Cross earrings men: Cool items that are timeless

Men´s taste for earrings is relatively simpler than women´s. But there are some designs that are extremely cool and they are definitely more extra than the others. Cross earrings men are one of them. This design has been around for a very long time and its place in the jewelry world seems unshakeable. These earrings are simply timeless and they look great on everyone. But do they have any special meaning? Why do guys like this design so much? Let´s get to know the world of jewelry for men and how it has evolved over time.

Why do men wear earrings?

The reason why men wear earrings is similar to why women wear them: Because they look good in them. A few years back, men´s earrings weren´t very welcomed since the accessories were considered to be made for women only. A man who worn earrings was perceived as feminine and it caused certain controversy. But, thanks to the development of the fashion world, over the time, earrings for men have become very popular and are received by different people of different ages all around the world. Now, men´s earrings are more wild and diverse than ever.

Just because one wears earrings doesn´t mean he is gay or “abnormal”. This way of thinking is so dated far back then and thankfully, it has been changed. Earrings are only a method to show one´s fashion taste. And in the present world where appearance is as important as personality, there is no harm adjusting and improving one´s look on the outside. 

Are men earrings boring?

The answer is no, men earrings are definitely not boring. But for daily wear, men´s earrings are simpler and smaller. The most favored shapes of earrings for men are small studs and small hoops. These earrings can be adorned with spikes, crosses or graphic patterns. Studs and hoops are smaller in size and more minimal in design, which makes these earrings suitable for many occasions, including workplace. Men can wear mentioned jewelry daily or to work, party, concert or to reunion with friends and relatives. The sky is the limit.

Men earrings don´t come in many colors, so designers have to find a way to make them pop. If you are into simpler designs and punk rock vibe, go for black earrings. If you are into hip hop and prefer an extravagant look, earrings that are embellished with crystals or cubic zirconia are great choices. You can´t go wrong when choosing men´s earrings since their colors are universally flattering. 

Why cross earrings men are attractive to women

Cross earrings men are a timeless design that was first made well- known to the public by George Michael. The singer was spotted many times wearing this design. And ever since, cross earrings men are favorite go- to items for many guys.

Many women find men who wear earrings attractive. Since in the past, earrings were linked to femininity, men didn´t dare to put them on. But now, a guy who wears earrings simply is confident in his appearance and masculinity. And no one can take him down no matter what they say about his “straightness”.  That is a form of bravery that many guys can´t carry out. And there is nothing more sexy and attractive to a woman than a man who is confident and comfortable in his own skin. 

Best cross earrings men ever 

Now that you have got to know cross earrings men and some small facts about men´s accessories in general, Orcar Jewelry will show you the best cross earrings collection ever. These pairs are made of high- quality materials and they have an expensive shine to them. And if you are looking for a gift, these earrings will do the trick.

Cross earrings men

Simple- looking but expensive. These are the traits of a quality pair of earrings that is minimal in design. The silver tone pops and makes the earrings look shiny and luxurious. The colors come from 925 sterling silver plated in 14k rhodium gold. That is expensive. This material is the most famous one in the world of jewelry. You can find thousands of accessories made with this metal. It is durable, polished and rust- resist. If you are allergic to many types of jewelry, this one won´t cause you any problem. The pair doesn´t contain lead, nickel and it is 100% hypoallergenic. The closure is big and it allows you to put the accessories on easier. The crosses are dangling pieces. Even though the pair has the simplest cross design ever, you will find it quite impressive when you put it on. Buy this pair now at this link.

Cross earrings men

This set of earrings is unisex, it can be worn by both men and women. The crosses are embellished with cubic zirconia, more well- known as lab- made diamonds. These stones have a nice shine and their quality is undeniable. Thanks to them, the earrings have a hip- hop vibe to them. If this is the style that you go for, then don´t hesitate with this set. The metal frame of the set is made of sterling silver as well. The silver tone helps boost the shine of the stones and make them look even better. The earrings are hypoallergenic, you will fill 100% comfortable with these pairs on. Buy the set now at this link.

Cross earrings men

Back to basic. This pair is unisex as well and there isn´t even one bad thing to say about the pair. Its style is more suitable for gothic or punk rock dudes. The color of the entire pair is black, including the posts. The earrings are made of stainless steel, the material is safe to wear and it is long- lasting. Stainless steel doesn´t rust, it doesn´t get tarnished over time and it is less likely to cause irritation or allergic reaction. Simple, easy to wear and easy to match with clothes. Why haven´t you got your hands on them yet? Buy the pair now before it goes out of stock at this link!

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