Facts about ruby earrings that most people don´t know about

ruby earrings

Ruby earrings are undoubtedly majestic and luxurious. The gemstone has been one of the “elders” in the world of jewelry for decades. Diamonds, sapphire, emerald, topaz, etc. All these precious gemstones have gained a rightful spot in the fancy world of jewelry. Ruby is the birthstone of July and it brings love, wisdom and health. But doesn´t red mean anger and danger? Isn´t ruby only chosen by older women? There are more facts and disinformation about ruby that not everybody knows. What are they? Does it worth getting a pair of ruby earrings? Let´s break it down with Orcar Jewelry and unveil the truth about these amazing accessories.

Ruby has 2000 years of history

2000 is the number of years that ruby has been around. It was first discovered in Sri Lanka. Numerous researches have shown that the island spent 2000 years on mining and providing rubies. Over the years, it is confirmed that most precious rubies can only be found in Asia or Africa since the stones absorb more energy and have a more dynamic color. The world’s most expensive ruby is mined in Myanmar. Nowadays, rubies of highest quality are mined in Mozambique.

Sunrise Ruby is the most expensive colored gemstone in the world

The Sunrise Ruby is mined in Myanmar by Cartier. The stone weighs 25.59 carats and it is a true masterpiece of nature. The purity is fine, the cut is well- proportioned and the color is majestic and vibrant. The color of the piece is compared with pigeon blood. Such qualities can usually be found in smaller gemstones. It is extremely rare to encounter a ruby of such high quality and in such big size. The ruby is the centerpiece of a ring adorned with diamonds and that makes the jewelry even more valuable. The ring retails at 30.4 million US dollars and breaks the world record of most expensive colored gemstone that is not diamond and most expensive ruby. 

Ruby earrings are symbols of love, passion and power

The red color has always represented passionate feelings, ambition, desire, power or love. Therefore, there is no gemstone more perfect than ruby to be the symbol of love, passion and power. Ruby is the stone of intensity of the soul. Ruby resembles a person that always gives her best in any relationship and any job position. Ruby is the stone of queens.

Ruby´s hardness and expensiveness only lose to those of diamond

Ruby is on the second place in the list of world´s hardest and most expensive gemstones, only after diamond. To own a quality ruby, one must pay an average amount of 600 dollars to over 10 thousand dollars for a carat of ruby. The price depends on the cut, the carats, the purity and the clarity. The Sunrise Ruby is the most expensive ruby ever sold, each carat cost around 1.18 million dollars. 

You can rock ruby earrings without burning away your  wallet

Because of their expensive price tag, ruby earrings usually out of the reach of many ladies, especially during this period of 2020. The world economy isn’t in its best shape, so saving is a wise choice. But how can you rock a pair of ruby earrings and saving money at the same time? The solution is finding jewelry that is embellished with simulated rubies. The jewelry has gone so far and artists have come up with wonderful materials that make quality jewelry something less exclusive and more available for everyone. Cubic zirconia is one of them. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic affordable gem that was originally made to replace diamonds in more casual designs. But later, artists have added colors to it. Now, jewelry lovers in the world have access to accessories with cubic zirconia that look like ruby, emerald, topaz, etc. A non- expert won’t be able to tell the difference between the authentic stones and the simulated stones.

Here are some of the best simulated ruby earrings in Orcar Jewelry. They have high quality and beautiful designs. The price is nice and reasonable. Choose your favorite pair and Orcar Jewelry will have it delivered to your doorstep all over US without charging shipping fee.

ruby earrings

These ruby earrings are queen material. The design is vintage, classic and glamorous. This pair is not for a normal event since its effect shines through best in fancy parties or family reunions. It can be worn in pageants, weddings or proms. The two red stones imitate ruby or even garnet since these gemstones resemble each other a lot. On top of the red simulated rubies are two crystal flowers formed by cubic zirconia in marquise cut. Every stone is cubic zirconia with flawless shine. The metal body of the earrings is made of brass plated with rhodium for a silver surface that can withstand rust and time. The closure is clip on so all ladies can wear them. The drop shape of the earrings makes them suitable for girls with square or long face. Purchase these gorgeous babies at this link. https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/red-teardrop-cluster-cz-prom-pageant-statement-dangle-clip-on-earrings-for-women-simulated-ruby-silver-plated-brass/

ruby earrings

This pair of ruby earrings can be worn by both men and women, aka unisex. The design is simple and it has a manly square shape. But the red color balances the manly element and makes the pair perfect for both genders. The size is extra small for a minimal look, but the crimson stones add a touch of irresistible attention. The metal part of the earrings is made of 925 silver plated in 18k white gold so that it is even more rust- resisted. With such high quality materials, these ruby earrings won’t provoke irritation nor allergy. The total weight of them is 1.8 grams. Such a lightweight product is perfect for daily wear. It is comfortable, safe and doesn’t restrict movements. Buy this pair now at this address or you can check out amazing reviews about these simulated ruby earrings. https://orcarjewelry.com/mens-earrings/navachi-925-sterling-silver-18k-white-gold-plated-1-6ct-square-ruby-sapphire-emarald-stud-earrings/

Aren’t these facts about ruby earrings interesting? We hope that you have found “The Pair”. Can’t go wrong with a timeless design and simulated rubies. 

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