flamingo dangle earrings

Flamingo dangle earrings have been considered the best accessories for ladies in pools and beaches season. You can spot them in many music videos and of course the videos have to do with water and pools. Therefore, you can easily tell that flamingo earrings are made just for this season. So why don´t you get yourselves a pair of these cuties now? Be the trendsetters and rock your Instagram. 

Alongside flamingo dangle earrings, there are many other animals of which images and figures are used to design jewelry. Not only they are cute but they also are fashionable. Using these earrings expresses the love for animal kingdom as well. You can be a part of the process where fashion lovers raise awareness about the protection of animals. Who says you can´t look stylish while doing amazing things that are useful for nature?

So, fashion lovers and animal lovers, let´s jump on this bandwagon and get to know flamingo dangle earrings and other wonderful earrings with animals´ design. Sure enough you won´t be disappointed, color your summer now!

Why flamingo dangle earrings?

Legend has said that in the old world, flamingo sacrificed for the people who were dying of starvation. It fed people with its own meat and thus saved them. The blood that fell from its wound painted its feather pink and red. And since then, the flamingos have had a feather of hot color that is as beautiful as the sunset. 

Flamingos have made an appearance in many music videos and designers of jewelry brands can´t skip this source of inspiration. Flamingos are the symbol of beauty and elegance. They represent the fulfillment of dreams and wishes. The color of their feather is just like the flame. It is elegant but also passionate. So if you want to express your emotion, your feeling or simply just show to the world how you are as a person, flamingo earrings can do some good tricks. 

This pair of flamingo statement earrings is truly impressive. The color is super vibrant and no one can ignore such attractive accessories. The earrings are beaded with red, pink and golden balls for a striking look. The beads have high quality and the color doesn´t fade away. The dangle effect is fun. These flamingo dangle earrings are huge as well. They are long and so they reach the shoulders. The posts are made of alloy that doesn’t cause allergy easily. However, they are a bit heavy, each earring weighs 27 grams and therefore can be uncomfortable if you were it in a long time. They are suitable for special events like birthday, party, prom or even wedding. 

Flamingo dangle earrings

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If you want to try flamingo dangle earrings but you also like collecting other pieces and designs then buying a set of earrings is the best choice. This set includes 16 pairs of earrings that are colorful, cut and fun. There is one pair of flamingo design and the others are mermaid, crown, star, cherry, etc. With this vibe, young girls or little princesses are the most suitable wearer of this set of earrings. You can light up the room with one of them. The closure of these earrings is clip on. So you don´t need to pierce your ears to be able to wear them. They are very comfortable to wear. The small size ensures that they are lightweight. 

Flamingo dangle earrings

This set makes a nice gift for friends, girlfriends and little girls. Buy this set if you are a mother who is looking for a present for her daughter because these earrings, without any doubt, will put a smile on the little angel’s face. The material used to make them is environmental alloy, they are durable and last for a good while. 

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Other cute animal earrings

Not just flamingo dangle earrings, at Orcarjewelry we have many other cute and majestic animal earrings. Check these elephant drop earrings out. In many cultures, elephants are majestic animals. They represent wisdom, loyalty, strength, power and patience. In many Asian countries, elephants also are the symbol of good luck, so if you are a spiritual person, consider this pair of elephant earrings. They are embellished with a lot of bright- color stones like green, purple, white. The clasps of this pair are very gentle for the ears. The brand Aloha Earrings strive to make earrings that gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. The clips never pinch and adjustable. The metal part is plated with gold so it has an expensive look. These elephant earrings are charming and suitable for any age. 

Flamingo dangle earrings

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This is going to be the most unique pair of earrings that you see today, or this year. The crabs look realistic and the color resembles the animals in real life. The earrings are designed by

BFF Jewelry. The brand created them with a screw back closure. Any user can benefit from this since it is easy for them to adjust the tightness of the screws. The metal is hypoallergenic and doesn’t provoke skin’s irritation. People with sensitive skin condition should choose this type of jewelry. Pain free, irritation free, discomfort free. What else can you ask for?

Flamingo dangle earrings

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Animal earrings are lovely and meaningful. Each animal has its own power and bears great spiritual sense. This can balance the mood of the jewelry wearer. The model is cute and easy to mix and match with different outfits. So why don’t your get you hands on one of these pairs now?

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