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Prom is biggest and most important event in the youth of every young person out there. Prom marks the beginning of a new era in life where we can still celebrate life as a party, but with more consideration and moderation. There are so many movies that have a perfect ending with a prom scene and they have set the bar super high. High schoolers every where want to have their dream prom and they prepare for it thoroughly. Ladies find their dress and shoes, gentleman find their tux and flower for themselves and the ladies. But there is one thing missing: Non pierced earrings.

Jewelry plays an important role and its mission is to complete and make the final outfit ten times better. Now, both men and women wear earrings or jewelry in general. So it is important that you find an accessories that really compliment you and your look. But why should you choose non pierced earrings? What is the best pair of prom earrings for ladies? What style should a gentleman choose? Let us guide you through and you will have the best prom that anyone can imagine!

Why you should choose non pierced earrings

Non pierced earrings can be clip on earrings or magnetic earrings. This is the type of accessories that is friendly with people who don’t want to have their ears pierced. For many people, only a small scratch can develop into a permanent scar. So having their ears pierced is impossible since it can be too dangerous for their body or in less critical case, it is just not flattering to have a keloid scar. 

During prom night it is evident that everybody is going to dance and enjoy it to the fullest. Therefore, a heavy pair of earrings that pulls down on your earholes is not recommendable, nor is it ideal for any event that requires you to dance and wear earrings for a long time. 

So, if you are going to prom and you crave for beauty and an extremely comfortable wear, check out these non pierced earrings.

Non pierced earrings for girls

These pairs of clip on earring are absolutely gorgeous. They will draw attention to your beautiful features during the entire night. Who doesn’t want to be the ultimate prom queen? And even if you don’t end up with a crown on your head, darlings, you are still the queens of the night. 

  • BODY CANDY’s crystal dangle earrings

The first candidate is designed by BODY CANDY, an American brand that brings products with high quality and affordable price. The center of attention of this pair is the two colorful Swarovski crystals. The stones guarantee a high shine that reflects lights in the most mesmerizing way. The metal part is plated with silver. This combination creates a high- quality piece that looks dope. And the special detail about these products is that the clip on is different and more secure than other types. The screw back helps you adjust exactly what is the secureness you are looking for, and in that way, you decide the comfort of the wear.


The color of this design fits best with fair- skin ladies since the iridescent color of the stones and the silver metal compliment this skin tone the best. But if you are a lady with warm skin that has fallen in love with the pair, go for it.  

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  • MARIELL’s clip on stud earrings

If you prefer classic design which is simpler and more elegant, this pair of stud earrings designed by Mariell is made for you. The design is timeless, it will never go out of style. This is the type of earrings that suits any occasion and place. These clip on are perfect for elegant prom gown. It just compliments the style perfectly. 

The stones used to adorn the earrings are zirconias, which are synthetic stones that imitate diamond perfectly. The shine, the cut is similar but the price says otherwise. The pair is high- end looking but its price tag is too good to be true. The metal that hugs the stone is Genuine Platinum, a good quality metal that assures a safe wear. Also, these pieces of jewelry are lightweight, so don’t worry ladies, you will be able to rock the prom without torturing your ears.

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Non pierced earrings for boys

Non pierced earrings for boys are more subtle but they are just as cool. Let’s check some of our best sellers.

  •  JSTYLE’s clip on hoop earrings

Look at that shine, you are going to pop! This set of three pairs is to die for. All of them are made of stainless steel that last for a long time. This metal imitates silver but it is said that it is even more safe than silver. These pairs can be worn in any occasion, they are simple, basic but not boring at all. Rock your prom and rock your daily clothes with these bad boys.

  • JOTW’s magnetic studs
non pierced earrings

These studs are great for prom as non pierced earrings. They are shiny and can catch the light from many angles. If you have never worn earrings before, this is a great start. The stones are zirconias that are as good looking as diamonds, the metal is brass and has a polish finish. The design is sustainable, it will never go out of style since they have been around for a long time and surely they will continue to appear in every corner around the world.

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With this article we hope that you have found some nice earrings for your most important day of high school.

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