Flower earrings

Flower earrings are the baes of summer. Everyone is crazy for this lovely design and products are sold out in many websites. The reason is simple. Flower earrings can be bold and wild or simple and lovely. They compliment any fashion style like chic, glamourous, minimalistic or feminine. They reach to many tastes and therefore satisfy many fashion lovers and trendsetters. Alongside with their wearer, flower earrings have been strutting the runway and the street since forever. Even though many designs have appeared to fulfill the need of new fashion trends, flower earrings still own a spot in the heart of any lady who has a special love for jewelry.

Thanks to the diverse designs of flower earrings, both boho girls and urban ladies can benefit from them. While boho girls search for earrings that are big, colorful and wild, urban ladies go for those that are smaller, monotone or have few colors. Some designs don´t resemble a specific flower, some do. Most of them are roses and daisies. Roses represent love and passion, they are the queens of the flower kingdom. Daisies are free spirits, they are simple, elegant and represent an free soul. The flowers can speak for the ladies and show who she is as a person, not just accessorize her outfit. 

It is not that hard to choose flower earrings. Here are some great tips for you to match them with your outfit without making it look cheesy. Let´s get started!

Boho style: Go for colorful or antique silver flower earrings

Bohemian style is not subtle nor simple. So don´t hesitate and just go crazy with designs and color palette. It should be extra and there are a lot of accessories involve. Don´t worry if your outfit seems too complicated and there are too many details. That is the authentic vibe that boho style strives for. If you are a boho chic who loves music festivals like Coachella, it is not hard for you to find that all of the ladies who show up in the concert dress in boho outfit, with a twist. They combine well the free boho style with chic accessories. That is a wonderful combination. But boho style is still the highlight of the look. 

On the other hand, antique silver earrings are wonderful for boho style as well. There are many flower earrings that are made with this material. It gives the outfit a vintage touch while the design of the earrings screams boho. So, if you aren´t fond of colorful earrings but don´t want to slip out of the boho style, go for flower earrings with antique silver color.

Urban style: Polish gold or silver flower earrings is the key

The color decides 99% of the look. For urban ladies, choose earrings that have gold or silver color with a polish surface. This creates chic and glamorous effect, which is what urban girls are looking for. Simple and elegant designs will complement your outfit perfectly. But if you want to add a touch of boho vibe to your chic outfit, put on flower earrings that have a touch of colors to them. You don´t have to go extremely chic and refuse other styles. Try to cooperate them together for a unique and diverse look. But make sure that you don´t get too wild and experiment with too many styles. This will create an unbalanced look that just doesn´t seem right. Moderation is the key.

Flower earrings presented to you by Orcarjewelry 

Orcarjewelry has a giant collection of flower earrings that can satisfy any lady with any taste. We offer high- quality earrings at a great price, anyone can look nice without having to spend a fortune. Check out some of our flower earrings below.

Flower earrings

This pair of flower earrings is for boho girls. It has antique silver color that gives you a vintage look. The design is of flower mandala which has a spiritual power that balances all elements, create the harmony within the soul. The price of this pair is very affordable. Customers have left great review about this pair of earrings.

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Flower earrings

OMG is there any earring more beautiful than this? The design is perfect for city girls. It has the shape of a sunflower that climbs up the ear. It is very unique. Each side has different designs to create an unbalance effect but they go so well together. The quality of this pair is amazing. It is plated with 18K white gold so it is rust- resisted. The stones are cubic zirconia, which has the same shine as diamond, but they don´t imitate the price tag of it. This pair of flower earrings will give you a fun and chic look that will draw the attention of everyone. No one can ignore such beauty.

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Flower earrings

This pair of flower earrings is for city girls who want a touch of color to their jewelry. These are statement earrings with iridescent color that are super chic and stylish. You can wear them on so many occasions like wedding, party, Valentine´s day or prom. They go great with many clothing styles like feminine or glamorous. The clip on closure is perfect for ladies who haven´t pierced their ears. The metal part is alloy.

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Flower earrings

This pair of daisy studs by Pura Vida can be the perfect middle point of boho and urban style. Daisy can be seen in many clothing items that belong to boho range. But with the subtle design and small size, they are suitable for urban style too. Plus, they are made of authentic 925 sterling silver, which is super safe for the skin. So if you haven´t decided which style you are going for, pick this pair and problems are solved.Buy them now at: Link

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