needle attached to gun shooting through his ear lobes, because that is what going to happen if you want to pierce your ears. Of course, that is not the only way to do it, you can actually have your ears pierced with only a needle. It is said that this way the pierced hole would heal much faster and can prevent infection. But remember that the clip on earrings can hurt your ears if you leave them on for a long time since they have to grab tightly around your ear lobe or your ear cartilage to be able to stay on. 

Magnetic earring is the greatest invention of all time, though they could fall from your ears if you don’t notice what you are doing with them. Magnetic earrings contain 2 pieces and they can attach to each other just like magnets. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing these playboy-earrings items since they don’t go through your ear lobe. All you have to do is place the pieces on both side of your ear and they will stay on all day long (if you don’t forget and scratch them off).

Materials of the playboy earrings that you get can make a huge difference!

The material of these accessories can even reflect the taste of their wearer in fashion and show their personality. For example, studs with basic design then easily be seen on any man, but the material of the piece can make a huge difference. Simple black stud or steel studs can be spotted on guys who prefer a casual style. But a pair of white gold or diamond studs can make a hint how a gentlemen low key flashes his status. 

Stylish stainless-steel playboy earrings

Right now we are obsessed with these cool studs made of stainless steel. There are 10 pairs of stud in this set of earrings for men in different styles to broaden your daily choice. 

The set includes matte black studs, studs with faux gems, metallic studs, … and all are made of 316L surgical stainless steel for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly use. This material does not oxidize and it gives off high-end feels. It is assured that they are totally safe and comfortable for your pierced ears. It keeps your ears from infection that usually caused by cheap and low quality types of metal.

All of the stud in the set are classic, trendy, simple and very elegant. You can wear them on any occasion since they go with everything. Put these bad boys on to be absolutely stylish in any party, any working space or on vacation. The sky is the limit!

Order the set and enjoy the high quality of these playboy earrings that we currently have in stock! Visit our web site to check out our products and get to know more details about shipping, payment and return policy. 

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