fruit slice earrings

You can´t go wrong with a pair of fruit slice earrings during summer holidays. The “fresh” fruit design is dynamic and fun. Any beach outfit needs a touch of sparkling jewelry and fruit slice earrings can do just the trick. Not just for the beach, these cute earrings are magnificent for any summer event. Like a summer wedding or a summer party, these earrings give maximum effort to make the lady shine brighter than the sun. Not just women, little girls can wear fruit slice earrings as well since the design is youthful and fun. So if you are looking for mother- daughter earrings, why don´t you choose a pair of fruit slice earrings?

This design is not for fashion lovers with serious and glamorous style. This design directs towards ladies with a taste for joyful, playful and carefree style. But of course, some pairs are fancier than the others. Thus, you can wear them to formal but not too formal events. We are going to show you the best fruit slice earrings that are for the beach, or, for a summer wedding. Let´s get going! 

Fruit slice earrings for a summer holiday at the beach

For the beach, choose impressive and eye- catching earrings. Don´t limit yourself with simple choices and minimal designs. Go all the way in with these fruit earrings. Here are some of the best fruit slice earrings that will meet all your needs in accessorizing your outfit for the beach.

fruit slice earrings

These earrings are juicy. Everybody loves lemon and the fruit itself has inspired many designers to create explosive and dynamic pieces of jewelry. The “lemons” are made of plastic, an affordable and sustainable material. This material allows the jewelries to remain colorful and attached for a long time. These earrings can be worn by anyone. The clip on screw back permits wearers to put these babies on without having to pierce their ears. The screws are adjustable and comfortable. They are plated with gold to match the color of the lemon slices. Plus, it keeps the high shine of the earrings, which makes them more sustainable. Match them with yellow, white, red or green clothing items for the best effect.

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fruit slice earrings

Pineapple must be the most famous fruit design ever. And just like the others, these pineapple earrings are beautiful, young and colorful. The match of colors green and orange makes the pair pop and turns any outfit from basic to outstanding. The hooks are perfect for pierced ears since they facilitate the process of putting the accessories on, and you won´t have to worry about the post falling off. The drop effect is what makes the pair even more interesting. It doesn´t swing around too much, just enough to add a touch of fun to the overall look. However, the material is alloy, thus it can be tricky for people with sensitive skin. You can wear them while taking a walk on the coast or at a bar enjoying a cocktail. Avoid wearing the pair in the salty seawater and make sure to take them off at the end of the day. That way you will keep the pieces shiny and at the same time take care of your body.

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Fruit slice earrings with a touch of formality

fruit slice earrings

How about pineapple earrings with a twist? A change of color can make a huge difference. Just by looking, you can tell that the earrings are crafted skillfully. The body of the earrings is made of sterling silver, a quality metal that is frequently used in the making of jewelry. This metal is sustainable and durable, and that makes these pineapple earrings worth the while. The entire surface of the earrings is covered in green and pink cubic zirconia. That´s why it is so sparkling and pretty. The closure of this pair is perfect for everybody since it is clip on. Wearing earrings can´t be easier. You can wear them to events like birthday party, wedding, dates or anniversary. Nothing can be “fresher” than this.

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fruit slice earrings

Red means sexy and strawberry is the symbol of sexiness among the fruits. The golden color of the post and the shiny red color of the berries create a fancy combination. Even though the price is low, the earrings look expensive. You can´t miss out on these ones. They are clip on as well, so don´t hesitate to put them in your cart. Wear them to formal events of the summer and all eyes will be on you. 

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fruit slice earrings

Quirky and formal might not be a combination that usually comes up in your mind. But this pair can be described with these two words. Each side is designed differently to create a mismatch effect. One side is stud and the other is dangle. The pair is shiny and it even seems luxurious. The earrings are made of stainless steel that guarantees a good lifespan of the product. It is hypoallergenic and so it is safe for the skin. At the same time, the pair is lightweight so the comfort is guaranteed. 

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fruit slice earrings

If these cherry earrings can´t convince you, no one can. The beautiful red color of the cherries comes from the red agate, a stone that is well known as a reorganizer of feelings. The red agate mixes with green glass create a spectacular combination. The metal part of the earrings is plated with 18K gold, that is why the shine is so engaging and the earrings look expensive. This pair is perfect for women and little girls, there is no age limit to a cute pair of cherry earrings.

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