Emerald earrings: High – class jewelry that queens can´t resist

Emerald earrings have been sitting comfortably on its throne in the kingdom of jewelry for centuries. Alongside other famous gemstones such as diamond, ruby and sapphire, emerald is considered a royalty worthy material in the craft of jewelry. That is why this gorgeous and luxurious gemstone is so desirable and it is hunted by celebrities and royal families all over the world. And just like any other birthstones, emerald also is a powerful source of energy that can affect the health and the spirit of its wearer. How does it do that and why is it so popular among famous figures? Let´s find out with Orcar Jewelry.

Emerald earrings in the ancient times

Emerald is loved by all kings and queens, so it is not a surprise that Cleopatra, the famously fashionable queen of Egypt owned many pieces of jewelry that were adorned with this gemstone. Cleopatra was the first to possess an emerald mine and so she had many of her jewelry embellished with the gem. The queen was obsessed with emerald and it was her favorite gemstone. She evaluated emerald as bright, majestic and precious. Now, the world´s biggest emerald is named ´Cleopatra´ because the researchers notice the love of the queen for the luxurious stone. The stone is valuated up to 450 million dollars. 

On the other hand, ancient Egyptians linked the color green of the gems with fertility, abundance and rebirth since green is the color of trees and jungles. They buried their loved ones with emerald to wish for a rebirth in the next life.  In ancient times, emerald is believed to be able to cure eye diseases as well. 

Famous emerald jewelry in modern- day

Not just earrings, emerald is used to create rings, necklaces and bracelets as well. This famous ring is called The Chalk Emerald. The emerald is mined in Colombia – the biggest emerald mine in the world today. It weighs 37.82 carats and includes a giant emerald and various diamonds in pear shape. The ring is mesmerizing and expensive at its finest.

Elizabeth Taylor Bulgari collection of emerald ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet is a masterpiece. She received them as gifts from her husband Richard Burton. Each piece required flawless craftsmanship and of course, a lot of gemstones. Not just emerald, all pieces are adorned with diamonds as well, which makes the collection even more valuable and more unique. The necklace is the most famous of them all. The pendant is detachable and this detail gave Taylor a diversity of options.

Kate Middleton is famous for both her generous nature and her classy fashion sense. The duchess has worn emerald many times and she doesn´t fail to impress. Her collection of emerald earrings is elaborate as it is fine. This gemstone is truly favored by the loved member of the royal family. It showcases the glamour and richness effortlessly without making the lady look flashy or wasteful. 

Emerald earrings can spark internal energy

People believe that emerald is the best gemstone that strengthens your career since the stone trains flexibility in thinking, improves the memory and provokes great creativity. The stone brings good luck and intelligence to the wearer. People who own a pair of emerald earrings or any other item made of emerald will always be joyful and tranquil with their family members. Also, emerald gives good eyesight, reduces blood pressure or other mental problems. And it is even better when these spiritual functions come with stylish appearance. Emerald is the birthstone of May. Therefore it is a great gift for ladies who were born on this month. And if you are looking for a self- gift, there is nothing more perfect than a pair of earrings adorned with high quality gems and has beautiful design.

Best emerald earrings in Orcar Jewelry

Giving that emerald is an expensive material, not many ladies can afford such a luxurious and high – end piece. But thanks to the development of research on material and craftsmanship, jewelry artisans have come up with some materials that can substitute emerald: cubic zirconia and colored glass. These two materials look shiny and expensive, unlike many other types like rhinestones or glitters. Cubic zirconia is well known for looking just like diamond. A common person can barely tell the difference between them. The same goes for colored glass. The best part about these stones is that they look so real and authentic to the real deal but they don´t require a big budget. Every lady has access to these gorgeous simulated emerald earrings.

Designed by Bling Jewelry, this pair of dangle earrings captures all attention of the crowd. On top of a silver- color base pop up green cubic zirconias that imitate emeralds elegantly. Around these stones placed smaller cubic zirconias in clear color that accentuate the show- stopping green color of the centerpieces. The design is complicated as it is classy. The earrings give off a vintage feel that seems timeless. The stones are fixed on top of brass plated in rhodium. Rhodium is a wonderful material that has the same color as silver and it is rust- resisted. The dangle design makes the pair suitable for short face shapes like round or square. These earrings have clip on closure. Every lady can wear them even if she doesn´t have her ears pierced. Despite the elaborate design, these accessories weigh like nothing. They are extremely comfortable and safe to put on. Purchase the pair now at this link. https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/art-deco-style-cubic-zirconia-aaa-cz-chandelier-statement-dangle-clip-on-earrings-for-women-silver-plated-more-colors/

Another pair designed by Bling Jewelry. This one has fewer details but it surely is just as elaborate. The center of attention lies on the two simulated emeralds, aka cubic zirconia. The stud parts of the earrings, which contain the simulated emerald, are attached with earrings jackets. These jackets are made of sterling silver plated with rhodium for a rust- resist function. And they are adorned with smaller and clear- color cubic zirconia. The jackets also are removable. In other words, with buying this one pair, you will have two options of style to change up a bit every day. Buy these earrings now here. https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/cubic-zirconia-aaa-cz-crown-halo-ear-jacket-1-25ct-round-solitaire-stud-earrings-for-women-sterling-silver-more-colors/

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