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Hearts are the universal symbol of love and romance. But there was a time when girls didn´t wear heart earrings or any earrings that looked romantic. They went for bold and wild earrings because it was cooler and made them look stronger. Heart earrings were too “cheesy and feminine”. Now, the world stan feminine queens. There is nothing wrong or weak about being girly. Women struggle every day and it makes them strong while not taking away their femininity. So why don´t you choose heart earrings as well?

The variety of designs created just for heart earrings is amazing. Each design brings about different vibe and therefore, ladies can choose what fits them the most and wear the earrings in many events. On the other hand, there is no age limit to heart earrings. Anyone can feel beautiful with this design. Not just women or girls, even the LGBT+ community loves such cute style. It has been rocking the runway for who knows how long. Celebrities are fond of these simple and effective accessories as well. 

In Orcarjewelry, we have an elaborate collection of heart earrings to satisfy the taste of any customer. There are elegant earrings for women, cool and chic earrings for young girl, cute and creative earrings for little princesses. Let us guide you through and in the end you will walk away with the heart earrings that you are looking for. Let´s get started!

Heart earrings for women

For women, we offer many subtle but not boring nor simple pieces. The recommendable designs are elegant and easy to apply to various events. You can put them on daily or in special days. These designs are capable of completing all these missions. 

heart earrings

This Betsey Johnson´s design is elegant as it is romantic. It is a pair of studs with heart shape. The center of attention falls in the red zirconia stones which are a type of synthetic diamond. They have a shine that is similar to diamond while the price is much lower. The golden metal hugs the stones nicely and compliments their red color. The overall vibe of this pair is passionate and eye- catching, which is what Betsey wants for her clients, she strives to inspire women to be bold and live a vibrant life. And just like other products of the brand, these earrings are handcrafted as well.

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heart earrings

This pair of heart earrings is shiny and lovely. The entire surface is embellished in clear- color stones which reflect the light when it hits them. The clip on structure is convenient since anyone can wear it. The metal part is plated with silver that resists tarnish and rust. Plus, they are extremely lightweight, each side weighs 1.7g only. So if you don´t have many friendly experiences with heavy jewelry, go for this pair of clip on earrings, they are perfect for you. 

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Heart earrings for young girl

There are many styles that are suitable for young girls. You can pick up designs that are impressive and chic, or feminine and lovely. Experiment with many fashion choices and outfits. Here are some of our best heart earrings for young ladies. 

heart earrings

These are clip on hoop earrings designed by XGALA. The design is timeless, minimal and chic, very suitable for urban girls. The clip on closure assures that you will feel comfortable while wearing them. The earrings are made of stainless steel which is super safe for everyone. This is the type of material that doesn´t cause irritation nor allergy. It also lasts for a very long time and it won´t lose its shine. There are 3 pairs in this set of earrings and each has different size. You can choose the size of the hoops depends on the effect that you want to create. The bigger the hoops, the more impressive they are. If one of them brakes or becomes old, replace it with other pair in the set. Choose these earrings for a sustainable use and economical buy. 

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heart earrings

If you prefer the dangle effect than this pair of hoop/drop earrings can meet your need. It is plated with 18K gold three times so that the shine doesn´t fade away and it won´t suffer from tarnish and rust, even from daily wear and constant contact with sweat and water. The material is lead- free, nickel- free and hypoallergenic. The hearts are solid, which gives the earrings an expensive look. In the middle of the hearts, there are carved leaves that reflect light at different angles. The size of the pair is quite small so they look minimal and chic. You can stack them with other studs or small earrings to form a more dramatic arrangement. Or you can wear them alone for a subtle touch.

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Heart earrings for little princesses

When choosing accessories for little girls, it is recommendable that you put material on priority. Kids tend to have more sensitive skin and low- quality material can do great harm to them. Look carefully for products that are made of stainless steel, sterling silver or gold. These metals don´t rust or lose their shine. Which is what all parents want when they choose accessories for their princess. About the shape of the earrings, studs or small huggie hoops are favorable for young children since they don´t get tangle easily with other objects.

heart earrings

These sterling silver earrings will make the day of any little girl. They are adorned with many beautiful zirconia stones of white and pink color. In the center is a pink cubic zirconia with heart shape, it is surrounded by clear- color stones. The closure is screw back so it is very hard for these earrings to fall out during the day. The kid can run around and play with friends and they don´t have to worry about losing the earrings. Such a perfect gift for the little angels!

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So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves or your loved one a pair of heart earrings now. 

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