Don´t choose beaded earrings if you don´t want to be a stylish boho girl

Beaded earrings

Beaded earrings are the most colorful and vivid items ever created in the world of jewelry. These world describe the best beaded earrings and at the same time, defines bohemian. The style is always full of color and complicity in its design. Normal boho earrings are made of various materials like thread, fabric and feather. And even though boho earrings look great with these adornments, there is a touch of shine in beads that they can´t really achieve. So if you are a boho girl that has a love for stylish and fashionable jewelry as well, beaded earrings are your perfect accessories.

Beads in the memory of every lady

Remember those accessories kit that every little girls had when they were small. Beaded earrings are just like that but with a better style and better taste. Beads have always been a part of the childhood for many girls. Women these days might have been growing up with this jewelry kit as well. We handpicked each bead and created the most perfect bracelet or necklace ever. That part of the childhood doesn´t have to stay as a memory, you can bring it to the present with a pair of earrings decorated with beads. Relive those fun and free moments with Orcar Jewelry´s collection of beaded earrings

Why choosing beaded earrings?

  • They have the most diverse color palette 

A pair of beaded earrings can comes in every color possible. Beads are usually made of plastic or sometimes they are wood painted in vibrant colors. Some beads are made of crystals or rhinestones as well. Simpler beads can be made of metal with nice shine. Beads´ colors are so shiny and long- lasting that they seduce every ladies´ stare. 

  • Their designs are nothing like the others

It is hard to find a type of earrings that has such different contrast in the craftmanship and adornment. There is no limit to their color palette and design. Some pairs are more extravagant than others. You can also find earrings adorned with shiny beads and have a minimal and urban vibe. Their diversity will definitely shock you. Looking up “beaded earrings” is so much fun since you will never guess what kind of look or design you will get each time.

  • They are perfect for boho girls with a bit of city soul

These earrings are perfect for boho girls who love stylish jewelry. Why? Because the design is a mixture of boho and urban accessories. The combination of colors screams boho while the design is chic and stylish just like the urban earrings. Spoil your soul with these amazing earrings.

On the other hand, there are beaded earrings that look 100% boho or 100% urban. Whatever you wish for from your jewelry, a pair of these will give you all you need. They are that good.

The most amazing collection of beaded earrings 

You can´t find earrings similar to those of Orcar. Our pieces are unique, pretty and quality. The design and the color hypnotize everyone so they have to give a glance (or obviously stare) at you. Be the center of attention with these accessories. We are going to show you the best boho earrings ever that will make you gag. Get ready!

Beaded earrings

Ladies of color where are you at? This pair has the most impressive explosion of color ever. There are so many details going on. Let´s start with the cross painted in white, pink and blue. It is the “bone” of the earrings. Around the cross are colorful beads in different shades and materials. Some are rhinestones, some are pearl. At the bottom of the earrings are tassels in hot colors. The decorations are held together in place and hanged under a screw closure. It is plated in gold for a luxurious appearance and the screws, according to the brand, don´t pinch at all. The total weight of the pair is 33 grams, over 15 grams for each side. The pair can weigh your ears down a bit since it has so many decorative pieces on them. But there is nothing unadjustable with the screw closures. If you like the pair, buy it now at this link.

Beaded earrings

Isn´t this the prettiest thing ever? This pair completes its mission of being gorgeous for both boho girls and chic girls. The placement of the beads is insane. You can clearly see the floral pattern. The total beads used to create a pair exceed 1000 pieces. With the appearance of both cool tones and warm tones, the earrings are perfect for every skin tone. The top part of the earrings is attached together to create a solid frame. But the bottom part swings freely and that is so boho. These earrings have a vintage touch to it. They look so timeless and so effortless. You can´t go wrong with such a beautiful pair. Let it enhance your beauty today. Buy it now at this link.

Beaded earrings

This pair is definitely more city and chic than the others. The design is so much fun and it is glamorous as well. These beaded earrings easily make it to any wild party. The centerpieces are the eyes. They are covered in beads that simulate pearls. The eyes are placed on top of a red hearts. And the eyelashes are embellished with sparkling rhinestones. Around the heart, you can see small group of beads hugging the metal frame. But not just the main piece, even the closure is adorned with pearls and rhinestones as well. There is nothing more fun and shinier and this. Be the center of the party with this pair, no one can ignore you even if they want to. Purchase them now at this address.

Have you found your favorite pair? We bet you have. Enjoy our free shipping over the US now and get yourselves some beaded earrings. There are more amazing products like these on our website, shop these gorgeous accessories today. It is never too soon to look well- dressed.  

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