Crystal earrings are a glamorous design that can be spotted in any event. Especially on dates and weddings. The sparkling crystals draw all the needed attention to the lady and make her shine brighter than diamond. Crystal earrings boost the luxury of any outfit to the max. You can always count on a pair of crystal earrings to successfully accessorize the outfit. Plus, not just on dates and weddings, you can wear these extra pairs of earrings on any formal event. Such versatile design deserved to be a part of your jewelry collection.

If you already want to own a pair, but don´t know how to choose it. Let OrcarJewelry help you. Continue to read and find out everything about shapes, styles and each pair´s uniqueness. You will want a pair or two for your up coming dates or wedding parties. 

Different shapes of crystal earrings

There are various shapes of crystal earrings that perform differently on each face shape. Check out these most basic jewelry´s shapes.

Stud: This shape is flattering on all face shapes. The size of studs usually is small so there isn´t much space to work with, thus, studs are subtle and simple. But with the help of sparkling crystals, studs are as impressive as any other earrings ‘shapes. 

Dangle: Dangles are the type of earrings that has the widest canvas to put on adornments. So it is not hard to tell that this is the most extra earring type of all time. Dangles tend to be very long, so if you have a short round or short square face, this design is perfect to add more length to your face and give it some angles. Ladies with long face should avoid this design since it can make your facial features seem sad and unharmonious. 

Drop: This is the shape for long face girls. Drops are similar to dangles in many aspects but there is still significant difference. Drops are adorned with a decorative piece that hangs right below the earlobes while dangles tend to be long and hang low. Thus, drops have many details and they are perfect for long face girls since they add width to the face. 

Hoop: Hoops can be small or quite big. Small hoops fit with all face shapes and big hoops are meant- to- be for square face. They add soft touch to your facial features. And that´s how you create a perfect balance for your face. 

Variety of styles of crystal earrings

This design isn´t always elegant and classy. It can be very chic and fun if that is what you are looking for. The more crystals the earrings have, the fancier and more luxurious they look. The less crystals the designers use, the more subtle the pair seems. Depends on the place where you are going to have your date, choose earrings that are extra or simple. A pair that goes well with the outfit, the space and the atmosphere of the date is the perfect pair. Crystal earrings can be monotone with only silver and clear color or they can be very vibrant and colorful. Decide the color and the style based on the standards above and of course, something that satisfies your taste and personal style.

Meet our trusty favorite crystal earrings

At OrcarJewelry, we have many amazing pieces that are going to make you fall in love within a second. Each of these earrings that we are about to show you fit different face shapes. And don´t worry. We will give ladies with different face shape a pair that suits her nicely.

Crystal earrings

This pair of studs will look perfect on anybody. As we have said before, studs are universally gorgeous. Ladies, if you are looking for a pair of crystal earrings but you are afraid that it won´t compliment your face shape then look no further. This pair won´t cause you all the problems that you have in mind. The crystals are colorful. This is a great detail because any skin tone looks beautiful in this pair. 

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Crystal earrings

These drop earrings are perfect for weddings and dates. The design is classy and glamorous. And the crystals are cut with lots of art. The shine of this pair is astonishing. With every move that you make, the light will reflect on this pair beautifully. There is no doubt that you are going the seduce the entire room with these earrings. 

On the other hand, the silver color of the closure and the clear color of the crystals make this pair suitable for lady with fair skin. Plus, the silver color is the result of plating the earrings with 18K white gold. You will look like magic with this pair on. 

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Crystal earrings

These dangle earrings are gorgeous, aren´t they? If you have round or square face, this pair is made for you. It will add some length to your face while making you look fancy and expensive. The crystals are Austrian crystals that have a magical shine. However, the price of this piece is extremely affordable. Anyone can get her hands on this pair without spending a fortune. It is perfect for many events and spaces. And for weddings and dates? It is even more gorgeous. 

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Crystal earrings

Aren´t these hoops gorgeous. They will look even better on ladies with square face shape. The roundness of the pair adds soft curves to the face and makes it more feminine and overall beautiful. These hoops are plated with silver and over their surface are many clear- color crystals. No one can miss this pair of hoops, especially fair skin ladies! Make a statement with these crystal earrings and charm your date to the moon and back.

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