Cute rose gold earrings to welcome autumn

rose gold earrings

Autumn is here and there is no better way to give it a welcome than a pair of rose gold earrings. Summer can be fun but wearing cute outfits seems like a no – no. The heat just makes it hard to wear clothes, even if it is just a cute pair of jeans or even a trendy t- shirt. The autumn takes away a bit of heat and adds more fresh air (without being too fresh). The season is perfect for cute outfits that are comfortable at the same time. And rose gold earrings are a perfect option to accessorize yourselves in this magical time. Are you ready to embrace autumn? Let´s go for it in the most fashionable way with Orcar Jewelry best rose gold earrings collection. 

Fun facts about rose gold earrings

  • Rose gold earrings are more durable than common gold earrings

Rose gold contains 40% yellow gold, 20% silver and 40% copper. The ratio can vary depends on the need of each person. The more copper the earrings contain, the rosier they get. Meanwhile, white gold contains about 75% gold and 25% of white metals like nickel, silver or zinc. Yellow gold is the purest type of them all. Most of the time, the alloy contains more than 95% of pure gold and 5% of other elements like copper or zinc. Yellow gold can even be totally pure. 

The problem of pure gold is that it is very soft and easy to break. Gold is not a durable material. So the more gold the alloy contains, the less strong it is. Comparing to other types of gold, rose gold doesn´t have too much pure gold in its component. That is why earrings made of rose gold are more durable than the others. Rose gold can be seen in the design of other jewelry like engagement rings, bracelets or necklaces. But earrings are more favorable since they don´t have constant contact with the skin. Thus they darken slower if worn daily. 

  • Rose gold is one of the youngest gold to be found

Rose gold was created the first time in the 19th century by a Russian. Which was the reason why the first name of the material was Russian Gold. Until the 1920, the material became more and more popular thanks to many jewelry designs of Carl Fabergé. And it took the name “rose gold” which reflects better the appearance of the metal. Comparing to yellow gold, which was found in 700 B.C, rose gold is extremely young. 

White gold was created in the same era as rose gold.

  • Rose gold earrings are in trend for weddings

Rose gold is now the favorite material for many brides on her big day. The color of these earrings is romantic and feminine. It sets the mood perfectly and if there is a day where the bride can be extremely romantic, it must be her wedding day. There are rose gold earrings of all shapes and sizes. 

Rose gold earrings are here to give autumn a big welcome

Autumn is the season of warmth. The colors of autumn are unmistakable. They are more neutral and have more depth. So rose gold can´t be more perfect as the representation of this season. Match rose gold with outfits in cream color for a full effect. And, rose gold looks flattering on every skin tones. The tip of choosing the perfect rose gold earrings for each lady is that if the lady has a fair skin tone, the rose gold earrings should contain less copper so that the rose tone is more subtle. And if the lady has a darker and warmer skin tone, a pair of deep rose gold earrings is even more pretty and flattering. 

Now, Orcar Jewelry is going to show you our amazing rose gold earrings collection that will help your fall season looks more perfect. 

rose gold earrings

A pair of rose gold hoops is what dreams are made of. Any outfit will go from basic to stylish and gorgeous with this pair. The hoops are plated in a marvelous rose gold color that looks expensive. The click top is secure and easy to put on. The earrings aren´t heavy, they are dainty and they assure that you will have the most comfortable wear. Ladies with square face will have to thank this pair for their great function. It will soften your facial features and add more balance to them. Buy them now at this link.

rose gold earrings

Pavoi is such a wowzer. The brand never fails to impress. This design is simple and minimal but the pair however doesn´t look plain at all. It has that the swinging dangling pieces of deco. The bars are embellished with AAA cubic zirconia that have the best shine ever. And the frame is sterling silver plated in 14k gold. It´s fun, it´s gorgeous, and it fits you. The design is fresh out of the oven. This pair defies all face shapes. You just have to look good in this pair, there is no other options. So why don´t you purchase it now? Just go to this link.

Price: Please contact us to know the price

rose gold earrings

We love our colorful earrings, and this is one pretty pair. The stones are just mesmerizing and they are too gorgeous to be real. They are made of Austrian crystals that are super vibrant and shiny. The earrings have every color possible on them. And the rosy gold frame adds even more luxury to them. You are allergic to lead? Then the problem is solved. The metal body is plated in rhodium and it is lead free. Enjoy the earrings for many years to come and don´t worry about your sensitive skin. These rose gold earrings are dainty and they are suitable for daily wear. A pair like this will compliment every outfit possible and make it 10 times better. It would be such a shame if you pass on this one. Buy them now at this link.

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