Fossil bags leather and earrings to rock the vintage look

Fossil bags leather

Fossil bags leather are the first choice for vintage ladies. Despite the growth of new edgy clothing trends, vintage is still the ultimate monument in fashion that nothing can overthrow. The outfit is the first thing that ladies think of when it comes to forming a vintage look. But it is to no one surprise that a retro dress or a classic top isn’t enough to make the outfit vintage. The accessories play a huge part in making all the pieces come together. And the most crucial accessories that vintage ladies need are handbag and earrings. Skip the rings, the necklaces and the scarfs. Handbags and earrings are the essentials. And here are our recommendations. 


Retro colors

The color of the handbags can affect their performance as vintage items. There are colors that only are in trend for a year and there are colors that are meant to last. The best vintage colors that go well with any outfit and match almost all colors are: black, cream and brown. These are the tones that will pull the outfit together and give it a vintage vibe. However, it is safe to say that brown is the best vintage color so far since it looks timeless and rustic at the same time. So put Fossil bags leather on the top of your list of must-have vintage accessories.

Best materials: Leather and velvet

Leather is cool, velvet is elegant. Each material has its own flair and it meets users’ different needs. A velvet handbag is very classy, feminine and glamourous. Therefore, it compliments outfits of this style the best. On the other hand, leather belongs to the cool side where ladies rock menswear or vintage hunting clothes. The elegant but fashionable suits are leather’s best friends. However, leather bags have an advantage which is that they match feminine outfit just fine. The material adds a touch of edginess to the classy outfits and makes them more dynamic. 

Check out these vintage wallets

Considering the best elements for vintage outfits above, these beautiful handbag and wallet are the best choice. Fossil bags leather and Sak Iris crossbody are no doubt vintage worthy. 

Fossil bags leather

Matching with vintage hunting outfit, this Fossil bags leather is an absolute dream. The bag is made of 100% lamb leather which is durable and long-lasting. The interior of the handbag includes 12 card sections, 1 transparent ID window, 2 zipper compartments and 2 bill pockets. It has everything that a busy lady asks for. Store the entire world inside of this leather handbag if you need to. 

A fashion advice for the ladies, this color goes very well with earthy tone clothes or cream tone items. So if you are having a hard time coming up with a chic vintage outfit, consider this color combination since it works like a charm. Go to this link to know more about this Fossil bag’s features.

Fossil bags leather

A compact wallet is a good choice for ladies who don’t need to bring many cards with them all the time. This Ska Iris’s real leather wallet is a wonderful choice that makes any shopping session or any outdoor day much more comfortable. It has space for 7 cards, 1 ID window and one zipper pocket. The wallet is attached to a clipper with which the ladies can hook it to the belt loop and enjoy the comfort of having free hands. The exterior of the wallet is decorated partially with a floral pattern. This feature adds even more vintage touch to it. Users can check out the product at this link.


Little colors

Vintage earrings are very elegant and they come in all shapes and sizes. But they share one thing in common which is few colors. Vintage earrings don’t strive for a dynamic of colors, instead, they create an impact with the designs. It is not hard to encounter earrings for vintage girls that only have two tones. To be specific, vintage earrings usually have a minimal design and colored stones. A pair of studs with a big square stone in the center and around it are small and transparent stone. This is the most authentic vintage earrings design. In conclusion, a pair of vintage earrings is a pair that has a little color as possible.

Don’t care about the shape 

Despite the rule of colors, vintage earrings are wild when it comes to the shape. A pair of studs or a pair of chandelier earrings can both be vintage earrings. The ladies can take advantage of the shape to make up for the few colors that retro accessories have. 

Check out these vintage earrings

Fossil bags leather

These Utopiat earrings are inspired by Audrey Hepburn. And if Audrey Hepburn isn’t one of the most iconic vintage ladies in the world, history will have to rewrite itself. The design of the pair isn’t too complicated and it respects the rule of colors for vintage accessories. The clips allow users with non-pierced ears to wear these earrings. About the material, the pair is made of ecofriendly alloy. This pair enhances the elegance, class and femininity. The best outfits to wear with it should be elegant as well. Follow this link to know more about the product’s features.

Fossil bags leather

A minimal golden pair of studs also is a good choice. This is for ladies who don’t have a thing for big earrings. The materials of the earrings are all high-quality. The body of the earrings is made of sterling silver plated in yellow gold for a lustrous appearance. The pair features two cubic zirconias on each side as the main pieces. The closure of the earrings is screw backs and ladies can adjust the tightness of the grip. Since the design is minimal and the color is easy to mix and match, these studs complete the beauty of any outfit. If you want an easy going pair of earrings that “seal the deal”, check out the product at this link.

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