Diverse leather earrings that any lady can wear

Leather earrings are one of those accessories that have so many designs and styles that any lady can find a pair that suits her. Even though at first glance, “leather” usually indicates that the item is chic, urban and perfect for city vibe. But it is not the case with leather earrings. There are feminine pieces, punk pieces, urban pieces and even boho pieces. So if you think that it is impossible to find a pair of leather earrings that suit your style, Orcar Jewelry is here to change your mind. Here are the best earrings made of leather in town. And they are even better being cruelty free.

Are leather earrings trendy in fashion world?

Leather earrings are a type of accessories made of leather that fits best with chic outfits. A casual look won´t do these earrings justice since they are big in size, extra and sometimes very colorful. Leather is not an extra famous material in the world of jewelry. But instead, leather has had a long history in the fashion industry that focuses more on the clothes. 

In the beginning, fashion designers favored real leather since the material was durable, inflammable and chic. But over the years, the process of harvesting animal skin came to light and it put the public in outrages. Animal lovers protested in fashion shows and fashion designers noticed the need of the public. They began to abandon the material and opted for synthetic leather that can replace the authentic material and achieve the look. Now, with the new masterminds in the fashion industry, many leather products with an expensive appearance are actually cruelty free. Which means no animal is harmed during the production of the item.

What are leather earrings?

Leather earrings brought to you by Orcar Jewelry are fashionable, up- to- date and cruelty free. The collection has a wide range of styles that can satisfy the taste of any lady. The printing is colorful and unique. If you are looking for an urban vibe, there are leather earrings with serpent pattern. If you are in the mood for a pop of color, there are leather earrings with the color palette of a rainbow. The leather is a spacious surface that allows the imagination of designers to go wild. Most leather earrings have a teardrop shape. Which makes them noticeable and impressive. 

Since their shape mostly is teardrop, leather earrings perform the best on square faces. The round shape of the teardrop shape adds a touch of softness to square faces and enhances their beauty. If the pair of earrings is not too long, they compliment oblong face as well. The big size adds more wideness to the face and balance your facial features.On the contrary, ladies with round face should avoid this shape since it makes their facial features more “blurred”. 

Best leather earrings in different styles

  • Leather earrings with a chic city vibe
Leather earrings

Snake print has been in since 2019 and it seems that the pattern isn´t going to leave its spot any time soon. Snake print leather earrings are stylish, chic and wild. The design is perfect for parties, special events or a night out. The rectangle shape is perfect for round face. The clip on closures allow every lady to wear the accessories even if they don´t have pierced ears. The closures are plated in white gold for a high shine and rust resist function. The earrings are lightweight so you won´t have trouble wearing them all day long. Purchase this pair of snake print earrings now at this link.


Leather earrings

If one pair isn´t enough, why don´t you try a set of leather earrings? They come in different shapes and colors. You can choose a different shade everyday to give your outfit a different look. With the neutral and nude base colors, the set can satisfy ladies with different skin tones. Can´t go wrong with a set with so many shades and designs. Add a touch of city, chic and urban vibe to your outfit now. Purchase the set here at this link.


  • Girly leather earrings for romantic souls
Leather earrings

Nothing can be more romantic and feminine than flowers. These leather earrings are designed with a floral pattern in a cool color palette. The color combination is light and elegant. It compliments fair or rosy skin beautifully. The screw closures are the seal that affirms all ladies can wear the pair. The difference between this type of closure with clip on is that screws are adjustable. Therefore, if the lady has thin or thick earlobes and she usually has a problem with the tightness or looseness of clip on, these adjustable screws are rescuers. Celebrate the end of summer with this pair because they represent this season so perfectly. Buy them now at this address.


Leather earrings

If you are a sunflower lover, you will love this set of earrings. The principal theme is sunflower and it shines through the design of each pair. The colors are playful and vibrant. And the set is wonderful for summer days. You can wear them to the beach, bars and picnics. The earrings bring about a positive and fun vibe that will make you look young and irresistible. Plus, the hook closures that attach to the main pieces create a dangle effect that is impossible to ignore. Broaden your earrings collection with this set and you are good to go for this season. Buy them now at this link.


  • Creative leather earrings for dorky girls
eather earrings

How about a set of funny and creative earrings that scream 2020? The outbreak of Coronavirus has provoked masks and toilet papers shortage. And there is no better way to chill with these problems than laughing them off. The hooks are made of quality alloy that is irritation free, nickel free and lead free. 100% safe for ladies with sensitive skin. Make an unforgettable memory about 2020 with these earrings. Buy them now at this link.


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